Author's Notes: Thanks to Elcrest for helping me plot stuff out.

It was rare for Miku to have some alone time. Even rarer for her manager to let her go out and explore a region during her downtime. There wouldn’t be any performances for months. Miku could just be herself; a regular normal girl who loved pokemon. Well, as normal and regular as an international psychic popstar could be anyway. She figured that most popstars also didn’t have a pokemon like Meloetta by their side either. It was probably why she was so revered as a trainer on top of it all. Still, she didn’t like to brag.

Humming to herself, she pulled out her pokeball and brought out Meloetta. The mythical Pokemon swirled in the air once she was freed. Her hair and dress rippled in the gentle breeze. Meloetta chirped as she floated towards her partner. Tiny hands reached out and placed themselves on Miku’s cheeks before leaning in for a kiss. Miku’s eyes fluttered shut. Soft, happy, and muffled moans escaped the trainer as one hand cradled her partner’s round face and the other rested on her tiny hips. Meloetta’s curves were subtle, almost nonexistent, but Miku loved feeling them all the same.

Fate had brought the two together and hopefully, they’d be together forever.

Dazed, Miku pulled away from the kiss. An awkward smile spread itself across her lips. “Let’s go somewhere more private.”

Meloetta chirped.

The two wandered further into the forest. Branches and multi-coloured leaves crunched under Miku’s sneakers. Eventually, they found a small clearing. The grass and moss had been worn down to just the dirt. It was possible that this was a common campsite for numerous trainers over the years. It’d serve as the perfect place for her and Meloetta’s latest rendezvous.

Plopping herself on the ground, Miku worked off the ‘uniform’ she wore and tossed it aside. The forest’s breeze washed across her skin and made her shiver. Trails of swanna-bumps raised across her skin. Meloetta wasted no time and dove towards her partner.

Miku was pushed flat against the dirt as Meloetta pawed at her modest chest. Her tiny hands stroked her stiff nipples before capturing one of them between her lips. A moan escaped the singer as Meloetta greedily suckled on the stiff buds. Arousal seeped into her still-worn panties as pleasure coursed through her veins. Miku squirmed. Her toes curled inside her sneakers as her hips bucked and bounced against the dirt. Panting, she reached down to push her panties down just enough to reveal her dripping cunt. Before they could get past her knees, however, something brushed against her slit. Once, twice, three times. Each stroke pressed a little firmer against her, just enough to part her puffy lips and tease her twitching entrance.

“M-Mel...” Miku groaned, knowing exactly what it was. She and Meloetta had fooled around with her psychic abilities countless times before. If Miku was to look down, she’d see the faint pinkish glow of a dildo made of energy. “Meloetta... P-plEASE~!”

Before Miku could properly beg for more, Meloetta plunged inside of her. The energy seemed to swell inside of her throbbing cunt as it drove itself deeper and deeper inside. That psychic energy kissed her womb as it stroked her oh-so-sensitive walls. Slick dripped onto the pseudo-dildo and coated it in a shiny gloss that only made the glow between her thighs brighter. Her moans rang throughout the forest. If Meloetta kept this up, there was a real risk of the two getting caught by fellow trainers on their way to Floccesy Town.

Still, Meloetta continued to pump into her trainer. Miku writhed under her as her nipples continued to be assaulted by the pokemon’s greedy mouth and her cunt was drilled into. Her hips rose off the ground as the muscles in her legs clenched and flexed. Breathy, desperate cries for more and more filled the crisp autumn air. Arousal dripped and puddled below her perky ass.

Her moans grew louder and louder as she grew closer to her orgasm. Heat pulsed through her body and swirled inside of her core. Pleasure raked through her lithe body. The bucking of her hips grew wilder.

As if on cue, Meloetta pulled her lips away from Miku’s tits with a loud ‘pop’ and let the energy dissipate. Miku, now painfully empty, sobbed only to get cut off by her partner sitting on her face. Meloetta’s dripping pussy smushed against Miku’s drooling mouth.

Hungrily, Miku lapped at her Pokemon’s drooling slit. Her tongue traced along the smooth mound before dipping between her folds. The tang of her juices felt especially sharp today. Each lap against her cunt only brought more and more to dribble onto her now sticky lips. Shakily, Miku placed her hands on Meloetta’s hips and kept her in place as she desperately ate her out. Her tongue danced around her tiny clit before giving it a soft kiss.

Meloetta’s voice rang across the forest in an almost haunting melody. It lulled Miku into a soft trance as she drank from her. All she cared about now was making her partner feel good, even if she felt painfully empty and desperate for pleasure once again.

Reading her mind, Meloetta plunged her energy deep inside of Miku’s twitching cunt. The singer’s moans were effectively muffled by Meloetta’s puffy mound. Her juices continued to dribble onto Miku’s tongue and stain her palate. Memories rushed through her lust-addled brain. They weren’t her own, however. It was all Meloetta’s. Warmth spread across her body as memories of their past sexual encounters played in her head. She felt Meloetta’s shared love for her. She could see it, experience it herself as the two made love.

Needily, Miku suckled on her clit as Meloetta’s ‘thrusts’ grew wilder. Delicious friction burned throughout her slim body as Meloetta sang and writhed atop her face. Then, it all ended. An intense wave of emotion and sensation washed across the two as they both reached their peak at the same time. Milky juices gushed around Meloetta’s energy and dribbled onto the wet ground as Meloetta creamed onto Miku’s tongue. The taste was sweet and tasted strongly of nostalgia, there was no other way to describe it.

The two panted as Meloetta slid backward and rested on top of Miku’s chest and that energy dissipated once again between her legs. The sound of chirping Pidoves and the flapping of their wings seemed to echo across the clearing as the two panted. Miku’s eyelids grew heavy as she cradled her lover against her chest.

“Love you.”

Meloetta could only chirp in response but Miku knew that she felt the same.