Vincent Minako Public Sex.txt

Notes: Once again, this was written by my partner, BottomBitch. If you're interested in more of their work, hit up their AO3. You can find their commission info here.

When Minako and Vincent had first started talking, Vincent had thought that she might have made a good little sister for him to have had when he was growing up. She seemed receptive to his problems, had good advice to give and was cute as a button. What Vincent didn't expect was for her to pull him into the bathroom a couple of hours later. He usually felt bad whenever he laid all of his problems onto someone, especially a woman. It wasn't very often that one of them actually went on to sleep with him, and even less often than that did he not want to sleep with them in the first place. To make things even more complicated, he was already in a committed relationship, and until Minako had pressed him against the bathroom stall's door and begun kissing him, Vincent had thought himself better than a cheater.

Still, it did feel good. To be kissing her, not to be cheating. The cheating part felt very wrong, and in fact, the kissing her part felt pretty wrong, too, but it was the sort of wrong that he couldn't stop doing. His hands wrapped around her shoulders at first, and then they pressed against the front of them as if he was about to push her back, before he gave up trying to do that and simply laid his hands against her waist instead.

Minako pulled back from him with a smirk on her face and reached down to begin unbuttoning his pants. By the time Vincent realised what she was doing, his cock was already out, and she was already on the toilet seat, and he was already being pulled down between her legs and he was already inside her. Her, so warm and so wet, so comforting. Nothing like the sex that he had with Catherine, who was, by contrast, pretty terrible in bed even when the two of them did sleep together. Perhaps cheating on her made sense, Vincent thought to himself, as he got lost in the kiss with this teenage girl once more.

It was a kiss that he started that time, and not only did Minako kiss him back, she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck. It was up to him to do most of the moving, but he didn't mind that. He slammed forwards again and again, kissed her so hard that he thought he might run out of breath and let his hands slip even further down to squeeze her butt, sat just off the edge of the seat. She felt so soft, but was that just because she was young? It felt weird again, but Vincent couldn't stop. Even as a voice in his head was telling him that, in no uncertain terms, he was a piece of shit for going along with Minako's advances, he couldn't stop.

A helpless whimper left him as he pulled back from their kiss, but Minako was on him again to silence it, along with any other pleasured sounds that left him as she took over the rhythm of their sex and turned him around to sit him on the seat. Apparently masterful in the ways of public sex, she didn't even have to pull him out of her cunt in order to do that. Vincent didn't even have time to be impressed before the increased rhythm had him drawing nearer and nearer to climax.

Finally, the tight and warm of her cunt was too much for him and he couldn't hold back any longer. He mumbled against her lips and was silenced, before yanking back from their kiss to announce, loudly, "I'm cumming!" Anyone else that was in the bathroom would have no doubt heard him. Still, Minako apparently didn't feel like getting his cum in her, so she slipped off his lap and moved down onto the floor, on her knees. She jerked him quickly with the tip of his cock pointed just inside of her mouth, her eyes gazing up at him as she worked him the rest of the way to climax.

Vincent felt a flurry of different emotions as he filled her mouth with cum. Guilt. Excitement. Arousal. Regret. Frustration. Ecstasy. When he expelled all that he could offer, she swallowed his cum down without even flinching and leaned down to give the base of his cock a kiss, before working her way back up to the tip again, which she gave a soft suckle to. Vincent was left to recover there while she moved to her feet, wiped her mouth with the back of her hand, smiled at him and stepped back towards the door. "I hope your girlfriend starts treating you better," she told him, as she left him in the bathroom, acting like their tryst had never happened.