Reiwa Girl

Author's Notes: fairy miku is my fave and i love imagining her as a bitch lol

"Hah! Oh Arceus, how pathetic!" Miku cackled as she strolled towards Lass Rylee's collapsed sneasel. She pulled out a revive crystal and crushed it above the knocked-out creature. Its dust sprinkled across its face. As its eyes fluttered open, Miku turned towards Rylee with a wicked sneer splitting across her normally cute face. "A loser like you doesn't deserve such a cute pokemon. Don't worry about paying me. I think I know what you can do to make up for wasting my time!"

Her manicured fingers hooked into her waistband and pushed down her skirt and the pair of ridiculously tiny panties to the ground. Her already slick cunt was on display for everyone in the park. The crowd that watched their battle gasped and muttered amongst themselves as Miku hovered above the now awake and lucid sneasel.

"W-what are you doing?!"

"Shut up! Losers don't get to complain. Honestly? You don't even deserve to watch but since I'm so nice... I'll allow it. C'mon, little Sneasel... let's give everyone a show."

"No! I won't let--" Rylee was cut off by Miku's Jigglypuff rolling towards her and tackling her to the ground. Its body was soft and rubbery so it didn't hurt too much. It was like being hit with a rubber ball. Rylee hit the ground in a daze as Jigglypuff began to sing, zapping her of energy. It wasn't enough to knock anyone out but it made every human in the area unwilling to move much.

Giggling, Miku parted her lips. Gossamer-like strings of slick hung from her puffy lips as the scent of her arousal made Sneasel perk up. It wasn't like anything it ever smelled before, aside from when Rylee ushered it out of her room for some reason. Curious, it leaned upward as Miku lowered herself onto its face. A cold, wet nose bumped against her clit which made her yelp with glee as its slightly rough tongue dragged across her lips. She shuddered as another swell of juices dripped onto Sneasel's tongue. Deciding that it enjoyed the taste, Sneasel lapped at her pussy. Its claws rested on her curvy hips and pulled her closer. They threatened to scratch and break her soft skin but Miku didn't mind too much. How could she? She was having such a great time rubbing her victory in Rylee's face.

"Mmm, you feel sooooo good~! I bet that stupid loser doesn't even properly reward you, huh? You should come with me and be my little Sneasy Baby. I'd treat you right. All my pokemon are treated well," she cooed. Her hips rolled against its face as a shudder rolled across her body. Pleasure zapped between each of her nerves. The thrill of stealing another trainer's pokemon in front of an audience only added to the experience. She couldn't get enough of it! Sneasel's curious licks grew into hungry laps. Its nose ground against her stiff clit as its tongue teased her twitching entrance. "Ha! You're the best, Sneasy Baby! I'll give you something even better..." she purred as she pulled herself off the pokemon's face.

She rubbed its belly, admiring how soft its fur was, before slipping between its short legs. Her fingers stroked its sheath for a moment. Sneasel cried out in surprise. Rylee had never done this sort of thing before. What was this trainer doing? Still, it felt unbelievably nice. Eventually, its cock sprung out and smacked against Miku's wrist. "Ooooooh, not bad! I'll definitely put my all into it~!"

She rose her hips once again and hovered above the inhuman shaft. Its sharp, barbed tip brushed against her slit, sending shivers down their spines in delight. Then, finally, Miku sank herself down onto its cock. Its barbs weren't sharp but definitely added a texture that she couldn't get enough of. Sneasel reached out and gripped onto her hips once again. Miku wasn't prepared for what happened next... It began to thrust wildly into her! She howled in delight as its shaft ground against her sensitive walls. The cock had bumps and ridges on top of its barbs that only made things even better for the bratty trainer. Her head tilted back as she let the little pokemon rut her into oblivion. For now, she'd just focus on putting on a good show for her stunned audience. Her hands gripped her still-clothed but bouncing tits as she sang out in pleasure. Her pigtails lapped in the air with every thrust. She shook and rolled her hips each time Sneasel bottomed out inside her.

"You're the fucking best I've ever had, baby! You definitely gotta stay with me! I bet you already love me more than that loser, huh?" Sneasel chirped and let itself get lost in the sensations that wracked its tiny body. She squirmed in delight as a man pulled out his Rotomphone to record her. On cue, she threw up two double peace signs, rolled her eyes back and let her tongue loll out of her now gaping mouth. The clicks of the camera app only added to her arousal.

Sneasel, however, didn't care. All it cared about was getting more and more of this amazing feeling. Miku's pussy was so warm, wet, and snug around its cock.

Why didn't Rylee do stuff like this with it? Did she not love Sneasel? It whined as it clung tighter to Miku. Its hips practically became a blur underneath her. The fairy trainer let out a sharp gasp as she looked down at the pokemon who gave her its all.

Her walls clamped around its cock as her orgasm snuck up on her. She squeezed around him as pure pleasure ripped through her. Arousal splashed onto its pelvis and coated its fur in a gloss of girl cum. It gave her one final slam before unleashing its first-ever load straight into her womb. Panting, Miku pulled herself off Sneasel and let its cum drip from her well-used pussy for the cameras.

"Oh, I am definitely keeping you for real now~."

Sneasel purred as Rylee wailed in despair.