High School Driver

Author's Notes: a request from fellow RR fan, amy! reiko was my fave when i was a kid (nowadays, its prolly makoto)

In another life, Reiko would have sunk to Candy Cane's level. However, she was a good girl. Good girls didn't tear at their opponent's clothes and stretch them into humiliating positions. Shame burned through Reiko's body as Candy held her upside down. Welts appeared on her pale skin and the pulsing glow of the ring seemed to highlight the angry redness even more. Reiko dangled on the ropes as Candy made sure she was stuck in place and unable to move.

"Hey, camerafuck! Come get a load of this!" the redhead spat as she pushed Reiko's sweaty panties to the side. The audience howled with excitement as the Zero Fighter's mound was revealed to it.


Candy Cane cackled as the closest cameraman dashed towards them and zoomed in on Reiko's smooth cunt. Calloused fingers stroked along her slit before spreading apart her lips as far as they could go. Her twitching hole and regrettably stiff clit were shown to the world. "What a slut! It looks like she's enjoying this," Candy sneered before sliding her fingers into Reiko's slickening cunt. Her juices glistened in the bright lights of the stadium. The brunette sobbed as white hot, shameful pleasure burned through her body as Candy's fingers stroked her virgin walls. With the crowd watching and cheering and the overall newness of it all, it didn't take long for Reiko to come to a screaming orgasm. Her juices splattered across her skin, her opponent's fingers, and even the camera lenses in front of her as tears streamed down her face. The bell dinged loudly and echoed through the ring as Candy let go of Reiko. Reiko's head spun as she was released from the ropes and collapsed onto the ground outside the ring.

"The daughter of Kamikaze Rose has suffered a truly humiliating defeat!" was the last thing Reiko heard before blacking out.