Mokuba Kaiba x Cyndia

Cakeshipping is the name that was assigned the YuGiOh crackship of Mokuba Kaiba and Cyndia (who is known as Cecelia Pegasus in the dub). It was allegedly named that because Cyndia came across like a woman who would bake cakes and other sweets for Mokuba.

Why do you ship this?

I don't really have a good answer for that in all honesty! I just remember being twelve years old and stumbling across the shipping list on Seventh-Star's WikiFic (RIP) and seeing Cakeshipping and going "what the hell lmfao???". It stayed in my head because who would come up with such a combination? Were there other shippers? It didn't seem like it. It'd drift in and out of my hear for the next ten plus years and well... I decided to give in! I just think it's a neat and cute little concept.

Of course, this ship only works in AUs such as Cyndia survivning, getting successfully revived or perhaps is the same age as Mokuba. I thought about Cyndia's spirit comforting Mokuba while he was trapped by Pegasus a lot too if you would want some angst. Half the fun with crackships like this is to try to figure out how they could meet and interact!

I like the idea of Cyndia entertaining Mokuba while Pegasus and Seto talk business. It's awkward at first but they eventually bond and like spending time with each other. The idea that Cyndia might be out of touch with "common" things, I mean look at how she was dressing in the 90s haha, and Mokuba showing her such things is really cute to me as well. Cyndia isn't really that developed in canon and serves as a motivation for Pegasus, which is fine imho. It'd just be fun to give her something outside of being fridged.

Art and Fic I Made

Ice Cream Formal Wear
credit: cyndia render,mokie render