Tweetfic 3 - OC/Lopunny

Author's Notes: note; altreis is a pokemon oc of mine and he's a piece of shit pokeporn star thing sghdfghsdf

A lot of his friends joked about how sexy Lopunnies were. Altreis’ jokes however were always a little too detailed. They’d all laugh it off and try to push the thought of their friend’s “jokes” out of their minds. At home, it was definitely not a joke.

The man huffed as his Lopunny squirmed in his lap. His hands gripped onto her curvy hips as he bounced her up and down his cock. Her fluffy tail tickled his pelvis and her ears flopped against his head. It was a mild annoyance but he could live with it.

“How’re you feeling, girl?” he whispered and he got a happy trill from the creature in response. “Good, good… You think, fuck, you’ll be ready for the show later? Lots of my fans wanna see you again…”