You're No Good For Me

Author's Notes: SOJIHARU!!!! also wrote this while i was in the emergency room it was so fun

Their relationship was inappropriate.

The both of them knew that. They weren't idiots. Perhaps they could pass for father and daughter, extremely affectionate and close father and daughter where she still liked to hold her dad's hand as they shopped. However, that didn't work in Yongen-Jaya. Everyone knew about Sojiro's daughter, Futaba, who hung around the shop and tried to help out at Leblanc or run errands. So, this younger woman hanging off his arm?

Obviously, something was up.

The jealous housewives tittered among themselves whenever Haru walked into the district or whenever she and Sojiro walked out of LeBlanc, hand in hand, to go on a date.

It used to bother her. It used to bother her on so many levels.

Haru was hardly one for drawing attention to herself, to begin with. But, Sojiro eased her worries. It helped that he also felt nervous at first. He still did but a woman like her deserved to be shown to the world and showered with attention. Or something like that. All she could remember was how hot her cheeks burned and the embarrassing giggle fit that bubbled inside her chest when he said that.

Despite all that anxiety, the very thing that led to hushed sweet nothings and chaste kisses that ended as soon as they began as they waited to be seated in restaurants or theatres, Haru craved something.

Something shameful. Something she didn't quite understand. Something delicious all the same.

That craving grew deeper when she noticed the particularly nasty glare of one of Sojiro’s regulars the other night.

Her arms slinked tight around her lover's—boyfriend felt so juvenile when it came to their relationship—arm as they were led into the dining room. The closer and closer they got to their seats, the faster and harder her heart throbbed. She pushed her body against him. Her breasts squished against his arm. He huffed as her lips pressed into a firm line.

Thump, thump. Thump, thump.

Was it possible for him to feel how hard her heart was beating?

Finally, they made it to their table. A booth on the other side of the restaurant. In front of the window that revealed the twinkling lights of Roppongi's streets flickering below. A seat within sight as soon as you crossed the threshold.

Haru swallowed.

Sojiro smiled at her and gestured for her to sit down. She imagined that if they got one of the tables in the center of the room, he would have pulled out her chair for her. She returned the smile and slid into the booth. Her hand brushed along his arm before lacing her fingers with his and pulling him beside her. Surprise washed across his face for a second but he slid beside her without a word. Their fingers stayed entwined as she snuggled up close to the older man. A soft sigh escaped her as the woodsy, musky scent of his cologne wafted into her senses. She imagined it was something her father would have liked despite his penchant for spicier fragrances. The fact that she thought about him at all with Sojiro was embarrassing. Dreadful, even. It was something that she'd take to the grave. Though, part of her wondered if he'd be genuinely bothered, aside from initial discomfort from their age gap and embarrassment about being the same age as her late father.

Her cheek nuzzled against his shoulder. The scent of his cologne overpowered everything, but the faint hints of cigarette smoke and fresh laundry that clung to his jacket managed to cut through everything.

Their waiter arrived. His eyes couldn't help but drift towards Haru as his lips pressed into a hard line whenever he snapped his attention back to her lover. Sojiro huffed. Drinks were ordered, nothing alcoholic thanks to Haru's age and the fact he was driving as usual, and so were appetizers. As he spoke, she slipped her hand out of his grip and onto his thigh. She felt his muscles twitch and then strain under her touch. Yet, he kept his cool. She stifled a giggle.

Sojiro really was someone admirable.

It was probably strange of her to think that right now but she was admittedly a strange girl.

The waiter left and immediately, she dove her hand between his legs. Her fingers traced along the outline of his soft but large cock through his pants. He nearly jumped out of his skin at the suddenness of it all but quickly calmed himself. He shoved his side against hers, not hard enough to knock her over but enough for her to move closer to the wall-slash-window. His arm slinked around her shoulder and pulled her tight against him.

"And what are you up to, young lady?" He teased. She shuddered against him as his rumbling baritone washed across her body and settled into her bones and into her core.

"I..." she licked her lips. "I may have... been thinking about... certain things since we left your home..."

His hand stroked up and down her shoulder as he buried his face into her curls. "Like what?"

"...It's embarrassing..."

"And grabbing my cock in public isn't?" His breath ghosted across her skin and forced her curls to brush and tickle against it even more. The sound of his laughter against her pulse made her squirm in her seat. "Come on, you can tell me, Haru-chan."

She swallowed.

“Tell me and I’ll make it worth the embarrassment now once you’re home.”

Sucking in a shaky breath, Haru pushed herself harder against his already close body. “I... thought... about us... fooling around.”

He snickered. “That’s all, baby? I’m shocked. Especially after something as forward as groping me under the table...”

She shook her head. “N-no! I... I mean. I thought about... us... in public. You’re at work at the cafe... and I’m behind the counter...” Haru whispered as she started to stroke her lover’s still soft cock. She hoped that no one could see her hand under the table from this angle and yet kept going. “But no one can see me.”

He shivered at that. “Keep going.”

“It’s dead all day so I go behind the counter just to give you a kiss... it gets... intense. Your hands are on me. Then suddenly, the bell rings... and you push me onto the ground in a panic. I hide behind your legs then notice I’m facing... this,” she continued as she squeezed his cock. It jumped in her grasp. It was faint but just strong enough for her to feel it even through his dress pants. “It’s that one customer... The one that calls you pet names...”

“Kuroda-san...” he muttered with an annoyed sigh.

“She starts flirting with you to get your curry recipe...”

He snickered at that. So, she pulled her hand away with a huff... Only for Sojiro’s hand to shoot forward and grip her hand. “Did I say stop? Keep going,” he murmured before placing his hand on his now stiffening cock. “I want to hear what got Haru Okumura so riled up that she had to start jerking me off in public. Weren’t you raised to not start things that you can’t finish? Come on now, I know you can be a good girl.”

The girl squirmed in her spot. “I... I get jealous... She’s just laying it on so thick. I know better than to suddenly stand up and kiss you and let her know that you’re... mine. That I... That I love you unconditionally... and... that you only want me. You’d get in trouble... I’d get in trouble... But, I can’t help it. I can’t help but be... a little bad...”

“Yeah? H-how bad...?”

“I... start undoing your belt. You start to panic but she doesn’t notice because she’s complaining about work or whatever. You’re so smooth and professional though... You’re able to calm down. I feel you looking at me, telling me to stop or at least ask what I’m doing... but I pull out your cock. It’s... soft. But... I kiss it. Lick it. Suck it... J-just like I always do...”

“Be...because, fuck, you’re a good girl, right?”


My good girl.”

Haru shivered against him. The weight of someone’s gaze ripped her from her thoughts. She jumped when she noticed the waiter was back and about to clear his throat to get their attention. Ice clattered noisily against the crystal glasses as he placed them on the table. Blood rushed to Haru’s cheeks, burning them so hot that she thought she was glowing bright red, as she reached for her drink and took a long sip.

Appetizers quickly followed the drinks. Haru sunk into her seat, the best that she could with Sojiro still holding onto her side anyway, and wished to turn into dust to escape this embarrassment. She reached for her drink. Whether it was to cool down or to give her something ‘natural’ to do, was a mystery. However, Sojiro’s hand didn’t stay put. Slowly, it slinked back to his side... and onto Haru’s right thigh.

Slowly, ever so slowly, it crept higher and higher up her leg and to the inside of her thigh. With his other hand, he flipped through the menu. Cool as ever. He said something to the waiter. Something about if a thing had some possible ingredient that he nor she was allergic to.

She didn’t know. She didn’t care. She could only focus on the fact that his hand was inching toward her already soaked panties. The tip of his finger swiped across her slit. A tease. A ghost of a tease. She didn’t know how else to explain it. She just knew that she wanted more.

As Sojiro babbled on to the waiter, his finger continued to teasingly stroke her through her panties. Every few seconds—though, each second had felt like hours—he would press it against her. The faintest of squelches could be felt—possibly even heard if the restaurant was quiet—each time he did so. Her teeth sank into her bottom lip as Haru desperately tried to keep it together.

Oh god, what had she done by touching him first?

Her heart pounded hard inside her chest. Her body strained as she fought to keep her muscles still. She couldn’t squirm or buck against his hand. There was no way that she could risk being caught by some judgmental waiter! It felt like her heart was doing overtime as if she had just slain hordes of shadows on her own or like she was last minute practicing for her life before a ballet performance.

This was so bad.

Yet, it was so good.

Then, he slipped his finger under her panties.

“Haru-chan,” he called out right when he touched her clit.

Her eyes shot wide open as she jolted upward. A silent scream threatened to tear itself from her throat as she tried to settle down. Her eyes and legs clenched shut as she tried to calm down. Panicked, she snapped her gaze towards Sojiro who stared at her with a concerned expression...

With lust burning in his dark eyes.

“Y-yes, S-Sojiro-san?”

“Is that something you’d be interested in?”

Another flick of his finger against her clit.

“IIIIIII—I! I, ah, I... Y-yes! Sounds good! P-please, let me have that.”

“Alright, you heard the lady. Thanks for your help.”

“...Right,” was the last thing the waiter said before heading to the kitchen.

Two fingers suddenly shoved themselves inside her twitching cunt. “Now, is this living up to that dirty little fantasy you had?”

Haru whined as she hunched over the table. Her legs spread themselves as far as possible as his fingers sped up inside of her. Her walls twitched and throbbed around them. Arousal dripped onto her skirt and coated his fingers in a thick gloss with each thrust. “Y-yes—no, I-I mean! I-I don’t know! S-Sojiro, I-I’m gonna—P-please...!”

“Please what?”

“Please... l-let me cum!”

“...Not until after you’ve finished dinner.”