Astolfo/Gudako/Saber!Astolfo. Gudako gets spitroasted or DPed by her two Astolfos. The end

Notes: Once again, this was written by my partner, BottomBitch. If you're interested in more of their work, hit up their AO3. You can find their commission info here.

It had all happened so fast. One minute, Gudako had been sat with both of the Astolfos that served underneath her, talking about their battling techniques, and the next, both Astolfos had been lifting up their skirts to show off the bulges underneath.

"Don't you think mine looks bigger?" he asked her, as the other one pulled up his skirt and placed his hips next to that of his alternate self.

"No way, mine's bigger," the second declared, and Gudako looked up at the both of them with a nervous look on her face. To her, they looked to be about the same, but on top of that, why were they even asking her such a lewd and perverted thing in the first place? She opened her mouth to speak, and no sooner had her lips parted than both of the Astolfos at once reached down to pull their panties down and begin comparing sizes properly.

For a short time, Gudako merely served as a witness to the disagreement between the two boys, who had the same body and thus the same size, but this detail had eluded them completely. The two of them continued to argue with one another whilst Gudako sat between them, both of their erect cocks bobbing in her face at once. This continued for a while, until one of them looked down and saw just how close their cocks, both long and thick and uncut, were to her face.

As both of them laid their gazes upon her, Gudako swallowed thickly, and the two boys remained silent, a flurry of unspoken thoughts working their way through their minds. The two lengths seemed to grow even harder, precum oozing from their wrapped tips before one of the boys finally brought his hand over, to the back of Gudako's head.

From there, another flurry of action that Gudako could hardly keep up with. They rubbed their cocks against her face, and when her mouth opened, they took that to be the invitation that it implicitly was. For a time, rather than sucking on them, Gudako merely kept her mouth open for them while they took turns sliding in, sometimes not even waiting their turn and instead pushing both cocks into her mouth at once. The one consistent movement on Gudako's part was the shifting of her tongue, sliding up against each of them in turn before pushing between them, and making sure to tease the head of whichever member happened to be in her mouth at a given time.

Finally, one of the Astolfos moved onto the bed with her again. His hands reached for her clothes, and then the other joined him in undressing her. They hadn't even asked for permission, but they didn't really need to. Gudako's movements made clear her enthusiasm, even if the shining-slick nature of her cunt once they unveiled it hadn't already.

With her legs all the way back and her feet in the air, the two boys became enamoured with her pussy for a while. They took turns kissing her all over as their fingers explored wherever their lips and tongue weren't currently staking their claim. It didn't take much of this for Gudako to become totally overwhelmed, and once one of them latched his lips onto her clit whilst the other worked two fingers deep inside her—that was it. Gudako came, tossing her head back and letting out a deep whine of pleasure while her pussy throbbed and her juice soaked their faces and the bed beneath her.

Once she was spent, both boys moved to either side of her; they weren't done with her yet. One brought his hands down to her hips to guide her up onto her hands and knees while the other took his place in front of her, his cock waiting for her once her head lifted up. She flicked her gaze upward and felt his tip pressing against her lips, then took his cock into her mouth a moment later, suckling on him as she made her way down over the first couple of inches.

Behind her, the other Astolfo took his time squeezing and groping her ass, then slid a finger down the length of her crack to tease at her asshole with a gentle prod, then a firm push. His finger sliding inside didn't hurt, nor did it hurt much when he joined that finger along a second one. Once pressed together, the two fingers curled upward and began to grind against the inner wall. Once he pulled them out, the Astolfo used those fingers to spread her hole open wide, and then the slick tip of his member pressed up, between them.

When the tip squeezed inside, Gudako felt a flash of pain. Her hole stretched to accommodate the shaft pushing into it, but it wasn't long before that pain dissipated in favour of pleasure. One Astolfo held onto her hair while the other held onto her hips with one hand, and the two began to thrust in tandem with one another, sliding deeper into their respective holes while Gudako kneeled between them, the meat in their spitroast.

As their paces picked up and they bottomed out on either side of her, Gudako's eyes opened wide. Her untouched pussy throbbed with need, relieved only by the occasional slap of one Astolfo's balls against it, a union made sweat-sticky by the liquid coating his sack. As with their sizes and just about everything else about them, they came at the same time, one slamming deep into her ass while the other pulled out and came all over her face. The one behind her, realising all-too-late that he, too, wanted to mark her, pulled out and squeezed the remainder of his seed onto her ass, which wasn't much.

As he pouted, the other pulled away from her and grinned. Nothing was said between them, and Gudako wasn't paying enough attention to pick up on any deeper dynamic. Whatever the cause for their need to one-up one another had been, the two of them ended up behind her a few short seconds later, aiming their cocks towards her big, round ass as they relaxed their bladders and began to piss all over her ass.

Once more, Gudako let out an eager moan, and once more, the two boys used her. She was marked, not as belonging to merely one of the boys, but as belonging to both of them, an implicit suggestion that whenever they needed to get their rocks off, she would be there.