Author's Notes: thank you, elcrest!

It was time for the Champion Cup in Galar. A handful of challengers had defeated Raihan within the last two weeks and hype was at an all time high. The Wyndon Stadium was absolutely packed with countless viewers spilling out into the streets to watch the championship on the large screens if they couldn’t make it inside or in a nearby pub. The audience roared and cheered as the challenger, a newcomer from Postwick, duked it out with one of her rivals—the boy who was forced to withdraw from the challenge weeks ago—who had interrupted the semi-finals. It delayed the half-time show but the crowd absolutely adored it.

The fairy trainer sighed as he was defeated. Begrudgingly, he accepted his defeat and training. The energy couldn’t get any more intense. Cheers echoed through the stadium and spilled out onto the Wyndon streets. More, more, more. The audience clamored for more as the trainers left the arena. The lights dimmed to a near pitch black as the field was set up.

Then, suddenly, the intense beating of a drum filled the arena. Guitars strummed as the crowd began to fire itself up even further if it was somehow possible. The lights flashed on. Its brightness nearly blinded the crowd to reveal the international sensation, the Sinnohan popstar, Miku Hatsune.

Music blasted through the speakers as she began to sing. Her voice filled the arena and She danced across the field to the beat of her partner’s, a Rillaboom she had raised herself, drum. Her perky body bounced with every step. Bright green twintails swished and spun with every energetic movement. Her pleated skirt twirled and flipped as she performed a gymnastic routine on the spot. She kicked her legs high up to reveal nothing underneath which made a few audience members gasp as the camera cut away to another angle. A pure professional in every sense of the word, she managed to perform her intricate dance routine without getting out of breath or acting like nothing was wrong. The rhythm that her Rillaboom set was breathtaking.

The shaking of her hips grew wilder as the beat continued on. The sound of the bass rumbled in the audience’s heart. Eventually, the lively song slowed down. Panting lightly, Miku raised her arms in the air and waved to her audience.

“Thank you for having me, Galar!” She was met with cheers and a few jeers that jabbed at her lack of underwear or kick pants but they were drowned out by the positive reception. Giggling, she turned towards the stands, specifically where the VIP boxes were, and shook her pompoms. “Thank you so much, Leon for inviting me and giving me my partner, Rillaboom! I adore him so much! Can we get a cheer for Champion Leon and my beloved?”

Laughter spilled from certain audience members' lips at the last bit but soon howls of delight filled the electric air. She flipped across the field to get to the gorilla pokemon. Once again, her skirt flipped up to reveal her pert ass and crotch but she didn’t react at all.

“Where I’m from, people used to marry their pokemon, did you guys know that?”

Once again, murmurs and confused laughter filled the stadium.

“This is me announcing my engagement to my darling Rillaboom!” said Miku as she slid between the drumkit and her fiance. Rillaboom’s large hands gripped her curvy hips and lifted her into the air. He tore at the cutesy cheerleader uniform to reveal her naked body. Squeals of delight escaped the girl as she threw her arms around the ape’s neck. Then, their lips met together in a messy, unabashed kiss.

The stadium went into an uproar. The cameras were cut and ‘Please Stand By’ cards were thrown up on every screen in the region as well as a few others that tuned in across the world.

Miku didn’t care as the loudest members of the crowd booed at her display of affection. All that mattered was that she was now openly in love with her partner. His tongue completely dwarfed hers as he opened his mouth. Saliva dripped onto her heaving chest and the field below as his cock unsheathed itself. A long, fat cock sprung out into the air. Its angry red contrasted against the dark brown and bright greens of its coat. Hearts flashed in Miku’s eyes as she felt the tip brush against her ass.

“Ah, please! Breed me right here, right now, Rillaboom!”

One hand wrapped around her teensy waist and the other cradled one of her thighs as she was hoisted atop its drooling tip. Sticky, honey-scented precum slathered itself across her bare cunt and ass. She shivered in his grasp. Her heart was going a mile a minute as the realization that she was going to be taken in front of millions of people hit her all at once. She should feel guilty. However, she didn’t. She loved Rillaboom and he deserved to be loved openly.

How much more open could their love get than in front of a literal crowd of people?

Arousal pumped through Miku’s slim, tiny body as Rillaboom teased her with the idea of penetration. His cock was so big and hard that it was enough to make her puffy lips part. The tip brushed against her stiff clit and sent shockwaves across Miku’s body. Panting, she wriggled in his grasp and bucked her hips.

“Please! Please do it! Do it right now!” she pleaded. A crowd of security guards finally rushed onto the field in an attempt to stop the depravity from continuing. However, Miku nor Rillaboom were going to allow it. “Grass knot!”

Roots jutted out from the ground and tangled themselves in the attempted intruders’ legs. They fell to the ground in a crash as the roots and vines wrapped themselves around their limbs, not allowing them to even get to their pokeballs.

Finally, Rillaboom slammed Miku onto his cock. Her screams tore from her throat as her eyes rolled into the back of her skull. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth as she let herself go limp in his grasp. It didn’t matter how many times she had taken her lover’s cock, it was always overwhelming! Her entrance burned as she was once again stretched to her very limits. Slick arousal poured onto his sticky cock. She was unbelievably tight around his cock. He grunted in pleasure. Her stomach bulged obscenely as she was forced to take Rillaboom to the very base.

A few members of the crowd screamed in fear for the girl while a few shrieked in sheer amusement at the perverse display.

Rillaboom’s hefty balls slapped against Miku’s pert ass as he slammed upwards into her. She could only squeal as her brain cells practically leaked from her ears. Tears of pleasure rolled down her flushed cheeks. Saliva dripped from her gaping mouth. Every throb of his enormous cock sent sparks of pleasure across her frazzled nerves. His cock ground against her sensitive walls and slammed into her fertile womb. It was painful but it only added to the pure sensation that wracked her body. Precum flooded her body as Rillaboom grew closer and closer to his own orgasm.

Shakily, she tried to reach for her beloved pokemon before flopping back into the air. Every thrust sent ripples across her body. Both her breasts and twintails swung rapidly in the air as she was impaled again and again. Even in her fuck drunk state, Miku felt nothing but warmth and pure adoration for her fiance. There was no way they could ever be officially married in the eyes of the world but she would try.

The thought of being married to her beloved Rillaboom swelled her heart with joy. Warmth crashed over her as her cunt tightened around him. The ape howled in pleasure. The sound hurt her ears but she didn’t care. All that mattered to the idol was making her partner feel good.

Rillaboom sat himself down on the ground and continued to glide Miku up and down his oversized cock. She arched her back, highlighting the bulge in her stomach, as her orgasm grew closer and closer. A swell of juices gushed around his cock. Her walls spasmed around him as it finally came. Another rush of tears rolled down her face as she screamed in pure bliss.

The sensation was more than enough to make Rillaboom reach his peak as well. His shaft throbbed inside of her as cum rushed from his swollen balls and into her defenseless womb. Cum splattered against the back of her womb and overflowed from her uterus and down her twitching cunt. Thick, sticky, and sweet-smelling semen dripped onto the grass below as he continued to cum. Hot spunk absolutely flooded her insides. More and more of it filled her already stuffed womb.

Miku gurgled as the bulge in her stomach rounded out with every shot of cum. Soon, it was impossible to see the outline of Rillaboom’s cock. She looked several months pregnant. Warmth blossomed once again in her chest at the thought of actually becoming pregnant with his child one day.

Up in the VIP box, Leon watched with love in his eyes. Hopefully, one day, he could be as open with Charizard as the pop star was with the Rillaboom he gifted her.