Futaba gives Mishima a footjob

Notes: Once again, this was written by my partner, BottomBitch. If you're interested in more of their work, hit up their AO3. You can find their commission info here.

"What are you doing?" Mishima asked. Futaba had been grinding her foot against his crotch for the last few minutes, not-so-subtly trying to work him up to an erection. At least, she had figured that it wasn't subtle, but then she had hoped that he would be hard by now. Pinching her nose, she let her foot drop gently against the lack of bulge in his pants, reaching forward, abandoning all hope of subtlety in the process, to unzip his pants and pull out his dick.

"It's no fun if you don't realise that I'm trying to tease you," she muttered, looking down at his dick as she pulled it free from his pants. One of her feet ended up pressed against it right away, while she leaned forward to pull his pants down to his knees. He looked at her in surprise at first, the penny having dropped somewhere between his question and her foot landing against his dick. One of his hands settled at her ankle, but he made no attempt to pull her foot away from him. As a gentle moan left him, he ground up against her sole, his cock growing hard enough beneath it that she could move the other foot alongside the shaft and begin to stroke him.

It was hard not to think that he was a little dim, having been so oblivious to her advances only to turn into a blushing, moaning mess a few moments later, but try as she might, she couldn't seriously think anything so negative of him. Each little reaction that he gave, the way his hips bucked desperately up against her feet, the way that his lips trembled right before a loud moan left them—they were all things that she loved about him, so much so that mocking him didn't feel right, even for jokes.

Before too long, he reached his hands down to grab onto her ankles properly, half-turning towards her so that he could take over the footjob. He was close. She recognised the tells, and although she had wanted to be the one to bring him to climax, she was happy enough for him to fuck her feet. In the meanwhile, she slipped a hand between her own legs, and was only able to begin touching herself before he gave a needy moan and reached his climax, multiple ropes of pent-up cum firing onto her feet and legs.

Sitting somewhere between disappointed that she hadn't been able to properly masturbate and turned on by the sight of his cum, she spread her legs wider. "My turn."