Tweetfic 2 - Abigail/Grandpa

Author's Notes: prompt: Abigail was in a secret relationship with the player's grandfather before he passed. A torrid affair that was doomed to fail, likely because the girl put too much strain on his old heart.
this is canon in my mind.

It was the night before Spirits Eve. A night that Abigail would never forget. She had known the old man but didn't really know him. He was always polite and sweet with just the tiniest bit of sadness in his eyes. Maybe that was what drew her towards him. He said she was young and full of so much life, did she really want to spend time with him? And every time he would ask that, she said yes. He filled her heart with so much joy and meaning.

His cock also did.

Granted, Abigail wasn't the most experienced but she could tell that he had the biggest cock in the valley, and it was all hers.

The grunts and groans of her elderly lover filled his tiny cabin while she slobbered all over his perfect cock. Despite his age, he was able to get rock-hard just for her. It filled her with so much pride. Hearts flashed in her eyes as she looked up at him, her hand reaching for his, and throated him as deeply as she could. Tears pricked at her eyes and rolled down her cheeks in inky streaks but she kept going. Soon, Abigail was practically fucking her own face on the farmer's cock much to his delight. Another grunt came from deep inside his throat. Cum spurted from his uncut tip and coated her throat with an overwhelmingly thick and strong load. He grunted again before slumping over. Abigail swallowed happily and opened her mouth to show her good job. He didn't look. And he would never look at her again...

cuz she sucked the soul out of his dick :'(