Tweetfic 2 - Asuka/Shota OC 1

Author's Notes: friend of mine likes asuka. he also likes shota. he asks me to write asuka and shota and god bless him.

"I throw down a face down..." The boy murmured as he groped Alexis' full ass. "Um... did I say that right, Ms Rhodes?"

"Yes, you're doing so good. Now, keep going, okay?" She said with a wiggle of her hips. Her latest tutoring session was with a young boy who didn't know a thing about Duel Monsters. That simply wouldn't do in this day and age. So, she took extra care to make sure he was prepared. He had 'won' their ante duel and now she was going to teach him what to do afterward. The boy gulped as he fished out his cock and lined it up with her hole...

"Wait! Not that oNE--!!!" Alexis gasped as his small but thick cock speared itself inside her ass. She huffed as her formerly virgin asshole was forced wide by the boy's already wild thrusts. Her body burned with shameful arousal as his tiny balls smacked against her taint. She wasn't getting much out of this but it turned her on immensely. Her arms shook as her student continued to ream her. His little hands groped and smacked her wobbling ass in between thrusts.

Cute, strangled sounds escaped from his gaping mouth as she tried to keep her own under control. A whine escaped her as her body screamed for stimulation. However, before she could finish moving her hand between her legs, the boy came inside her ass and pulled out with a lewd 'pop'. Clear semen rolled out of Alexis' now gaping asshole as she sighed in slight disappointment,