Fic Recs

Exactly what it says on the tin. These are fics that I think you should check out.

slap slap kiss by advestager - JJBA - Jotaro/Fem!Josuke - Incest, Spanking, Name Calling, Maledom

In Safe Hands by AntigravityDevice - VA-11 Hall-a - Jill/Alma - Friends to Lovers, Wall Sex

Stress Test by Atroposisms - Persona 4 - Adachi/Reader - Asphyxiation, Orgasm Denial, Edging, Vibrators

Verso and Recto by Atroposisms - Persona 4 - Adachi/Reader - Toxic Relationship, Abuse, Age Gap, Adult/teen, BDSM, Asphyxiation, Dubcon

Hypnoctober Day 30 by birdginia - Persona 4 - Adachi/Yu 0- Rape/Noncon, Mind Control, Status Effects, Double Penetration

The Love We Share by bottombitch - Persona 5 - Kamoshida/Ann - Blackmail, Dubcon, Lapdancing, Photography

The Prince and the Trickster by cakie_nsfw - Persona 5/Fire Emblem - Marth/Ren
"Marth Lowell, Prince of Altea, yearns to be nothing but a normal student in his last year of high-school. Ren Amamiya, delinquent and leader of the Phantom Thieves, finds himself surrounded events that can hardly be classified as 'normal'.When a prince takes in a trickster of fate to be his kouhai, chaos and revalations are sure to follow suit."

One Guy that Billy Kissed (The Zeozord IV Remix) by celli - Power Rangers - Billy/Adam - First Time, Mutual Masturbation

Play House by figaro - Persona 4 - Dojima/Yu - Incest, Married Roleplay, Oral, Leg Humping, Thigh Sex

Pretty little thing by figaro - Persona 4 - Adachi/Yu - Rape/noncon, Victim Blaming, Oral, Humiliation

What's a Thing Like Virginity Between Friends? by hiza-chan - Persona 3 - Junpei/FeMC - Friends with Benefits, Loss of Virginity

Stable Lessons by InsomniGap - Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Byleth/Tomas/Bunch of Animals/Jeralt - Bestiality, Birthing, Incest, Hentai Old Man, Shotacon, Lolicon, Look Man Its Extreme Hentai Nonsense

Too Much? by Jasryl - Persona 5 - Fem!Joker/Shinya - Shotacon, Overstimulation

Your Skin Pressed to Mine by Jasryl - Persona 5 - Joker/Shinya - Shotacon, Slight Noncon, Oral, Handjobs

absolution by jouska - Fate/Zero - Kariya/Kirei - Canon Divergent AU, Strangers to Lovers, Slow Burn, Rough Sex, Kotomine Kirei Is His Own Warning, The Crest Worms Are Gay

Great Balls of Fire by jouska - JJBA - Dio/Jonathan - Pro Wrestling AU, Makeouts, Mutual Masturbation

too good to be true by jouska - Fate/Zero - Kariya/Kiritsugu - Happy Ending AU, Friends to Lovers, Clothed Sex

Second Verse, Not Exactly The Same As The First by julad - Clerks - Dante/Randal - Homophobic Language Cuz Its 1994

Polyamorous Love-Knot Within; Cleaner Required by kangeiko - Clerks - Becky/Dante/Randal - Polyamory, Pregnancy, Pregnant Sex, Double Penetration

sick f*ck by laszlo - JJBA - Jotaro/Fem!Josuke - Incest, Dubcon, Roleplay, Rough Sex, Watersports

Rose and Randal Make a Baby by late_night_writer - Clerks - Randal/OC - Pregnancy, Angst

just wanna love you by lufiia - Fate/Grand Order - Gudako/Caster Gilgamesh - Hypnotism/Inappropriate Usage of Command Seals, Dry Humping,

Slash by lufiia - Castlevania - Alucard/Soma - Unhealthy Relationships, BDSM, Gags, Wax Play

Rocky and Bullwinkle's Sexy Adventure by lufiia - Rocky and Bullwinkle - Rocky/Bullwinkle - BDSM, Crossdressing, Drug Usage

When I Think of You by lufiia - Osomatsu-san - Osomatsu/Karamatsu - Omegaverse, Pregnancy Kink, Weight Gain, Heavy Pregnancy

Goro vores his boyfriend by Mabodofu - Persona 5 - Major Character Death, Snuff, Gore, Cannibalism, Necrophilia

Perfect by masserect - Persona 4 - Yu/Rise - Cunnilingus, Fingering, Squirting

Trigger Discipline by masserect - Persona 3 - Yukari Takeba - Gun Play, Masturbation

Cannibalism by NanakiBH - Persona 5 - Akechi/Shido - Incest, Bondage, Toys, Betrayal of Trust, Free Use

I Got Reincarnated In The Pokemon World As a Hypno, Now All I Can Do Is Be An Ugly Hentai Bastard by NidoranDuran - Pokemon - Crack Treated Seriously, Isekai, Pokephilia, Hypnosis

Bump My Junk by PencilShrub - JJBA - Fem!Jotaro/Fem!Kakyoin - Tribbing/Scissoring. That's It.

Paradise Found by Problematic_Wesker_Stans - Resident Evil - Wesker/Claire - Post Apocalypse, Slow Romance, Impregnation, Pregnancy, Angst

To Be of Use by Problematic_Wesker_Stans - Resident Evil - Wesker/Jill - Rape/noncon, Obsession, Abuse, Torture, Monster Sex, Read The Tags LOL

Annual by sadlittletiger - Resident Evil - Wesker/Claire - Doctor AU, Medical Play, Rape/noncon, Fingering

After Hours Review by QuillMind - Persona 5 - Iwai/Reader - Semi-public Sex, Oral Fixation

New World Order by sadlittletiger - Resident Evil - Wesker/OC/Chris, Chris/Jill - Wesker Wins AU, Breeding, Sex Slavery, Cult/Religion

deal with the devil by SpicyJam - My Hero Academia - Katsuki/Mitsuki Bakugou - Incest, Cheating, Netorare/NTR, Breeding Kink, Rough Sex

marks of fortune by suspiciouslyjo - JJBA - Dio Has A Sibling AU, Canon Divergence
"I only found out about it later, but my little brother or little sister that could have been was lost to that violence, apparently. It's a cruel story. It's a cruel story, isn't it? It surely is." -DIO, Over Heaven. (Or: A what-if scenario. Not quite a canon rewrite, more of an alternate viewpoint on canon events as told by a conflicted third party.)

'cross the breeze by suspiciouslyjo - JJBA - Jotaro/OC - 7th Stand User AU, Slow Burn, Bullying
Natsumi Suzume is a slave to routine. Though she won't say it out loud, she craves something more, to be something more--and when she gets just that, she finds herself thrown into the business of a classmate that she hardly knows, her beloved routine suddenly dead and buried for the next 50 days, if not the rest of her life.

Five Guys That Adam Kissed by TheSecondBatgirl - Power Rangers - Adam/Billy/Rocky/Zack/Carlos/Tommy - 5 Things

Lazy Morning by writeprodigiously - Digimon - Mimi/Jyou - Light Femdom, Handjobs, Oral

Mimi's Glory by writeprodigiously - Digimon - Mimi/Male Digidestined - Gloryholes, Oral Sex, Vaginal, Anal

Fortunes by (orphaned) - JJBA - Kira/Fem!Josuke - Handjobs, Sugar Daddy

Commissioned Works

Here's stuff that I commissioned aka paid for!

Take a Trip on My Ecstasy by bottombitch - Persona 5 - Akechi/OC - Petplay, Rimming, Maledom

While The Other Girls Are Away by bottombitch - Persona 3 - Shinjiro/Akihiko/Junpei/FeMC/Minato - Blowbang, Blowjobs, Incest, Masturbation

New Dog, Old Tricks by cakie_nsfw - Fire Emblem/Persona 5 - Fem!Ren Amamiya/Fem!Marth. PWP, Puppy Play, Watersports, Rimming

Endless Wait, Gray Solace Ruling My Mind by NidoranDuran - Persona 5 - Haru/Sojiro - Cheating, NTR/Netorare, Age Gap, Oral, Creampie, Humiliation

Lipstick Cherry All Over The Lens by NidoranDuran - Project Voltage (Pokemon/Vocaloid) - Fairy!Miku/Larry - Bratty Sub, Daddy Kink, Office Worker Kink?, Brat Taming, Maledom

That Certain Feeling, Caught By Another's Hand by NidoranDuran - Into the Spider-Verse - Noir/Peni/Miguel - Age Gap, Daddy Kink, Rimming, Spitroasting, Double Vaginal Penetration

You Caught Me Under False Pretenses by NidoranDuran - Persona 5 - Fem!Ren/Sojiro/Iwai/Toranosuke/Ryuji/Mishima/Yusuke - Bimbofication/Sluttification, Rimming, Creampie, Gangbang

You Never Stood This Close To Where You Want To Be by NidoranDuran - Persona 5 - Akechi/Reader - Maledom, Really Mean Maledom, Oral, Watersports, Breeding, Rough Sex

honeymoon phase by WattStalf - Persona 5 - Haru/Kunikazu - Incest, Married Roleplay, Creampie

innoncence lost by WattStalf - Nanalan' - Nana/Mona/Mr. Wooka/Russell - Crack Treated Seriously, Bestiality, Grooming, Pedophilia

i will have you, yes, i will have you by WattStalf - Persona 5 - Haru/Sugimura - Noncon/Rape, Somnophilia, Video Recording

lunch on the roof by WattStalf - My Hero Academia - Yuga Aoyama/Reader - Watersports, Piss Drinking, Oral, Creampie

never again by WattStalf - Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Fem!Byleth/Lorenz - Breeding Kink

so take it easy on me by WattStalf - Death Note - Sayu/Matsuda - Age Gap, Adult/teen, Fingering, Creampie, Loss of Virginity, Pre-time skip

Be With Me by (orphaned) - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann - Viral/Yoko - Rape/Noncon, Noncon-to-con, Breeding Kink, Knotting

Good to My Baby by (orphaned) - Persona 4 - Kanji/Ayane - First Time, Loss of Virginity, Size Difference, Creampie

Gifted Works

Fics that were written for me in exchanges, requests or because my friends are just that swaggy.

Wearing Velvet on Midnight by cakie_nsfw - Persona 5 - Fem!Ren/Ryuji/Yusuke/Mishima/Kamoshida/Sojiro/Iwai/Toranosuke/Marth (Fire Emblem) - Creampie, Bondage, Handjobs, Anal, Cockwarming, Public Sex

and just sit back and take a cue by Madfalldyn - Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Lorenz/FemByleth - Rape/Noncon, Gang Rape, Forced To Rape Someone Else Y'know How It Is, Creampie

i could pull you in for a moment by Madfalldyn - Fire Emblem: Fates - Gunter/Corrin (OC) - Age Gap, Jealousy, Vaginal Sex, Breeding

icolgan by slowlange - Spy x Family - Yuri/Yor Briar - Incest, Somnophilia, Drugged Sex, Infidelity, Breeding, "so much cum"

a submissive daughter by WattStalf - Persona 5 - Kunikazu/Haru - Incest, Watersports, Piss Inflation

at the tea party by WattStalf - Fire Emblem: Three Houses - FemByleth/Lorenz - Watersports, Omorashi, Piss Drinking

even he has his limits by WattStalf - Persona 5 - Haru/Yusuke - Anal Sex, First Time, Trans Fem Character

no one else more perfect by WattStalf - Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Lorenz/Constance - Sibling AU, Incest

on their walk by WattStalf - Fire Emblem: Fates - Gunter/Corrin (OC) - Age Gap, Fluff, Not Actually Unrequited Love

rudolph the red nosed stantler by WattStalf - Pokemon: ScarVi - Juliana/Ortega - Fluff