Tweetfic 1 - Alma/Deal

Author's Notes: prompt: Alma uses her new-found knowledge of Lillim dirty talk to make Deal cream his pants

With alcohol buzzing through her system, Alma leaned against Deal, a cute Lilim boy, as her hand ghosted across his thigh. He swallowed as her voice seemed to vibrate across his plates and sensors. A shiver ran across his spine as she talked about work. Her voice was like velvet. The scent of kamotrine was strong on her breath as her brandtini sloshed in her glass every other word that spilled past her oh-so kissable looking lips.

"And then..." The way that he hung onto every syllable and how his breath hitched with each pause drove him insane. His eyes flickered from her honey-colored ones, half-lidded from pleasure, and down to her ample breasts. "I might use a prebuilt program... but I prefer to be more hands-on," she murmured as she leaned in. Her lips brushed against his neck and made him gasp. "I prefer to use a buffer overflow. It really gets me racing. I bet it'd work on you."


"Mhm. Then... I'll create a backdoor entry so I can get in deep and play around inside. You'll be so vulnerable. Everything is available for me to see and use to my pleasure, would that bother you?"

Deal shook his head as heat pulsed through his circuits. Coolant rushed through him but it wasn't fast enough. His brain whirred to life as utter sensation wracked his body. Cum spurted from his untouched cock and seeped through his slacks. A choked, garbled moan bled through his voice box as his optics rolled into the back of his head. His normally white skin was painted a deep red as he slumped forward, panting heavily.

"Wow... I guess Dorothy was right... Lilim really are an untouched market."