Futaba trying to focus on the PT group chat but her boyfriend, Mishima, is surprisingly good at oral so she cannot laugh at the memes :pensive:

Notes: Once again, this was written by my partner, BottomBitch. If you're interested in more of their work, hit up their AO3. You can find their commission info here.

If there was one thing that Futaba was good at, it was keeping up with her various corners of the internet. Even when she was focused on something else, she was usually able to switch from window to window to make sure that she wasn't missing out on anything important, but today that was not the case. Beneath her desk, her boyfriend had his head between her legs. When they had first gotten together, Mishima hadn't been very good at oral, but in retrospect she assumed that was more because he was holding himself back than a lack of skill.

Once he had been able to push past the doubts that he had about himself, he became more skilled than she had ever expected him to be. Whereas before she had been able to idly focus on other things while he was pleasing her (if she was being honest, she preferred it that way), now she had trouble even keeping her eyes open. Eager licks lead from the base of her pussy all the way up to her clit, and then he gave it a hard suckle, pulling a gasp from her. Opening her eyes again, Futaba did her best to focus on her screen, but another hard suckle to her clit had her leaning her head back.

Her hand slid into his hair, and as she squeezed gently at the back of his head she opened her eyes once again, glanced at her screen and tried to find focus, hoping that she had gotten used to the feeling of having her clit pleasured. Mishima moved his lips a moment later, dropping them all the way to her entrance to slip his tongue deep inside her while his nose pushed up against her clit. As she gasped again, she couldn't tell if he knew what her weak spots were or if he was simply so eager that she couldn't help being utterly pleasured.

Whatever the case was, she was close, and she could feel thatit was going to be an intense orgasm. Her hips rocked forward, she slammed them against his face and then her pussy gushed against him as she moaned and cried out in ecstacy, his name leaving her lips more than once, though her cheeks flushed a little more each time she realised she'd let it slip. When Mishima pulled back a moment later, Futaba stuffed him between her legs again, a deeper flush sat firm on her face.