Prompt Rules

These will be short ficlets, whether they fit within 1-3 tweets or hover around the 1k words mark. These will be short. Please don’t send ultra-detailed prompts in hopes that yours will be longer. I can’t really control how inspired a thing will make me.

I AM NOT OBLIGATED TO TAKE ON EVERY PROMPT SENT IN. I am allowed to just not write things if I’m not interested.

Please be polite. It’d be cool to get a “thank you” if I do take your request as well but no hard feelings.

Please don’t send a bunch of asks asking about updates on your prompt. It’s unlikely that I publically accepted your thing anyway, as I’d prolly hoard the ask in my inbox (or slide it into my ideas doc (and list your username if not anon for credit).

Please include the fandom you’re asking me to write for if possible. Sometimes people send shit in that I don’t know and I can know to delete things right away… And there are like 400 characters from different series named “Makoto”… So it really does help!

Don’t Ask For The Following

Absolutely Not:

  • Toddlercon
  • Hyper Growth (breasts, genitals)
  • Nipple penetration
  • Raceplay
  • Corrective rape or “lesbians getting dicked”
  • Trans mpreg
  • Zoosadism
  • Most inflation
  • Smegma
  • Farting
  • Navel/bellybutton stuff
  • Alt vore
  • Real Person Fic
  • Smut of live-action characters played by actual minors (at the time of filming OR currently)
  • Child death or actual physical violence against child chars.
  • Miscarriage

Unless You’re Paying Me A Lot Then Nah:

  • Scat
  • Vore (oral or absorption)
  • Extreme weight gain
  • Fat fetishism
  • Giant(ess)
  • Sounding
  • Naoto Shirogane, Sae Niijima/Makoto Niijima, Sae/Joker, Makoto/Joker, Sae/Joker/Makoto

You can see what prompts were accepted at this link.

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