We've Come A Long Way

Author's Notes: this was a commission.

Content Warnings: Fluffy vanilla married sex in a hot spring.

Their actual wedding was low-key. Only family and close friends were invited. Nobody but them knew about it. In a month, Rise Kujikawa would have her ‘public’ wedding. Management wasn’t the happiest about her decision. Her more intense fans certainly wouldn’t be. Rise didn’t care though. She just wanted to be with Yu. It made sense for the both of them to get married in Inaba. That’s where they first met, after all. Of course, they were still noticed. It was hard to ignore a wedding ceremony happening at the temple in the shopping district. Still, they managed to finish up and slip to the Amagi Inn for the festivities.

Once everything had calmed down and their friends went home, Yu and Rise went to the hot springs. The newlyweds giggled as they slinked to the baths. In reality, it was probably fine for them to go so late and Yukiko probably wouldn’t mind. It was just more fun to pretend they were doing something naughty.

“Let me wash your back, Yu,” Rise whispered.

Yu could hear the smile in her voice. A smile of his own crept across his face as he gave her a nod. Their clothes were neatly folded and tucked into the baskets. The scent of sulphur was strong but comforting. Then, they finally slid open the doors. The air was warm and thick with the occasional crisp breeze that managed to creep in. Above them, the stars in the late August night sky twinkled like diamonds. Colours swirled in the dark blue-black sky as moonlight poured onto Inaba below. It was the kind of sky where if you took one wrong step, you’d somehow wind up drowning in the lake of stars above. The kind of sky that one would never see in Tokyo, that was for sure.

The newlyweds got to work on washing themselves before getting into the actual hot springs. The smell of sulphur covered up the lavender-scented suds in their hair. Still, the hint of it was enough to make Rise feel comforted. Warm. Safe.

True to her word, the idol slipped behind her former senpai and scrubbed his back. He squirmed as the loofah tickled his skin. Then, something softer and silkier pressed against his back. Rise’s breasts squished against his body. Her hands rested on his shoulders. Her breath was warm against his damp ears. “All clean, senpai~” she teased before kissing his ear.

“Let me clean you too then,” he whispered as he turned around. Shakily, he rose from the small stool and helped Rise take his spot. Lavender soap bubbled in his hands as he ran them along Rise’s perfect body. Strong fingers lathered the purple bubbles along the elegant curve of her neck and shoulders. Then he stroked her arms, his fingertips dipping under the crook of her arm and making her shriek out, before lacing his fingers with hers. “I love you,” he murmured as he buried his face in her auburn hair. “I love you so much, Rise.”

“I love you too. I adore you. I’m so happy...”

“I’m glad. I’ll finish up then we can actually get into the water.”

Wordlessly, Yu washed his wife. The sound of splashing water and skin against skin seemed to echo in the open air. Though, Rise couldn’t hear it over the pounding of her heart. Her breath hitched each time he leaned in to scrub at a particularly sensitive spot like her neck, arms, and waist.

“Yu!” she gasped out as his hands slipped around her slim waist and dipped between her thighs. His fingers slid between her thighs and crotch before sliding to the other side. The woman squirmed atop the stool as her breathing grew heavier. Without a word, his hands crept away from her groin and up her flat stomach. “I thought...”

“All clean~” he teased before rinsing her off.

Still chuckling to himself, Yu once again helped her to her feet and led her to the hot spring that had been taunting them for the last few minutes. Warmth enveloped them as they sank into the water. A sigh slipped past Rise’s lips as she leaned against her husband. His arm wrapped around her bare waist and tucked her in tight. A heat, one different from the water that surrounded them, built inside them as they enjoyed the silence. One that the idol was unable to ignore.

She slid onto his lap. He blinked before staring up at her. “Here? I was just teasing earlier but...”

“Yeah. I want you so bad, Yu. Let’s do it right here.”

“I didn’t bring a condom, you know.”

“That’s fine.”

“Is it?”

“I promise that it’s fine. I want you. I want... us to... start a family.”

Once again, Yu blinked. A long, pregnant pause had passed before he pulled her in tight. “Me too. So let's get started.”

Their lips met in a clumsy yet passionate kiss. His fingers splayed across her back. His cock rose under her plush ass. A hand slipped under the water and ran along her slickening folds. Rise pulled back from the kiss to gasp out. Her head tipped back as a soft moan escaped her. Teasingly, he continued to drag up and down her slit before getting bored. The pad of his finger bumped against her stiff clit and bounced it up and down. His wife squirmed on his lap. Pleasure zapped between each of her nerves and wracked her body. Pants fell from her mouth. Her toes curled. Her back arched and her breasts pushed out. Inspired, he leaned in and captured a nipple between his lips. Noisily, he suckled on her breast as he played with her. Fire ran across her pale body as he toyed with the stiff bud. Quick flicks switched to lazy circles and deep strokes. Rise didn’t stand a chance.

Her essence dripped onto his fingers and mingled with the hot water as she came. She twitched and writhed on top of him as her orgasm tore through her. Her head dropped forward as a high-pitched whine rang throughout the air. Eventually, she came down.

“You still wanna be on top?” he asked.

“I... I need a—”

Before she could even finish, Yu gripped her hips and stood up. Panic pulsed through her system. Immediately, Rise clung onto him for dear life as he shifted his hips and... dropped her onto his cock. A spike of pleasure drove itself into her core as she was slammed onto him. Stars flashed in her eyes. Her toes curled as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Wet smacks filled the air as he continued to rise and lower her onto his stiff cock. Her breasts bounced with each ‘thrust’ he gave her. Droplets of water ran down their bodies and into the splashing water below.

Half-lidded eyes met Yu’s. Her arms wrapped around his neck tighter before she leaned in to steal another kiss. It was still clumsy and messy but Rise adored it all the same. Muffled moans filled the air as his cock ground against her sensitive insides. His balls smacked against her perky ass each time he bottomed out inside his wife’s snug pussy.

“Not gonna last...” he muttered against her lips.

“Yu...! P-please! Please cum inside me! Kn... knock me up. Knock up your wife...!”

His thrusts grew wilder. His grip on her damp hips tightened as he rammed harder against her. Stars flashed in her vision once again as all she could do was cling to him. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Her overly sensitive walls clung to his cock. Every throb. Every twitch. She could feel everything at that moment. Pleasure washed over her as he continued to thrust like mad. The sounds of their love-making seemed to echo in the countryside as he grunted and groaned against her. His balls continued to smack against her body. Then, he came.

The almost white-hot sensation of Yu’s thick cum pumping into her still-sensitive pussy was enough to make Rise cum again. Creamy white splattered against healthy pink. Warmth seeped into every crevice of her body and filled her to the brim. Love coursed through her veins as she was lowered to the edge of the pool. Yu trembled before falling on top of her. Shuddering breaths fell from his mouth as he slumped against her. His cock continued to throb against her pulsing walls. They stayed that way for a long moment. Their hearts beat as one as Rise shakily rose her hands and ran them through his silver locks.

“That was...” she panted. “Incredible... I love you.”

“I-I love you too...” he murmured before planting his lips against hers once again. A flurry of kisses was unleashed onto her lips, her cheeks, her eyelids, and then her forehead. Chuckling to himself again, he leaned in towards her ear. “I think I got another round in me... we better go again. Just in case.”

Rise Narukami’s squeals of pleasure rang throughout the inn all night. It made talking to Yukiko and her employees pretty awkward in the morning.