World is (Not) Mine

Author's Notes: more fairy miku!

Fresh from the victory of some crybaby loser, Miku explored the Kalosian forest as she played with her latest prize; the pokeball of a totally cute granbull. She adored fairy types so this would absolutely be an excellent addition to her party. She normally went for cuter 'mons but this would do nicely. Once she found a clearing, she released the granbull from its heal ball.

"Okay, like, I'll be your new trainer! Isn't that totally cool?" she babbled as she crouched in front of the purple canine. Her manicured nails scratched behind its ears as her big blue eyes twinkled mischievously. "I'll be giving you a nice treat if you show me how nice and strong you are, okay?" Granbull whimpered. Ugh, just her luck, it was a shy one. Whatever, she'd have him barking for her soon enough. Gently, she coaxed him onto his back and rubbed his belly. His tail hammered against the ground as she cooed over it being 'such a cutie' and 'such a sweetie'. Granted, she was laying it on extra thick to make him devoted to her and only her. Suddenly, a durant burrowed its way out of the ground. "Alright, cutie, it's time to show your stuff! Disarming Voice!"

Granbull whimpered before dashing behind her and letting out a deep, rumbling bark. Luckily, this was enough to send the Durant packing but Miku couldn't help but feel disappointed. What the hell! It listened to that Sara girl so why wasn't it listening to her? Frowning, she turned towards the pokemon and placed her hands on her hips.

"Hey! I thought I told you to attack! You're not gonna get your reward if you keep this up!" Another whimper escaped the pup before the Durant charged back with an Iron Head. Granbull growled. Saliva frothed at its powerful jaw and charged at the ant pokemon. Miku yelped as she collapsed onto the ground to dodge any more attacks. The ant pokemon soon fainted despite the type match-up. "Like, good job," she said with a clap of the hands. "I'll give you your--"

She was cut off by Granbull tackling her to the ground. He continued to growl and drool onto her. "Ewww! What are you--hey!" A yelp escaped her as she was flipped onto her stomach and its muzzle buried itself into her panties. Miku's face scrunched up as the canine licked at the cotton before catching it between its mighty jaws and ripping it off. Her bare ass and pussy were on full display for anyone that happened to walk by. Normally, that wouldn't bother her. It'd thrill her. However, this was just weird! She wasn't in control at all!

"Hey! Chill!" she whined only for Granbull to mount her. Something big and hard bumped against her taint which made her eyes shoot wide open. "W-wait, I'm nOT--?!"

A scream tore itself from her throat as the shaft pushed into her tight asshole. Granbull howled in delight as the tight ring clung to him like a second skin. Panting, the pokemon pounded into Miku's poor asshole. Her tongue lolled out of her mouth, occasionally dragging across the dirt, as she clawed at the ground. "Waaaaaiiiiiiiiit! Stop!"

Her whines filled the forest as she was made into Granbull's personal fucktoy. Frothy saliva dripped onto her hair as his heavy balls smacked against her neglected pussy. The way he fucked her was ruthless but had a steady rhythm to it. He was experienced. His ex-trainer was a dirty little slut! Miku groaned at the revelation. How was she supposed to get him to change loyalties like this?! Reluctant moans fell from her dirt-covered mouth as shameful arousal pulsed through her body. She didn't like this, did she? She fucked pokemon before but this was... Her eyes rolled back as he buried himself deeper. His flared knot bounced against the tight ring of her stinging asshole.

He threatened to knot her.

To claim her.

To make her his personal bitch.

Or maybe he wasn't and Miku was just some gross masochistic freak. She wasn't really sure. She was sure of the fact that this was starting to feel good, however.

Howling in pleasure, the fairy trainer pushed her hips back against Granbull's powerful thrusts. Her pussy ached for stimulation but the canine wasn't about to give it to her, not intentionally anyway. His balls smacked against her dripping folds and sent tiny splashes of quim against her thighs and the ground. Her toes curled inside her sneakers as her body quaked. Her back arched against Granbull's chest as she let out another howl of pleasure.

Then, she came. Again and again and again.

After what seemed like hours, Granbull popped his fat knot inside of her, ripping her from her cock drunk haze. A shrill cry escaped her as he firmly lodged himself into her asshole. Suddenly, a flood of watery cum rushed into her asshole and pumped into her stomach. Miku groaned in discomfort as her stomach swelled from the hot intrusion. The last of her sanity left her mind, leaving the former brat a broken mess addicted to doggy cock.

Luckily for her, Granbull would be stuck inside her for the next few hours...