Didn't You Need Me Madly?

Author's Notes: ♥♥♥♥ my sailor moon otp!!! ♥♥♥♥ written for the prince dimande fan.

Flashing lights.

That was the last thing Usagi saw before she slipped out of consciousness. The image of Prince Demande’s third eye burned into her memory. She wanted to blink but couldn’t. The word ‘kiss’ rang inside her mind like church bells. The prince’s voice, smooth like silk and dark like coffee, ran across her skin. Shudders ran through her body. Trails of goosebumps raised along her pale skin as his grip tightened. Around her, the air grew heavier. It was as if she was standing waist-deep in the ocean. His words washed across her like salt water. Her knees quaked as she stepped further into the ocean with each repeated word.

“Go on. Give me a kiss to show your allegiance to me, Prince Demande.”

“A... kiss...” Usagi repeated. “A kiss of allegiance...”

Demande’s hand slid up her arm, neck and then cradled her face. “Do you pledge loyalty to me?”

Silence fell upon the two as the word ‘yes’ caught itself in her throat. Demande’s third eye widened and the flashing lights grew brighter and flickered at a faster rate. Usagi’s eyes twitched as tears rolled down her face.


Their lips met and Usagi’s consciousness was gone.

Memories of Mamoru slipped through Usagi’s fingers with every kiss she gave her new prince. Something between adoration and obedience pulsed rang through her. It was like dropping a pebble in a pool of water. Rings of pleasure washed over her as she sank further and further into Demande’s hypnosis. Trails of fiery pleasure burned across her skin with each stroke of his hand.

“Come with me,” he whispered against her lips.

All the girl could do was nod as she followed her lover into the dark.

The two of them arrived in a room with a large, luxurious bed. He pulled her to the surface and pushed her onto her back. She fell onto it. Her limbs felt like stone. She didn’t want to be anywhere else though. She needed to be here. She needed to be with her prince. A voice at the back of her head screamed. It screamed and screamed but she ignored it. The world was just her and Demande now.

Effortlessly, he stripped her down to nothing. Her boots, her gloves, her uniform, and her brooch were torn off her body. All the decorations in her hair faded away as her powers were stolen.

“You’re mine,” he growled. “All mine. My queen. My Queen Serenity.”


“I’m going to make you mine for real. You’ll only want me. I’ll give you everything you could ever want. Everything you need. Because I’m all you could ever want or need, isn’t that right?”


“Say it. Say you need me. Say that you love me.”

“I love you.”

Demande grinned. “I love you too, my princess. Get on all fours. Present yourself to me.” Without a word, Usagi rolled onto her stomach and rose her hips. One of his hands placed itself onto her hips while the other slid between her thighs. A finger swiped itself across her slit. “Every thrust, every stroke, and every touch I give you... It’ll be the most intense pleasure you will ever feel. This is the gift I’ll give to you, my princess. Will you thank me for this?”

“Thank you, my prince,” Usagi murmured. “Thank you so much.”

The prince chuckled. His fingers plunged themselves into her slowly slickening slit. An explosion of pleasure went off inside the young woman. Her blank eyes widened as his fingers stroked her untouched walls. Places that Mamoru hadn’t touched and would never touch now. Arousal coated his digits as he continued to thrust. The pads of his fingers stroked her most sensitive of spots. Drool rolled down Usagi’s now gaping mouth as constant pants and moans escaped her. Her head hung forward as she squirmed in his grasp.


That was all the girl needed before reaching her orgasm. Just a couple of strokes of his fingers and a simple command. Her knees quaked and her arms collapsed onto the bed. Her breasts squished against the cloud-like bed as pleasure burnt her inside out. Her eyes rolled into the back of her skull. Her tongue lolled out of her drooling mouth.

With a swift motion, Demande pulled his fingers out of her slick cunt and sheathed his cock inside of her. Usagi yelped as her virginity was taken from her. Taken by a man who had tried to destroy her world and the future. He effectively did just that. She did not care. All she cared about was satisfying her new prince. She had been told that her first time would be painful. There was no pain.

Only bliss.

“Your former lover could never do this for you. All you need is me,” Demande cooed.

He bent over her. His strong chest was flush against her now sweaty back as his hands slipped between her torso and the mattress. His fingers sank into her breasts as he began to thrust into her. The clapping of flesh against sweaty flesh filled the room. Their voices rang across the area. Pants, moans, and grunts, if Usagi were lucid, she would have screamed in embarrassment. Right now, all she cared about was the sensations she felt at the moment. The sloshing of her slick juices and his cock soon joined the orchestra of perverse sounds.

“I love you. Say that you love me.”

“I love you.”

Demande’s thrusts grew wilder. His thick cock ground against her twitching walls. He huffed above her. His breath was hot and ragged against her ear. He kissed her earlobe as he slammed into her harder and harder. Usagi couldn’t do anything but try to stay up. The blonde whined as she collapsed onto the mattress. She was completely flat as she gripped the luxurious sheets. Pure instinct took over as she squirmed underneath the man.

“Cum for me if you love me. If you adore me. If you’ll stay with me forever, you’ll cum right now.”

His words rang inside her clouded mind. His hips clapped against hers. Each thrust sent ripples across Usagi’s flesh. One, two, three more thrusts, and she came undone. Her walls spasmed around his cock as she squeezed him dry. Or tried to. He chuckled as a scream tore itself from her throat and her second orgasm took over. She quaked under him. Violent trembles ran up and down her spine. The girl squirmed as she tried to arch her back against him. Her toes curled. Sweat dripped down her brow. She had come and she came hard.

His thrusts didn’t stop. He continued to pound into the poor girl, grunting and panting above her.

“You’re mine. Forever mine. My pet. My treasure. My beloved princess. You’ll stay... with me forever. You’ll be my queen. Queen of the Black Moon Clan. The rabbit will be ours,” he stammered out in between moans and grunts. His balls smacked against her lower lips. “I love you. I love you so much...”

His cock jumped inside of her as cum rushed out of her. Cum splattered against her womb. He shuddered above her as more and more of his seed flooded her. Pink was painted a thick, creamy white.

The sensation of cum filling her up and the pulsing of her master’s cock was enough to drag Usagi down into another orgasm. Too weak to scream, too weak to even moan or squirm under him. He collapsed on top of her as the few last droplets of cum were squeezed out of him. He kissed her ear again before gripping her hair and pulling her back. Usagi panted before her lips were stolen by her new ruler.

“Eternally... mine.”