Author's Notes: prompt: Mina needs white paint for her latest piece and "employs" Elio and trans!Selene as paint tubes while painting publicly.

im dumb and gay and prefer sun and moon for names

A not-completely-blank canvas–it was painted a deep black after all– greeted the audience. It was rare for Mina to paint a piece in public or let non-assistants—assistants themselves were incredibly rare for her to begin with—into her studio. It had something to do with her need for constant improvement. An artist was their own worst critic after all. However, today was an important event. Allegedly, it was the anniversary of when she completed her first piece. She hoped that this would be her magnum opus… at least until she was inspired for her next piece.

The audience mumbled to themselves as she sat in front of the canvas with a young woman and man standing next to her. They were younger than her. Some might have recognized them as trainers they’d seen around Alola on their island challenge.

“Alright, let’s start,” Mina said before pulling her oversized t-shirt over her head. The crowd gasped as her bare skin was revealed to them all. Her breasts were small but perky. A small handful. “C’mon, don’t leave me hanging.”

Sun, the boy, was the first to drop his shorts. A fat, if somewhat on the shorter end, cock flopped out and stiffened under the heavy gaze of everyone. His lips curled into a smirk as he wrapped his hand around himself and began to stroke. A thick, almost milky glob of precum formed at the very tip and threatened to roll down his shaft. Mina slipped her hand around his cock and smeared her hand with the sticky fluid. Each stroke milked out another bead of precum.

Moon, the other trainer, shuddered. Everyone was luckily looking at Sun and Mina to notice her slowly pushing down her own shorts and panties. Her cock, a little longer but narrower than Sun’s, dropped out into the open. She shifted from side to side as she tried to get herself hard for Mina’s art. Almost on cue, Mina reached for her and stroked her off. Soft moans fell from Moon’s lips. Her hips snapped forward before she started to hump the artist’s grip. Her smooth balls smacked against Mina’s wrist as her breathing grew heavier and heavier.

Semen quickly rushed from Moon’s heavy balls and shot through the air to coat Mina’s small chest in her essence. Off-white painted itself across rosy skin. A soft, shaky apology spilled from the girl’s gaping mouth. Mina simply smiled as her grip on Sun’s cock tightened. The movements of her hand grew quicker and her strokes shallower. Still, it was more than enough to make the boy groan out. His head tipped back as his breathing grew heavier. His cock throbbed in her grip before cum splattered across her chest and rolled down her stomach in sticky rivulets.

Satisfied, Mina stood up and pressed herself against the black canvas. Milky white smeared across the dark background. Eventually, she pulled away from the painting and frowned. It was patchy and uneven.

It looked like she’d have to put more paint on her palette.