Necessary Gentleness

Author's Notes: ryme is so fine...

After their gym battle, Juliana was given a VIP pass to one of Ryme’s shows. She wasn’t too sure what VIP meant in this context. There wasn’t any special seating after all. During one of the rapper’s harsher tracks with an intense beat, the girl was sandwiched between a group of thrashing fans who were entranced by the artist’s words. Her knees wobbled as she tried to stay upright and avoid getting too close to the stage. She wanted to avoid getting a black eye after all

Though, she definitely wasn’t expecting this sort of treatment when she got backstage. The backstage area wasn’t really backstage at all. A small but comfy shack with heaters blasting such intense heat that she thought she was back in [Kofu’s city] that was up the hill. A thick carpet sat in the middle of the tent while a plush gold couch faced the door. To the side was a table full of drinks and goodies. Juliana bit back a giggling fit when she noticed a small bowl full of magost berry flavored candies—with their signature wrapper that looked like a magost berry—and square caramels.

Somehow, she didn’t notice the corkboard hanging above the couch. Or rather, the pictures that decorated it.

“Take whatever you want if you want it, baby,” Ryme said as she walked to the couch. “I’ve got plenty. Then come over here and tell me all about your adventures so far.”

Juliana nodded. Despite her secret laughter earlier, she stuffed a handful of candies into her uniform shorts and grabbed a soda. Her heart throbbed as she cracked it open and took a long swig. The heat was truly incredible. She didn’t know if her now sweat-slicked skin came from the heater or the nervousness she felt. Ryme seemed like a sweet woman but she couldn’t help but feel intimidated being so close and personal with an artist she liked since she was little. Her mom was a fan of her music when she was a teen so it was something that Juliana simply grew up around.

Plus, she had a secret crush on her too which might have been a factor in the girl’s nervousness.

“Come on over,” the older woman called out.

Once more, Juliana nodded before walking to the couch. Before she sat down, she noticed the corkboard. Blood rushed to her face and buzzed in her ears at the sight.

There was Ryme with a bunch of fans. Not all at once, probably, but there was precious little space left on the board from all the photos that hung on it. That wasn’t a problem. The ‘problem’ was that they were all in various states of undress or different acts. Juliana swallowed as she drank in the sight. There were some that looked recent and some from before she was born. The sight of Ryme’s rich brown skin being exposed in some photos or her fooling around with people only a few years older than Juliana sent the girl into a tizzy. One particular girl, long dark hair pulled back into a tight ponytail and sun-kissed skin decorated in freckles, buried between Ryme’s thighs looked familiar. She couldn’t quite place it thanks to the girl wearing Ryme’s signature cap as she ate the woman out.

“Oh, shoot, is that thing making you uncomfortable, baby?” Ryme asked sheepishly. Her face flushed as she stood up to take the board off the wall. “I forgot I left it up, let me take it down—”

Immediately, Juliana shook her head. Her hand reached for Ryme’s arm to keep her from taking it down. “I-I promise that it’s not. It’s okay, Ms. Ryme.”

“Ms. Ryme... You’re so cute, well, alright but don’t go tellin’ your mama or anything, alright?”

Oh, there was no way that she was going to tell anyone about this, even if her fantasies came to life since she doubted anyone would believe her. Plus, Juliana wanted to keep this moment secret. A special secret for her.

Once they sat back down, Juliana scooched closer to the older woman and batted her eyelashes. “Ms. Ryme... I’ve been a fan for so long...”

“Yeah?” she replied with a cock to the side. Juliana hummed before climbing up to steal a kiss from the older woman. “Oh, what are you doing, baby?”

“I... I wanna be like the other fans.”

Ryme bit her lip. “...Alright.”

The door was locked and clothes were quickly tossed to the floor. The feeling of open but warm air felt merciful and almost soothing on Juliana’s sweaty skin. Though, her attention was elsewhere. Slowly, Ryme stripped out of her black and gold ensemble. Her eyes stayed glued to the full, mature body that was slowly revealed to her. This wasn’t exactly like the fantasies she had—the first dirty dream she had was about the younger version of Ryme on one of her mom’s old CDs—but she was definitely not complaining.

“Do you... know what to do?” the woman asked.

Despite knowing nothing outside of a few clips of porn and classmates’ anecdotes she overheard in the hallways, Juliana nodded as she sat in front Ryme. Ryme was back on the couch. Her soft thighs squished against the black leather. Juliana rested her hand on her warm thigh and shuddered at the soft give that her flesh had. Her skin was so soft. Her body was so soft and wonderful. She had to let Ryme know how beautiful and talented and amazing she was!

With nothing but pure unrestrained enthusiasm carrying her, Juliana dove between the woman’s full legs. Her skinny arms tried their best to wrap around her thick thighs as she latched her mouth onto her already slick pussy. Her folds surrounded Juliana’s hungry lips and stained them with her essence. Unsure where to start, the girl just went for it. Her tongue awkwardly lashed all around and up and down her slit. Messy lines were drawn across Ryme’s entrance as her arousal coated her tongue. Then, Juliana latched her lips onto her clit. Hard, sloppy sucks were given to it in between wild flicks and swirls.

“B-baby! C-calm down!” Ryme cried out as she pulled the younger girl away from her now dripping cunt. “I... I’m not going anywhere, baby. Damn, you’ve...”

Juliana beamed.

“You’ve never done this before have you?”

She shrank.

“It’s okay, I... I enjoyed it, don’t get me wrong. You just do too much at once, kinda. Come here, I’ll show you a better way, baby.”

Juliana tried to not pout as she climbed onto the couch. Her pride was clearly wounded but it was hard to focus on that when she realized she was about to be touched by The MC of RIP! She swallowed as she laid back a bit at Ryme’s suggestion.

Ryme’s lips brushed along her neck before suckling along her pulse. A faint red mark that would be just above her uniform’s collar formed. Then, she traveled lower and lower. Her collarbone, both her breasts, her stomach, and then her hips were all kissed and decorated in love bites. Panting, Juliana tried to not squirm too much. She failed. As Ryme wrapped her arms around her wild hips and kissed along her slit, Juliana couldn’t help but buck and moan. It was light so far but it was so unlike anything that she had ever felt before! Her arousal spilled and puddled under her on the couch as her smooth, hairless pussy was spread apart. Ryme’s tongue danced around her clit. Just barely grazing it with the very tip. Juliana whined. Loud, needy moans filled the air as her clit continued to be teased.

Finally, she kissed her clit. Her lips felt so soft and wonderful and Julian swore that she was going to come already!

She didn’t.

But with how happy and needy she was at the moment, she really wouldn’t be surprised.

Ryme suckled around her as her manicured fingers traced along the entrance to her virgin pussy. Juliana’s hole twitched and clenched around nothing as she continued to be teased. It was like she traded one sensation for the other! Both were almost unbearable! Yet, she couldn’t bring herself to end either feeling. “M-Ms. Ryme!”

She felt Ryme smile against her skin. Finally, her finger sank inside her tight cunt. Her walls clenched around her finger and refused to let it go. Her tongue gently circled around her stiff clit as she tried to thrust in and out of her. Suddenly, she pulled away and left the poor girl breathless.

“Sorry to tease you, baby, but why don’t you get on top of me and teach me what you learned?”

The older woman laid on her back and spread her legs. Juliana felt her mouth water at the sight of her full body spilling out over the couch. A little too excitedly, she laid herself on top of her but faced her pussy. Her own slim hips didn’t quite make it to Ryme’s face so the woman had to crane her neck and back forward to reach but didn’t complain. The sensation of Ryme’s soft body against hers made Juliana shudder on top of her.

Swallowing, Juliana reached for Ryme. One arm wrapped around her thigh and pulled it up as the other hand parted her folds. She was so wet. Her thick pubic hair was slick with her arousal. The heady scent drove the girl crazy. It was familiar to her own yet so different. She had to have another taste. Her tongue swirled around her clit as her tiny fingers pushed into Ryme’s pussy. It was so much different than her own. Tight but not incredibly so like her own. So wet and slick. It felt so good to be inside even if it was just her fingers. Her mouth continued to kiss and lick against the stiff pearl the best that she could without going overboard like earlier.

Ryme moaned against Juliana. The vibrations from her rich voice rattled the girl to her very core which made her moan as well. “That’s it, baby. You’re doing... So good... Keep it up. I’ll... show you somethin’ you won’t forget.”

Something wet and slick slid across Juliana’s asshole. Her voice jumped an octave and bounced off the tiny walls as Ryme’s tongue continued to lap against her other virginal hole. Confused moans fell from her mouth and onto Ryme’s cunt as she tried to figure out if she liked it. It was hardly unpleasant. It just felt so... weird. She heard jokes and stories about ‘eating ass’ but wondered if it was all just a hoax that people made up for a laugh. Her hips squirmed and bucked against Ryme’s hungry mouth. Then, two fingers sank inside her needy cunt, adding to the confusing pleasure.

The room felt as if it was spinning around Juliana as she desperately tried to stay on earth. She needed to get Ryme to come. She just wouldn’t be able to live with herself if she left without getting to do that at least once!

However, she came and she came hard.

Her eyes rolled back as her tongue’s movements grew sloppier but lazier as her body trembled on top of the other. Her cunt pulsed and twitched around Ryme’s busy fingers as her arousal coated them in a thick, shiny gloss. Electricity zapped from nerve to nerve as moans came off of her like vapour. Finally, she finished and flopped on top of the woman in a panting heap.

“Good job, baby. Now... why don’t you try again after a little break?”


Before Juliana left for Grusha’s gym, she watched as her crush hung up another photo on the corkboard. A photo of Juliana wearing Ryme’s cap while eating her ass beside the one of the familiar girl with dark hair and freckles.