Glowing Message

Author's Notes: prompt: Stardew - Emily walks in on Haley giving the farmer a sloppy titfuck - your choice what happens next

Stella is explicitly a futanari cuz she gets her girl penis from magic and i dont want trans women to feel like im correlating the two, if that makes sens idk im stupid

Haley licked her lips as her tits enveloped Stella's cock. The farmer panted as the blonde worked her magic. Yes, this was how things should have been. Stella was dirty and sweaty most of the time thanks to her work... but she was so much prettier than Shane. It didn't burn her with humiliation as she stood on her knees in front of her. It also helped that they were safe inside Haley's house. There would be no risk no fouls if they were caught by Emily or something. Not that Haley wanted to be caught by Emily. Ugh, that'd be the worst! Shaking the thought from her head, Haley did her best to focus on the yummy cock in front of her. The rich brown of Stella's skin contrasted against her milky skin. The way its uncut tip peeked from the top of her tits sent shivers up her spine. Pre dribbled its way down into her shirt but she didn't mind... too much. Pleasure sparked through Haley's core as Stella continued to writhe and moan.

"Fuck, you feel so good, Blondie," the woman groaned. "You want me to glaze your tits? Or do you wanna swallow it? I'm good either way."

"Hales? Oh Yoba," a new voice called out from the doorway. There stood Emily with her jaw dropped and her eyes wide with surprise. She shook her head and stepped further into the room.

"What the hell, Emily!" Haley cried out once her sister sat next to her. Stella chuckled nervously.

"I wanted to check up on you 'cause I heard weird noises... and now I wanna join in! I really dig Stella's aura," she said with a laugh. Her own top came off and her surprisingly ample tits were there for Stella to drink in. "C'mon... let's share."

"Yeah, Blondie, let your big sis have some fun too," Stella said.

She motioned for Emily to stand up and get closer to her which she promptly did. Hungrily, Stella leaned down and captured one of Emily's nipples into her mouth as her hand massaged the other breast. Emily cooed in delight as Haley fumed below. Still, the blonde continued to work the farmer's shaft as her sister was tended to. Her tongue lapped against the leaking tip in between thrusts. It didn't take long until pearly white cum splattered across Haley's neck and hair much to her chagrin.