McMahon Would Be Proud

Author's Notes:prompt: Rumble Roses: Aisha wins a match against Dixie and per the bet they made, Dixie has to kiss Aisha's ass. And Aisha means really kiss it.
this is a ship i never think about but i do like.

Once the bell echoed across the beach, Dixie let out a deep, heavy sigh as pain ebbed through her body. She had lost the Queen's Match and now Aisha, her high school 'rival', was now in charge of her. "Alright, are you gon' make me do a lil' dance like usual?" Dixie teased. Her legs wobbled as she stood up. Aisha reached for the blonde and shoved her back onto her knees. "Now, what'd you go 'n' do that for?"

"Shut up and kiss my ass, Dixie."

"Excuse me? I didn't just hear what I thought I heard."

"I thought the loser had to listen to the queen and guess who that is, hm?" Aisha huffed before dropping her bikini bottoms to the shock and awe of the audience and Dixie. Her bare ass and mound were revealed to the world. The diva spun on her heels and did a little dance before standing in front of the still-shocked Dixie. Turning around, she bent over and reached back for Dixie's hair, and pulled her forward. Embarrassment rushed through Dixie's body as her face squished against Aisha's supple but firm ass. Her lips pressed together in a hard line as she tried to turn away but she was kept in place. The scent of the ocean surrounding the ring wasn't enough to cover the scent of Aisha's sweat and natural musk. It was strong and overpowering. Realizing that Aisha was not going to budge on this humiliation, she gave in. Her lips pressed against the cleft of Aisha's ass.


"C'mon, you can do better than that. Get in there!" Another sigh tore through Dixie's throat before her hands gripped the pop star's hips and yanked her backward. Her lips smooched the crack before delving in further. With enough pressure, she managed to get her cheeks to part and her tongue to wriggle against the tight, hidden hole there. "Ooooh nice job, that's more like it!" Aisha practically sang out as Dixie ate her nearly perfect ass. Her grip on Dixie's hair softened enough for her to get more motion but she was unwilling to let her go.

Not until she came, anyway.