do you think we'll be in love forever?

Author's Notes: written for zapp. clavell and clive are so cute i wish they'd meet!!!!!!111

Juliana was perfect.

So perfect. So pure. So innocent.

Clavell really had no right to be with someone as brilliant as she was. Her kindness and bravery shone with every challenge she took on. How could an old man manage to fall for such a girl? Part of him wished that she was older but life didn’t turn out that way. By the time she would be old enough to be seen with him without too much of an uproar, he might not be around anymore. He kept his attraction to her to himself and planned on taking it to the grave. It didn’t happen like that, however. She came to him after Operation Starfall was completed and confessed her crush.

A school girl crush.

He should have said no. He should have said he was flattered but it wasn’t appropriate. That she should find a nice boy around her age instead of wasting her time with an old man like him.

But it didn’t happen like that.

Now, here they were weeks later. In her dorm room together late at night with nothing but the moonlight illuminating the room. Really, he shouldn’t have come here. It was so risky. However, it’d raise eyes to the dorm mother and Miss Nemona if Juliana wasn’t here in the morning so... Her room it was.

Juliana mewled as she reached out for him. “Please come here, Mr. Clavell.”

He tried his best to not balk at her insistence to use such titles—at least it wasn’t Director— but he couldn’t help but stir as he laid down next to her. They had stripped a while ago with her being eager to get down to just her panties. He was sure that she would have taken those off too if it weren’t for him. Of course, like the dirty old man he was, he held such affection for her underwear. They were always the cutest patterns and fabrics. It made his heart race every time he’d see them clinging to her slim hips. He had to take the time to admire her body before nervously stripping down to his own underwear and socks. The smoothness of her skin and chest with only the slightest hints of curves. Her breasts were only now beginning to bud and were still too small for a proper bra. Her body was hardly ripe and yet it was delicious all the same.

Gently, his lips met hers. Soft and incredibly chaste for what was about to take place that night. This wasn’t enough for her. Her arm wrapped around his neck and pulled him close which surprised him. Her tongue, spicy and sweet from the cinnamon toothpaste she used, probed at his lips. Reluctantly, he opened his mouth and slid his along hers. Her other hand stroked his naked chest. Along the faint curves of his musculature and bone structure, his embarrassingly stiff nipples, and the grey hairs that decorated his chest her hand went and she seemed so fascinated by all of it. Then, she went down his stomach, making sure to stroke his hair there once again before going for the waistband of his own underwear.

His hand reached for her wrist and pulled it away. “No, Juliana.”


“N-not yet, I’d rather tend to you,” he half-lied. He loved tending to her every whim and every need. She’d react deliciously to each kiss and stroke and whatever else he could think of. Part of him worried he was perverting such a perfect little thing but she managed to shine just as brilliantly as the day they met. If he were to let her touch him... That would be too much. “If that’s alright.”

She shook her head. “It’s alright, yeah. But... I... do want to at least feel you... Am I doing something wrong?”

“Whatever do you mean, darling?”

“Well...” she squirmed. “We’re this close, Mr. Clavell. But I don’t... feel anything...”

It took a moment and then he realized. “I-I can assure you that you haven’t done anything wrong. I-I just... Mmmm... never you mind, I can... talk to you about it after you’re taken care of, I promise.”

With that, he rolled her onto her back and hovered over her for a moment. Her braid was undone before he arrived so tight waves surrounded her lovely face that seemed to glow in the blue light of the moon. She blushed. “Mr. Clavell...

“Right, I apologize.”

He swallowed before positioning himself between her slim legs. Trembling, he ran his hands along her slim hips before hooking his fingers into her waistband and slowly peeling them off her body. She shivered as they hung off her one knee and he laid on his stomach. The sight of her plump sex in the low light greeted him. He swallowed. The faint yet heady scent of her arousal reached him and made his hips stir. He gritted his teeth.

Why couldn’t his body just cooperate with him?

Still, he tried his best to pay it no mind. There were bigger matters at hand after all. Ever so gently, he pushed her legs further apart and got to work. His fingers ran along her slick slit. Arousal seeped onto his fingers after one swiped. She was always so wet whenever they were together. It was incredible. He parted her lips and stared at her cute pussy. There really no was other way to describe it. Even if it wasn’t so perfect, he would have thought it was amazing and beautiful just because it belonged to Juliana. Emboldened by her shivering, he slowly sank his middle finger into her tight and oh-so-willing pussy. Immediately, her walls clenched around him and her hips rose off the bed as a mewl escaped her. Back and forth his finger went. Each movement made her squirm and cry out.

Hopefully, people would think she was just dreaming if they heard her.

A few more minutes of this was all he could take before diving in. His lips met her sweet clit with a messy kiss as another finger slid inside her. Yet another cry, one higher in pitch and volume, tore itself from her throat as he lavished as much attention as he could to her body. More and more arousal coated his fingers and down her body. Her juiced puddled under her butt and seeped into the sheets and mattress. Her womanly scent grew all the stronger the more he toyed with her. She not only looked and smelled intoxicating but her taste was utterly divine. Perhaps it was just his love for her that made everything so beautiful but he didn’t care. He didn’t want to care.

All Clavell cared about was showering Juliana with the love he felt for her. Whether or not she reciprocated it all, in the same way, didn’t matter to him. If they were to part the next day, he would mourn but he wouldn’t regret it. The only time he would regret being with her was if he didn’t show her all the love that he could every moment they were alone together.

Her shuddering grew more desperate. More violent. More, more, more. That’s what her body cried out for.

Who was he to deny her?

His tongue swirled around her pearl in between soft, steady sucks that drew out more and more moans from the poor girl. His fingers curled and explored whatever they could reach inside her unbelievably tight hole. God, she would feel incredible around him if he could ever manage to get completely hard for her. His own body ached and longed for her.

“I-I think... I think I’m gonna c-come...!” she said breathlessly.

“Come for me, darling,” he whispered before diving back in. She cried and whined as her hips bucked against her hand. A surplus of juices rushed onto his fingers as her walls clamped around him. She writhed on top of the admittedly thin mattress—he should really look into getting softer ones for his and the other’s sake. “Please come for me.”

A silent scream tore itself from her throat as she hit her peak. Her muscles spasmed before locking up as her orgasm rippled through her tiny, tiny body. Her breath caught in her throat as her sweet little pussy continued to clamp and spasm around his fingers as if they were trying to milk him of every drop of his own come. Hopefully, he would be able to feel that himself one day.

Panting, she let herself collapse onto the mattress in a sweaty heap. Slowly, Clavell removed his fingers from her sex and laid next to her once again. “I trust that... you enjoyed yourself?”

“Y-yes... I-I don’t know what else to call that, Mr. Clavell...” she said with a laugh as she tucked her head under his chin. “I...I just wanna make you feel at least half as good...”

He swallowed. “I... suppose I owe you an explanation, correct?”

She nodded.

“It’s... not you, it truly is just me. My... age doesn’t let me get an erection as easily... Though, admittedly, I have to admit that it was always a problem for me. I promise that I’m more than willing. I ache to let you touch me but... the thought of you working so hard only for nothing to happen embarrasses me so... I don’t want to frustrate you.”

“Oh, that’s it?” That made him blink. Pulling away, Clavell looked down at Juliana who now wore a mischievous grin. “I want to try getting you hard, Mr. Clavell. Just leave it to me.”

And so... he did. As embarrassingly long as it took to get stiff enough, he let her use him as she wished and it felt incredible.