Yamchad the sequel: he cucks Krillin by fucking Android 18 and Maron

Notes: Once again, this was written by my partner, BottomBitch. If you're interested in more of their work, hit up their AO3. You can find their commission info here.

Even Yamcha himself knew how weird of a sight it was to see Maron and 18 together considering that they both shared a lover, an ex one in Maron's case, but that didn't stop him from appreciating the sight before him, with Maron laid on top of Android 18 and the both of them nude right down to their bare pussies, both of which were pressed against one another and on display for him, ready for the taking. Yamcha tried not to think too much about Krillin as he made his way over to them, cock in hand. He looked over both and tried to decide which one to take first, then eventually settled on Maron.

She moaned like she had taken cock many, many times before, which was probably true, but Yamcha didn't mind. She was warm, and wet, and eager to take his cock, even pushing back against him before he could get his cock all the way inside her, and that was a plus to him, especially seeing as he tended not to waste any time while pushing inside anyways. His hands fell to that marvelous ass of hers, gave it a firm squeeze and then held onto it as he pulled out again, only to slam himself inside her a second time. The moan of pleasure that she gave then couldn't have been faked, no matter how much everything else about her seemed to be fabricated. He could see just by looking at her that Android 18 felt as if she was being left out, so he pulled out from Maron and, very suddenly, slammed inside of Android 18 instead.

As he returned to his former pace, very fast and unapologetic, he saw the android losing herself beneath the other, and it brought a smile to his face, but he wasn't done with Maron, either. His hand slid down between the cheeks of her ass, and then he plunged two fingers inside her, rocking forth with his cock and back with his fingers, then vice versa, pleasuring the two women at once as if it were nothing less than a regular occurrence for him, confidence pouring from each and every motion. When he came soon after, he pulled out of Android 18 and began stroking himself with his spare hand, then blew his load over both of their pussies, before aligning his cock with Maron's pussy and pushing inside again.