namek-saga gohan gets /ss/ed by a horny bulma

Notes: Once again, this was written by my partner, BottomBitch. If you're interested in more of their work, hit up their AO3. You can find their commission info here.

Gohan could hear Krillin sleeping, which made him feel less guilty about the fact that Bulma had slipped into his bed with him, somehow. He could smell the alcohol on her breath, but he didn't ask her about it. She whispered sweet things into his ear about how glad she was to have a Saiyan as strong as him on board the ship with her as they made their way to Namek, but even then, Gohan couldn't formulate much of a response. His cheeks flushed, and he could feel Bulma's hand slipping down the length of his body, eventually coming to rest at his crotch, which she groped roughly.

As he let out a gasp, she slipped her hand into his underwear, and even as he laid there, propped up against her, she wrapped her hand around his cock and leaned down to pepper kisses against his temple. He was already hard beneath her touch, soft moans leaving his lips as he leaned back against her and moaned out in soft pleasure, prompting a smirk from Bulma, who then turned her head further to press a kiss against his lips. Soon enough, the feeling of his cock throbbing in her grip wasn't enough for her. She moved into his lap, then reached down to align him with her pussy, already wet and ready for her to sink down onto him.

When she did, she leaned down to give him a deeper kiss, and between the taste of alcohol and the taste of her Gohan felt utterly overwhelmed. She was so hot and wet and tight inside, and his young brain could barely comprehend what was happening to him, but Bulma kept calling him a good boy and saying that he felt good so he must have been doing something right.

His heart pounded in his chest, and before he knew it he was approaching orgasm. The feelings weren't ones that he recognised, but Bulma did. She rode him faster, and then reached a hand up to cover her own mouth when her own orgasm came, her pussy beginning to spasm around him. That spasming brought young Gohan to climax, and he soon blew his load inside her, filling her pussy up as much as his young, but fat, balls could manage. When she was done, she slumped onto him, then rolled onto her side, his cock slipping out of her. Once more, she told him that he was a good boy, and then she fell asleep.