After a fight in Mementos, Yusuke is aged down to a young boy and has been staying with his uncomfortable girlfriend, (fem) Ren, at Leblanc. Feeling extremely pent up, Ren masturbates despite her bf sleeping next to her. He wakes up and brings her to an extremely guilty if earth shattering orgasm by playing with her big hentai girl titties.

Notes: Once again, this was written by my partner, BottomBitch. If you're interested in more of their work, hit up their AO3. You can find their commission info here.

The permanence of Yusuke's transformation into his younger self was a concern from the moment they left Mementos and he was still stuck in that form, but it had been a week already and nothing had changed. Rin might have been worried if not for the one, solitary part of her that was secretly turned on by it, though that part didn't come without guilt. Had she known just how much it would turn her on, she might not have agreed to let him stay with her until he returned to normal—he couldn't stay at the college dorm, after all.

The hardest part was that he insisted on sharing a bed with her. Well, that's not entirely true. He didn't insist, but she could tell that he wanted to. Come to think of it, he didn't even ask. Perhaps Rin was projecting her own desires onto him, but there she was, laid beside him, unbelievably horny due to how long it had been since she had last been able to get off. Every touch of his body against her own only seemed to tempt her further, but she refused to give in to desire.

Or, that had been the plan. As soon as her thoughts strayed, she slipped a hand between her legs. By the time she realised what she was doing, she was already guiltily masturbating, trying her best to keep quiet as she looked Yusuke over. He looked so tender in that form, as if his skin would be soft to the touch, and when she reached out to confirm as much by running her free hand against his cheek he suddenly opened his eyes and then he was staring back at her. Any question as to whether he had realised what she was doing was answered when he pulled the covers back and glanced down, but he didn't say anything. Rin was about to pull her hand out of her shorts and apologise when Yusuke suddenly reached over and placed his hand against her chest.

He'd played with her tits before, of course, before his change, but it felt so different now, with those smaller hands groping her chest and her already most of the way to climax. She moaned, ground against him and tried very hard not to cry out in pleasure as he groped her. She felt so guilty. She shouldn't have been touching herself, she definitely should have stopped, but her orgasm was so close, and she was going to...

When she came, she threw her head back against the nothing behind her, hips rolling against her hand while Yusuke continued to grind his palm against her chest. Seeing the state that she was in, he simply smiled, rolled over and went back to sleep while she recovered.

The way that Yusuke had teased her the other night left Rin unable to calm down. She hadn't been able to stop thinking about it, about how wrong it had been but also just how badly she wanted to do it again. Not that she could ask Yusuke to touch her again, not while he was in that form. She had masturbated beside him every night in the hopes that he might wake up again and treat her the same way that he had before, but he never did. At the very least, he never made it obvious that he was. The orgasms she managed to bring herself to were never as good.

That's how she ended up with the covers pulled back, settled between his legs. Her hands were already fumbling with his shorts. She wasn't even trying to be careful, a part of her hoping that he might wake up and respond in some way, but he didn't, not even as she pulled his cock out of his shorts and began to stroke it. She watched his face closely as she leaned down to take him into her mouth, her tongue running against the underside while she worked to take him as deep as she could—not a hard thing to do seeing as his cock had been proportionally sized down along with his body.

When she hit the base of his member, she pulled back again, then looked up at his face to see if he was awake. No reaction. His cock, meanwhile, was already hard and throbbing in her mouth, precum leaking against a tongue that swished back and forth against the head of his cock with hunger not denied. She slipped a hand between her own legs to pleasure herself as Yusuke continued to twitch and throb, knowing that his orgasm wouldn't take too long.

As he came, he let out a small grunt and bucked his hips against her, the cute sound along with the feeling of cum splashing against her mouth proving enough to push Rin all the way to climax, though she hadn't been expecting it. Even as she came, she did her best to swallow down every single ounce of his cum, though her body shook with pleasure. She pulled back from him after that, then gave a pout up at him for not waking up in the middle.

Though she had just realised that she could get away with sucking him off while he was sleeping, so there was that.