Tweetfic 1 - Olivia/Victor

Author's Notes: these are characters from the expanded mod. olivia is prolly my fave out of the new cast.

Wine splashed and swirled inside Olivia's glass as she worked her head back and forth. Saliva dripped from her painted lips as she noisily sucked off her son, Victor. The young man huffed and groaned with pleasure as his mom worked his shaft. Deep red lipstick smeared across his pale skin. Pre dripped from his leaking tip and mingled with the wine-stained saliva that sloshed in his mother's warm, tight mouth.

"Hah, Mom..." he moaned out as his grip on the shelf grew tighter. "Th-this won't... c-convince me to... t-take... mmhhh... th-that job..."

Olivia smiled or smiled the best she could with her son's cock in her mouth. Then, she pushed herself flush against his pelvis. Her throat bulged obscenely as tears pricked at her eyes. Trails of inky black mascara rolled down her cheeks as her tongue ground against Victor's throbbing cock. She just wanted what was best for Victor. If this is what it took to get him to take charge of his life... then so be it.