Close Up

Author's Notes: for my friend, dan. based off a series of fanart.

Victor wasn’t sure what to make of his girlfriend’s latest request. It wasn’t gross or anything like that. It was just kinda... weird? He couldn’t wrap his head around why she would want this. Still, Klara was his girlfriend. Boys should make their girlfriends happy. He loved Klara no matter what and wanted to make her happy. She was always the prettiest when she was happy.

So, he agreed.

He sat still as Klara’s makeup brushes worked their magic. He couldn’t help but squirm and scrunch up his face—much to her chagrin—as she caked on cover up, foundation and blush on his soft and supple skin. Really, he didn’t need it. His skin was relatively clear and soft which was something that she told him she was jealous of. When she confessed that, he felt his heart race. How could Klara be jealous of him? His cheeks burned at the memory. He wondered if his actual blush would show up through the makeup or not.

“So, like, pretty already~.”

He beamed.

Deep pink lipstick and eye shadow came next. He wasn’t too sure about those shades. Didn’t it look kinda trashy on him? But, Klara knew best so he kept his mouth shut. Gently, ever so gently, her comb went through his short but messy locks that were unable to be tamed. She huffed and gave up. Guilt panged inside his chest at that. However, he didn’t have time to wallow in it as she wrapped a ribbon around his head. He swallowed as she pulled the ribbon—in the corners of his eye, he could see a familiar white and navy—snug against his scalp and tied it into a presumably neat little bow on the top.

“C’mon, get dressed, Victor—no, Viccy~. Viccy suits you even more now.”

Swallowing, he gave her a nod and stripped oh-so-carefully. He didn’t want to ruin his makeup and hair after all. His heart throbbed as he slid on a pair of purple and green stockings. The same stockings that Klara wore. Maybe they weren’t literally hers... but the thought that he’d be wearing something that clung to her skin all day thrilled him. They fit a little loose around his slimmer thighs but he managed to get them to stand.

Though, the stockings didn’t compare to the pair of purple panties she threw at his chest. They weren’t particularly scandalous or anything. It was still something that made his heart race. Hesitantly, he pulled them up his legs and hips. Cute but comfy. Then she handed him a pair of opera-length arm stockings that matched.

“You’re good to go. I guess you should, like, get a reward for going along with it, huh?” she said with a wicked grin. “You’re so cute, Viccy. Come here.”

Victor leaned towards Klara and was rewarded with a sweet kiss. He melted against her body but kept his hands to his sides. He knew better now. She wasn’t to be touched until she explicitly told him to. The taste of their lipstick melding into each other spilled into his mouth but he didn’t care. All that mattered to the boy was feeling more and more of Klara against him.

He loved Klara and would do anything for her.

Her hands trailed along his bare chest. Over his shoulders, his neck, his collarbone, and then his nipples before her hands settled on his waist. She pulled away from the kiss much to his chagrin. Before he could even try to protest, the sight of Klara’s intense gaze cut him off. Without a word, he was pushed onto the bed. As he bounced on the mattress his bow grew more and more askew. He blinked. She crawled on top of him. Her ass planted itself onto his pelvis.

His cock strained against the soft cotton. The sight of her wicked grin above him only made his cock throb harder. Desperately, Victor tried to keep himself still. His fingers gripped the sheets with all their might. He couldn’t, no, wouldn’t move, without her permission. Even if he was desperate to rut against her, he kept still.

Once again, Klara’s lips were on his. Eager to please, Victor kissed back with enthusiasm. He kept it to just his lips. Once again, he’d keep still until Klara upped the ante. Her tongue slipped into his mouth. Their tongues swirled and danced around each other before she captured his tongue between her lips and suckled around it. A garbled moan escaped the boy. A long minute passed before the woman pulled away. A heavy string of saliva connected itself between their painted lips and hung in the air before snapping in half. Spittle landed on Victor’s bare chest and made him shiver.

She dove in once again. His lips, the corner of his mouth, every inch of his jawline, and all along his pulse were covered in kisses. Right at the base of his neck, Klara captured it and suckled hard. His skin was decorated in pink marks and angry reddish violet hickeys. Victor gasped and panted under his girlfriend. He was hungry for more.

Slowly, Klara worked herself down Victor’s body. His collarbone and pecs were covered in kisses. A shuddering gasp escaped him as she nipped his surprisingly sensitive nipples. Pain and tickling pleasure wracked his body as she teased the tiny nubs. Her tongue lashed and swirled around him. Twisted in the sheets, his hands shook violently as his knuckles turned bone white. Even this wasn’t enough to keep his hips from slowly rising off the bed.

“Ah ah ahhh~” Klara teased. She slammed her hips down onto his to keep him still once more. “Not yet. Last a little longer and you’ll get a treat from me, Viccy.”

“Ah... A-alright. I’m sorry, Klara.”

It was easier said than done to keep himself still.

Especially once she moved to the other side of his chest. Her fingers plucked at his spit-slicked nipple as she latched onto the neglected nipple. Once more, she lavished attention on his usually ignored chest. Her suckles and licks were noisy. Or maybe, Victor just thought it was noisy. He was so unused to everything she was doing tonight despite all the things they had done together.

Still, he tried to keep himself as still as possible. Trembles still wracked his body. His toes still curled and squirmed at the foot of his bed. His chest rose and fell with every deep, shaky breath. He felt so good and she hadn’t even done anything yet. Well, she was doing plenty.

His body just wanted, no, needed more!

Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, Victor wasn’t sure, Klara pulled away from his chest and worked her way down his stomach. Butterfree kisses decorated his skin. He squirmed as she grew lower and lower. Then, she kissed the tip of his cock through her panties.

“Klara!” he cried out. His hips bucked against her lips and managed to steal another kiss from her. “Ah, please, I... I’m sorry!”

“Well... You were impatient... but were a totally good sport about everything... Hm, alright.~ I’ll give my precious little Viccy his reward.”

Her manicured fingers hooked themselves into the waistband of his panties and yanked them down just enough to free him. His cock bobbed in the air once it was freed and twitched almost happily. Her hand wrapped around the base of his dick. Short and ‘shallow’ strokes were given to it as she leaned down to kiss his balls.

A deep, shuddering gasp escaped the boy as pleasure washed over him. Her lips pressed themselves all over his flesh. If there was any lipstick left on her lips, it would have smudged all around his balls. Only the faintest traces could be seen in the low light of the room. Soon, her tongue followed. It lapped and swirled all around the oh-so-sensitive flesh. Pleasure zapped between each nerve. Victor could do little more than pant and squirm under Klara’s skilled touch. She knew how to rile him up. Then, she slipped one of his balls into her mouth and sucked. A loud moan rang through the air.

More, more, more.

Please more.

That was all Victor could think. Cute boyish moans filled the room and threatened to spill into the hallway. He squirmed and bucked against Klara’s mouth. Despite his squirminess, she kept up the pace. Precum welled up at the tip of Victor’s cock and spilled down onto her fingers. As if on cue, she started to lengthen her strokes. From the very base to the very tip, she stroked and spread his precum all across his twitching shaft.

It was too much.

“Ah, Klara, I-I—!!!” the boy cried out. The throbbing of his dick sped up as his balls tightened. “I-I’m...!!!”

“Not in my hair!” Unfortunately for the both of them, Victor didn’t have much control. Cum splattered onto her hand and forehead... and her bangs. “Ugh, Viccy! What did I tell you?!”

“I... ‘m... s-surry...” he panted out. “I-I couldn’t... I-I’m sorry...”

“Well. It looks like you just have to make it up to me. Clean me up,” she said with a huff. She sat up and then pulled a still-winded Victor upwards. Once again, a wicked grin split itself across her face as the boy leaned up. Holding up her fingers to his lips, she giggled as his tongue lapped at his mess. “There we go...”

Once her fingers were clean, Victor pulled away to lick at her face.


“Oh no, I said to clean me up. There’s one place left.”

Victor blinked as he was shoved onto his back once again. Before he could sit up to see what she had in mind, Klara’s shorts were off and her glorious butt was on his face. The scent and taste of her arousal immediately swallowed him whole. Shakily, he gripped her hips and got to work on cleaning his girlfriend up.