There's Nothing Wrong With Happy Endings

Author's Notes: also for dan! written before kitakami and blueberry academy came out so idk

It didn’t matter to Florian how many times he had been inside Nemona’s dorm room. It was always still intimidating. He was in a girl’s room. A girl as amazing as Nemona, at that. He couldn’t believe that such an incredible person as her was so interested in him from the start. As the Treasure Hunt went on, the closer and closer they got. With each battle they had, the closer their hearts became and the more intense their feelings grew. That was the best way to describe their relationship.


Nemona was such a bundle of energy that Florian barely managed to keep up. He adored every minute of it. The burning and stretching of muscles. The heat inside his chest inflamed every time he gasped for breath. The pounding of his heart as it danced in his rib cage. The scent of sweat and adrenaline pumped through his veins. While it may have been their Pokemon doing all the work and they were just the tacticians, it was all such a rush. A rush that Florian would pay any amount of money to experience again and again.

Luckily for him, Nemona was more than willing to give him all that and more for free.

Just like her lust for battles, her way of expressing affection was never-ending. Nemona’s unflappable energy covered all her bases. Her kisses were quick and short but always plentiful. Her hugs were always warm, and tight and made him feel so secure. He could only hope that the embraces he gave her were half as nice.

However, he always treasured the softer and quieter moments as well.

As Florian sat on her dorm room floor, he wondered what he could have done in the past life that earned him something as wonderful as this. He was forever thankful though.

He flopped onto his back and stared up at her. Nemona was laying on her bed, resting on her stomach as she watched a match in Galar. “Aren’t they just the coolest over there? I wish that Paldea had the tech to have Dynamax matches!”

“Yeah, it’d be pretty neat if some of the gyms here could do that.”

“Hey, do you think Penny would be able to develop a thing? Wait, no, she’s super smart but can’t do anything. Plus, just because she lived in Galar doesn’t mean she’d know everything about Dynamax... Man, I hope the next trip next year is to Galar.”

Florian smiled. “Me too.”

“Where are we going again?”

“Umm...” Florian rolled onto his stomach. “Somewhere near Sinnoh, I think. Kitakami.”

Nemona shot upright. Her Rotom phone flew out of her hands before it straightened itself out. It zipped across the air and landed back on her desk, far away from Nemona’s flailing hands. “Right! Aren’t you excited for that by the way?”

He chuckled to himself before his smile faltered some. “Yeah...”

“You don’t seem excited,” she said with a squint of her eyes. A wicked grin split itself across her face as she raised her arms in the air. This would be the only warning that Florian would get. “Now, why don’t you tell me the truth?”

Florian pushed himself upright and braced himself for the inevitable. “I am excited though. Not everyone can be—Mmmph!”

Instantly, he was flat against the ground. His head smacked against the mercifully thick Wooloo rug. The impact was still enough to rattle him a bit though. As stars exploded in the corners of his vision, Nemona planted her hips right against his as her hands pinned his shoulders to the ground. Colors swam across his eyes as he stared up at Nemona’s grinning face. In her eyes was a mischievous twinkle that told him to keep bracing himself. A hand raised itself off one of his shoulders to trace along his jawline. Her head cocked to the side as her smile widened.

“Blink if you’re not excited!”

Florian blinked. “Wait, no that’s not...”


“C’mon, that’s not fair...” He said with a pout. His arms rose off the ground and slowly crept toward his girlfriend’s hips. They couldn’t lift very high but just enough for his plan...

“Now, tell me why you’re hiding the truth.”

Florian grit his teeth before sucking in a deep, shaky breath. “Well... Okay. The truth is...” His stomach twisted itself in knots. He stuffed those feelings deeper inside his body before flashing a forced, maniacal grin. “Nothing!” he cried out before digging his fingers into the backs of her knees.

Bubbly sensation wracked Nemona’s body as he tickled her. She writhed and twisted on top of him. Her hips ground against his deliciously as laughter burst from her chest. The beautiful sound bounced off the walls and into the cracks of the door and walls. He imagined the sound slipping into the hallways and dorms nearby and echoing into people’s hearts. Plus, the sight of Nemona laughing always cheered him out.

“S-stoopppp!” she whined before moving her own hands into Florian’s armpits and neck. Her movements were desperate. Some pokes and tickles hurt more than anything but it didn’t matter. He writhed and bucked himself under her as laughter bubbled to the surface. His legs kicked as an almost painful sensation rippled through his core. “Florian!”

The two of them laughed for five minutes before giving up. Nemona flopped next to him on the floor. Their chests ached. Their voices burned. Their lungs filled and emptied themselves at the same time. Softly, their eyes drifted toward each other. Warmth settled inside Florian’s heart. Something panged inside his chest as his girlfriend smiled. She shuffled closer toward him. Now they were both on the rug. She opened her mouth and closed it then opened it again.

Guilt panged inside him again. Then, he leaned in and kissed her. When he pulled away, he swore he saw starlight in her eyes. Her gloved hand reached for his face and pulled him in again. One kiss. Two kisses. Three... Four... A dozen. Each and every kiss sent him into the heavens. Before he could even start to float down, she stole another one and sent him soaring higher. Needily, he pushed himself closer to her. An arm draped along her side as their bodies stapled into each other. Her breasts squished against his chest as one leg threw itself over his. He kissed her. Gently, oh-so-gently, his tongue slipped into her mouth. Their tongues danced together as his heart pounded. Arousal pumped through his system as her warmth seeped into his body through their clothes. Eventually, it grew to be too much.

Shakily, Florian moved his hand to her ass and took a light grope. Muffled giggles slipped into his mouth before Nemona pulled away.

“You wanna...?” she asked.


“Right here?” she asked. “On the ground or the bed?”

“S-sure! H-here on the... ground... I-I really want you, Nemona.”

“Me too.”

Without a word, the two of them sat up and undressed. By the time Florian had unbuttoned his shirt and pushed down his uniform shorts, Nemona had removed her shorts and panties. Her top hung off of her elbows before she dove towards him for another needy kiss.

Once again, he was flat on the floor with his girlfriend on top of him. Her hand wrapped around his cock and gave it a few pumps before standing on her knees. “Ready?”

He nodded.

Then, she sank down onto his cock. The head slid along her folds. She was so wet already... He had no idea. He huffed as her warm tightness swallowed him nearly whole. His hands placed themselves on her hips. They slid along the gentle curves of her athletic body. She was so beautiful. Did he really deserve her? He bit his lip. Guilt even then managed to worm its way into his twisted guts.

“Ah, y-you feel...” he breathed. “S-so good.”

It was the truth. She always felt amazing. Though, he couldn’t help but need to fill the air. Whether it was to make her feel better or to distract himself from his emotions, Florian kept going. Sweet praises about her beauty, her body, her movements and everything spilled from his wet lips. His hips bucked against hers. Burying himself deep within her cunt, he moaned as his balls gently smacked against her bottom. Finally, Nemona rose up and dropped onto him.

Sweet, sweet friction.

“Nemona! Nemona, Nemona, Nemona...” he babbled. “S-so amazing... You’re so good. I love it... I-I love you!”

“M-me too! Florian... I...” she keened. Moans fell from her mouth and crashed onto him below. Her hands splayed across his chest as she tried to keep herself upright. Each bounce sent ripples across her taught flesh. Her breasts bounced each time they bottomed out.

Pleasure coursed through his veins as adrenaline began to pump through him as well. His nerves crackled as her pussy clenched around him. Sweat dripped down their bodies. The heady scent of sex and musk filled the air. Everything was so warm and hot and perfect. He never knew what to do. There was nothing he could do. It was all about instincts. His instincts screamed at him to get more. More, more, more. He wanted so much of Nemona that no one else could have her. Greedily, his hands sank into her hips as he sat upright. Their chests pushed against each other as he held onto her tight. His core burned as he thrust upwards into her. He buried his face into her chest as his arms crossed into an ‘x’ across her back.


“Mmnnhhh...!” She whined. “F-Florian...!” Her cunt twitched and pulsed around him. Her hips grew wilder on top of him as her back arched against his embrace. “Ah! I-I!” I’m! G-gonna...I!”

He felt her insides clench. It was like he could feel her heart beating. Arousal spilled onto his hips and across their thighs as she came. Panting, she flopped against him. He huffed as he was knocked back onto his back. His cock throbbed as her body squeezed around him, as if desperate for his seed. His hands slid from her back and then onto her hips as his own pounded against her. It was so fast and yet so slow. He didn’t know what would have been worse.

Not coming at all and experiencing this sharp pleasure that almost hurt in all the right ways forever or coming too quickly and not being able to savour it? Both were horrendously evil and so delightful in their own ways.

He panted before reaching his own peak. His cock slammed itself as deeply as he could inside of her. Come flooded his girlfriend’s insides as he came. He pulsed inside her as his load slowed down into a trickle and then nothing at all.

Slowly, he rolled Nemona onto her side and looked at her. “I... I-I’m sorry.”

“A-about what? Having sex with me?” she cackled. “It was good. Like always. Jeez, I knew you could lose confidence sometimes but...”

“N-no, I... It’s. I... I said some weird things today...”

She blinked. “Like...?”

“Well...” He ground his teeth. “Like... that’s the first time I ever... said... that.”

She flushed. “Ah, yeah... I-I said... that too... I liked it though.”

He smiled only for it to falter a second later. “I also... lied to you too.”


He swallowed. “Being excited about the trip.”

“Huh? I was just teasing earlier.”

“No. I... I mean, I’m not excited. I’m kinda... dreading it? I dunno.”


“...I-I was picked... to be... in the Blueberry Academy... exchange program. I-I’ll be gone right after the Kitakami thing and then we won’t see each other for a couple of months... And...”

“Florian...” She murmured with a sad smile. Something shone in her golden eyes. It wasn’t that earlier mischievousness or anything like that. Genuine. It was something genuine. Her hand cradled his face before bumping her forehead against his. “Nothing’s gonna change. When you’re back from the exchange, I’ll still be here. I’ll still be your champion just like you’ll be mine. I... I love you,” she whispered before kissing him. Her lips were soft and inviting. The scent of her pecha shampoo and sweat wafted into his senses as he relaxed into her. Eventually, she pulled away—only to steal a dozen more quick kisses—and looked him in the eye.

“You’re my treasure, after all.”