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Reader beware... you're in for a scare!


Reader beware... you're in for a scare!

  Fire Emblem

One of the princesses of Nohr, though, she has been locked away in a fortress far from the capital, Windmire. It's almost as if King Garon doesn't want anything to do with her. She was taken under the wing of one of his knights, Gunter, whom she shares a deep bond with. It goes deeper than familial however, at least on her part. Euphemia has been in love with Gunter since he showed her kindness, something she wasn't used to in this cold fortress. He tries to ignore her feelings however. She's close with her butler, Jakob, and siblings.

One of the princes of Nohr, though, he has been locked away in a fortress far from the capital, Windmire. It's almost as if King Garon doesn't want anything to do with him. A cruel, selfish and haughty beast who aims on getting revenge on his father and ursurping the throne by any means necessary. He has started a relationship with his eldest sister, Camilla, and aims on making her his queen. Though, he has plans on expanding his bloodline by taking in as many women into his harem, whether they like it or not.

One of the princesses of Nohr, though, she has been locked away in a fortress far from the capital, Windmire. It's almost as if King Garon doesn't want anything to do with her. Ruthless, prideful and sadistic, Solanine is a woman who is dedicated to being the perfect daughter and subordinate to her father, who has begun to soften up around her due to her submissiveness and voracious hunger for Nohrian glory.

One of the princesses of Nohr, though, she has been locked away in a fortress far from the capital, Windmire. It's almost as if King Garon doesn't want anything to do with her. idk anything about her yet. give me some time.

An amnesiac who was taken in by Prince Chrom and his shepherds. She's an airheaded genius tactician though she puts people on edge due to her strange hypotheticals, fascination with death/decay and voracious appetite. Primarily shipped with Chrom but also comes in girl dick variations.

An alleged amnesiac who was found wandering the plains near Ylisstol. Possibly hiding more than he lets on.


Just... the worst fucking girl. In all seriousness, Rin is an intelligent, hard working girl who was recently charged with a crime she did not commit so she is forced out of her cold war of a home and is currently staying in Tokyo. While here, she decides to be open about her desires and do whatever she wants because she is figuratively at rock bottom anyway. However, fate has other plans for her... and she finds herself as a pawn in a deadly game.

Desperate to get boys to notice her finally, Rin puts on some slutty pink clothes while acting the complete same; a shameless, horrifically horny bitch who tries and fails to get laid... However, this seems to work. Maybe a little too well.

An AU where she exists at the same time as Ren Amamiya, canonical male Joker, and they are twins. They were extremely close up until their mother died at a young age. Rin decided to take it upon herself to be the new mother of the house and made sure to keep everyone fed and clean. This bothered Ren on some level... though it didn't stop the budding attraction between the twins. Rin had a breakdown over her studies and the responsibilites of being the "mother" in her first year of high school. This led to her being needy and clingy with Ren who took it in stride. The two are in a romantic relationship... though, things were strained when he became Joker and grew distant due to Phantom Thief duties. Eventually, Rin awakened to her persona, Adler, and her new alter ego "Primadonna".

A "borderline lesbian" who has some insecurities about her femininity. It's not helped that she's tall and flat and her guy friends see her as "one of the boys". Despite her insecurities, she is a shameless flirt when it comes to women and men she tends to joke around with. She's a massive fan of Risette. When she was living in Tokyo, she was popular but felt that she didn't have any genuine bonds with her so-called friends and sex partners. This changed when her parents sent her to live with her Uncle Ryotaro out in the boonies for a year. Its here that she makes some friends for the first true time in her life... However, a recent string of murders and disappearances put a wrench in her plans for a peaceful sophomore year.

A young woman born in Tatsumi Port Island with her twin sister, Hamuko. However, they were forced to move around a lot from foster home to foster home after the death of their parents in a car accident. Minako is incredibly apathetic to the world and most people annoy the crap out of her. She acts pretty recklessly though in a lowkey way. It's almost as if she isn't scared of dying. She has immense commitment issues which is shared with her twin. The only person she considers herself close to is her twin. When the two are forced to move back to Tatsumi Port Island, a phenomenon called the Dark Hour quickly takes over their lives.

A young woman born in Tatsumi Port Island with her twin sister, Minako. However, they were forced to move around a lot from foster home to foster home after the death of their parents in a car accident. Unlike her sister, Hamuko is incredibly peppy, sociable and considered extremely pleasant. Most people tend to prefer her over her sibling, which bothers Hamuko. She is increcibly reckless in a over the top, adrenaline junkie sort of way. She's constantly chasing a high that can never be achieved due to her lack of urgency and self-preservation. She's also selfish and not afraid to manipulate people to get what she wants. The person she cares about most in the world is her sister and an imaginary friend... When the two are forced to move back to Tatsumi Port Island, a phenomenon called the Dark Hour quickly takes over their lives.

A single mother who tries her best to support her son, Ryuji, who has been getting into a lot of trouble as of late. She really can't blame him, considering how rough their life was when his abusive father was around. Before she was married, Sayaka was a straight-shooting woman who probably used to be a tomboy. She was athletic up until she had her baby, though her sport of choice was baseball rather than her son's track and field. After her marriage, she has become a lot quieter and soft-spoken. She's lonely and tired from her office job, but never wants Ryuji to think he's a burden for a second (though, he still feels that way at times.) Part of her feels extremely self-conscious of her body, she was always fat but she was healthy for the most part. Her ex-husband always made jokes about it before straight up insulting her for it before the divorce.

A younger newlywed housewife who met her current husband, forty-five year old Daisuke Mishima, at a hostess bar where she worked. They 'fell in love' pretty fast and got married just as fast. Her step-son, Yuuki, feels weird about suddenly having a mother figure but doesn't pay her any mind. However, he finds himself the target of her desires for some reason and he'd rather just drool over DFC and maids than her overblown ex-gyaru ass. Momoka is chipper, energetic and the type to make a bunch of innuendos or lewd comments... has more vodka aunt energy than wine mom energy.

The captain of Yasogami Middle School's soccer team. He's a dedicated boy who is well liked in his class but has a rather nasty side to him that he keeps hidden. He uses his charisma over his peers to his advantage. At the moment, he is taking out his frustrations on Ai Ebihara, a snotty high school girl who was assigned to be the team manager. He managed to blackmail her and plans on seeing just how far this situation can go. His grandfather is Old Man Daidara.


An emotional sadistic pokephile twink from Sinnoh. The only human he feels any true attraction to is Galan, his childhood rival. Born in Alola and was forced to move around a lot in his childhood before "settling" in Sinnoh right when he was old enough to go on a 'journey'. Altreis is a trainer that's here for a good time, not a long time. The type to try almost anything once, especially if it'd scandalize his uptight father who hoped he'd become a doctor, and thrives on annoying people if he doesn't turn 'em on first. He actually did join a program to become a PokeCenter nurse when his initial "journey" in Sinnoh was over. That didn't pan out. He jokes that he's only doing porn to pay for his student loans. He met Galan, a girl who considers him her "rival", when they were both teenagers dicking around in Sinnoh and she was never quite able to get rid of him. Pretends to be stupid because it's what people expect of him. He's a switch, preferring to top with feminine partners, and loves to tease people... he is also a massive voyeur/exhibitionist.

A pastel goth from Floaroma but lies and says she's from Hearthome. She tried doing contest thing but couldn't win her first ribbon, so she took out her frustrations on gym leaders. One day, she swears to return... which is probably why she crams so many treats and food into her pokemon's mouths and grooms them excessively. But, she also just loves spoiling her pokemon. She's a masochistic if bratty sub with tsundere tendencies, the only time she doesn't sub is when she's doing Jobs For Cash or starring in videos with her "rival", Altreis.
She claims to favour Dark, Psychic, Ghost and Poison types, but, she honestly likes all sorts... as long as they're cute. The only pokemon she cannot stand are Hypnos and Drowzees after an unfortunate incident with hypnosis. Why she doesn't think all psychic types are evil because of this, we will never know. She has a lot of pokemon and often switches out her party for gym battles, but, tries her best to spend as much time with everyone.

A star fucker from Galar who aims to have sex with every gym leader, elite four member etc. etc. etc. Her main squeezes are Gordie and Raihan but newcomer Bede has caught her interest too...

Gelato, or Gelly for short, is a Miltank-Gardevoir hybrid and presumably the only one of her kind in the world. She's a hard worker, sweet, and horribly naive.
Adopted from M1LK-CH3RRY

A regular Tinkaton who wants to be an onahole for humans or bitches with knots. The ticks on her hammer are all the cocks she's had. She would do well in contests and likes spicy foods :)

Wasabon, the spring Ogrepon! She's a lonely romantic at heart who came to Kitakami a long time ago. She lost her master and romantic partner generations ago and has a hole in her heart... Could she be lookin for her new master? You gotta earn it though.

  Touken Ranbu

A forty-two year old former housewife and empty nester who was whisked away from her simple life by the government thanks to her powers. She is one of the fated "saniwa", a sage who is able to "breathe life" into inanimate objects. The older the object is, the better her magic works. She had been assigned to fight against the Historical Revisionists who aim to change history for the worst. She is given Mutsunokami Yoshiyuki, a famous sword wielded by Sakamoto Ryoma, and told to fight. She breathes life into many more swords along her adventure. While she misses her family very much, she finds a new family with her many sword boys... who may have less than pure feelings for her. Can she stay loyal to her husband?

  Desu to Boku

She's a weeb trapped in 2006 and has a magical notebook that allows her to warp reality and hop dimensions. She uses it to fuck her favorite fictional characters. Desu is someone you'd call "Spoiled Sweet" and "lacking self-awareness". She is childish, naive, enthusiastic and so energetic that it's hard to get her to sit down and settle down. It's very hard for her to not talk about her interests, but seriously talking about feelings is difficult for her. Isn't it easier to just have fun? When around people she cares about, she is fairly submissive and eager to please. Though there are the rare exceptions. She hates it when people in general are hurt. She will most likely bend over backwards to make the people she cares about happy at all times. Usually at the expense of herself. In actuality, she is very, very lonely despite her sunny disposition. To make her happy is fairly easy; just spend time with her and listen to her talk. She's needy, spoiled and like a puppy. Please be kind.

An enthusiastic young man that seems to lack self-awareness. A little naive and childish with so much energy that it's hard to get him to just sit and calm down--it's just so hard when you like so many things with all your heart! However, this seems to be a mask for a rather lonely and sad boy who was picked on for his femininty and obsession with Japanese media and fashion. The fact that he's so touchy-feely with everyone and ends all his sentences with "boku" or "desu" when not obliterating the English and Japanese language doesn't help either. So, isn't it just better to have fun and ignore all that serious stuff? Let's play! Potentially as a way to cope with the bullying in the past (the parental neglect and questioning of his sexuality as well), he got into pornography. Lots of it. Enough to paint a rather unrealistic picture of sex and relationships, should he ever seriously get into one, and turn him into a massive pervert. He also sank deeper into his anime and gaming obsession to distract himself from his lack of serious friends, which eventually lead to him creating his own (pretty cringy) fanfiction. When he realized that he was cute enough to get girls, Boku became pretty vain and put in a lot of effort into his appearance and cutesy personality to trap girls (and maybe a few boys if he could). Though... that cutesy mask doesn't stay on for very long afterwards.

  Eidolons and Eudaimonia

Team Dissatisfaction

She/her. 26.

A half-elf mage who is known across the town of Edgespire as "The Eternal Apprentice." She does not like this nickname as it reminds her of the fact that she is still an "apprentice" even after fifteen years because of her own doing. She has the skill, just not the drive. Her chosen spell craft is an expensive one with pricy materials. Due to her being a lazy coward, Anita rarely goes out adventuring or foraging for these materials on her own so she tries to buy them. Currently, she works at an inn/tavern and is a very poor waitress-slash-wench... but her fat lopping ass keeps her around. She joins "Team Satisfaction" after being recruited by Vesta who is on a quest to get Inspriation for her master. Closest to Milk and Vesta.

She/her. 18 (Mentally).

A young City Elf, a member of a tribe of elves who gave up their nomadic and spiritual life to join The Church of the Starbringer, missionary and cleric out in the world for the first time. She grew up on a commune outside of Sunsummit, Hermera, where she had dreams of spreading the glorious name of the Starbringer to the rest of Eudaimonia. She isn't really aware of how the world works yet which unfortunately leads to a lot of seemingly "prudish" and "killjoy" behaviour that leads the rest of Team Satisfaction to pick on her. She joins the party in hopes to get some travel money... and is completely unaware of who The Artist is and what they do. Frequently bullied by Rubia and teased by Opal.

She/her. 28.

A beastwoman that belongs to the Usamimi Tribe. She has been chosen by the God, Kouneli, to be the champion of the tribe. Originally, her plan was to go catch up with the Chosen One on their quest to light all the candles within the nation but found herself with Anita and her party after getting lost. She decided to stick around. She's a warrior who wields a claymore forged by a legendary blacksmith who can communicate with the gods and has created many weapons for legendary heroes within Eudaimonia. She's laid-back, kind and ultimately a good hearted person despite all the jokes she makes at other people's expense. She's closest to Opal and Rubia in Team Dissastisfaction.

She/her. 32 (Mentally).

A renowned dwarven thief and bard known by the codename "Alexandrite" who is on the run from Baron Atruli Blazingmier, a wealthy aristocrat from her hometown in the mountainous Khalkeus. She stole a large fortune from the baron and then proceeded to spend her newfound riches on gambling, liquor and pretty boy escorts. She then proceeded to run all the way to Edgespire, Anesidora to avoid paying her gambling debts and plans on laying low until things calm down. She joins Team Satisfaction after watching Anita struggle to open a chest she got as a reward. She planned on opening the chest for her, stealing a couple hundred gold coins and skedaddling but Milk's intense gaze and large sword made her think otherwise. Eventually, she finds herself charmed by the party and joins for real. Closest with Milk and Rubia.

He/him. 21 (Mentally).

The exiled prince of a powerful Forest Elf tribe in Anesidora. A shameless playboy who ran away from the altar because his wife to be, a princess from a rival tribe, wasn't attractive enough for him. The wedding was supposed to be an act of trust between two long time feuding clans. He's fond of dressing femininely and gets a gross kick out of making straight men and lesbians question their sexuality. He plans on becoming a legendary hero so that his tribe would have to take him back. He has a desperate attraction to Arlis but his negative biases towards her religion and City Elves in general makes him bully her... and her reactions only make him bully her more. Closest with Opal, otherwise.

She/her. 22.

A hybrid beastwoman whose family was ostracized by their feuding clans due to their union and her birth. Vesta is a cow and sheep beastwoman. Her parents passed away when she was very young, so she has little memory of them, and was taken in by The Artist. She fell in love with her master and opted to become their personal maid and bodyguard. She's fiercely loyal and perhaps willingly ignorant of their true nature to keep herself happy. Personality wise, she's stoic and blunt woman of few words though comes undone whenever her master is around or gets a few drinks in her... where she becomes a massive crybaby. Is closest with Milk and Anita.

They/them. Stopped Keeping Track 500 Years Ago.

An immortal being who was whisked away from another world to Eudaimonia. They had a name once but discarded it eons ago when they took up the mantle of "The Artist" several generations ago. They're a reclusive borderline sadist who seemingly only cares about their erotic books and making the next deadline and not much else. They are the master of battle maid, Vesta. Vesta doesn't know about her master's immortality and many lives. After a particularly long and arduous writer and artist's block, they give their maid the assignment to go find adventurers who could go on various quests for inspiration, not telling them that these quests are likely to have lewd outcomes.

A newly converted City Elf who left her nomadic life behind to spread the gospel of the Church of the Starbringer. Her family used to be City Elves but went back to Forest life after generations of... troubling treatment. However, she fell in love with a human templar named Declan who came to accompany a few missionaries to her tribe in hopes of converting them. She is a lovesick young woman who hopes to capture the heart of the templar. She is a white mage who is learning clerical magic. Her huge, heavenly sloshing tits are full of nutritious milk that can heal most if not all wounds and addictions.

  Faerie Tales

A cocky piece of shit who is completely unserious about everything after his ex-girlfriend, Daisy-Shiloh, broke up with him. He was truly, madly, deeply in love with her but it just didn't work out. So, he coped by playing a bunch of eroge. One day, he's sucked into a game simply titled "Faerie Tales" but not as the protagonist. Since he decided it's not his duty to save the world, he opts to fuck his way through the female cast.

A sweet, hard working girl who wanted to go to the ball to have one good night for once. After her father passed away, she has been left in the care of her wicked stepmother and her elder step-sisters. They treat her poorly and use her in various ways. She encounters Tristan while in the market and helps him learn how to read the land's language so he can get hookers and mead. He opts to help her prepare for the ball and unintentionally becomes her fairy godfather. She falls in love with him and opts to become an adventurer with him instead of marrying the prince. Also goes by Cindy.

  The City of Roseburough

A slightly ditzy, cheerful and laid back girl that loves her boyfriend, children and sex! Sex especially! It's just a shame her boyfriend (who she loves dearly, she swears!) can't keep up with her all the time and she usually has to look for a little more action elsewhere... usually from younger boys, but, he understands, right? They're just so cute and full of energy! Plus, puberty is a very stressful time in their lives! What kind of person would just leave them suffering and all pent up like that? Ah, the high school sports teams are also nice for that too... and the nerdier clubs... And... What was that? Ah, right, her boyfriend! Please don't tell him about all this! It'll break his heart!

A lazy, perverted, and an utter human wreck of a human being who loves ecchi/hentai anime, JRPGs, and tokusatsu shows. She graduated from high school with average marks with plans to become a graphic designer but... that didn't happen. Her parents coddled her and hoped she'd get into work or school if they let her go at her own pace. She quickly grew complacent; she didn't have to pay rent and only had to help out around the house from time to time (while leaving her own room a pigsty the whole time) and any spare money she made doing occasional commissions or streams went to anime merch and games. Eventually, her parents had enough and gave her an ultimatum to light a fire under her ass: Get a job / go to school or risk being thrown out of the house.
Anita scrambled to apply to places and didn't find herself qualified for better-paying jobs that didn't involve her interacting with customers face-to-face... and was forced to apply to customer/food service. She found herself applying to the dying Hooters/LOCAL BREASTARAUNT, hoping they'd put her in the back rather than a server so she'd at least have some chance of ogling girls while not interacting with customers. However, the manager had different plans for her and the business and hentai shenanigans ensue.

A blonde bombshell who is honestly kiiiiiiiind of a ditz, but it's alright, it's not like she ever had plans to become a rocket surgeon or anything! Genni was scouted by a modeling agency in her first year of high school, most of her jobs being for catalogues or fashion/make up ads, before she started to really fill out at the end of her sophomore year and she started getting more offers for more risque shoots. She's fully aware that she's being carried by her looks and her body and dives right into it, if she's been blessed then why not make use of it? She tries her best to not hurt anyone with it and will try to manipulate people to help the people she cares about (ie flirting with authority to get someone more time on a project, get another person off the hook, "hey I'll let ____ if you give ___ to _"). There's some 'rumors' that she has a hustle on the side... and might let you go on without paying if she likes you.

A mallgoth wannabe witch who wants to summon demons and shit for freaky sex. Preferably with her bestie, Aurora.

Circe's bestie. She's more involved with the "fetish goth" scene than Circe's emo-sceneness though she loves her just the same. Has a crush on her art teacher but has competition.

Former star athlete turned artsy "alt" girl after summer vacation. Tho, shes mainly known as "Daniel's twin sister". Hopes to get attention of her art teacher but winds up getting a train run on her by the soccer team every other week instead. Has a twin brother named Daniel who is on the soccer team.

An overworked teacher and father. He's proud of his daughter, Emiri, but hopes she'll take time to relax. Has a regretable attraction to younger women. Much younger women. He remains loyal to his wife but is seriously tempted by his daughter and her friends...

One of the kids that Emiri babysits who happens to be on the very baseball team that she manages. He's a sweet if weak willed boy who gets walked all over. Emiri is working hard on boosting his confidence, but it's a slow process. Joey is picked on by the other team members and is often pushed to do nasty things like steal candy or adult magazines, flash people or flip skirts. He has a massive crush on his babysitter and is eventually pushed to blackmail her after she brings a boy over to his house...

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