Author's Notes: plssssssssssss ship ayakan with me

Life was strange and there was no way for someone to know where it’d take them. Kanji Tatsumi was aware of that. No one would have guessed he would have helped save the world at one point or that the murders that plagued his hometown were actually supernatural. In theory, nothing should have surprised him anymore.

However, he, nor anyone else, expected him to wind up with Ayane Matsunaga. The two were once friends as kids but grew apart around the time his father passed away and he began to lash out against the world. Their mutual friend and senpai, Yu, reintroduced them. Now here they were, a couple of years later, and just married after high school. There were people who made their disapproval known. They were still stupid kids! What were they thinking? A piece of shit like him with a little girl like that? Once upon a time, Kanji would have thrown their nosy asses into the hospital himself! But Ayane kept him in check. Her sweetness pacified him within seconds… and she knew a better way for him to get all that frustration out.

Kanji huffed as his wife ran her tongue across his balls. His hands twitched at his sides as the muscles in his legs strained to keep himself in check. Sweat dripped down his brow and neck. He couldn’t imagine how bad he was sweating down there. He swallowed as he watched Ayane try to fit both of his heavy balls into her tiny mouth. “Shit, babe,” he said with a pant. “Keep doin’ that and I’m not gonna last too long.” Something flashed in her hazy eyes, sending a jolt that ran through his large body and to the tip of his cock. It throbbed against her rosy face. She hummed softly before giving him a hard suck. “Fuck!”

She tugged herself backward, his flesh still captured between her tight lips, before letting go with a loud “pop” that rung through the room. Kanji felt like he was going to faint. Her tiny hands looked even smaller wrapped around his giant cock. There was a point where he thought having actual sex with her would've been impossible due to their size difference… but Ayane managed to take him to the very base in the end. It was insane. His cock throbbed at the thought of being inside her properly once again. The memory of how tight and wet she felt around him every time sent another jolt through his body. Pleasure panged in his chest and down his cock. A cloudy pearl of precum shot onto Ayane’s round cheek. She gasped then giggled.

“I-I guess I shouldn’t… tease you anymore, huh?” Slowly, she climbed onto his lap and stared up at him with half-lidded eyes.

“Please… please fuck me, Kanji.”

“Y-yeah, I, uh, I just gotta put one of these—“ He began, blindly reaching to his side to grab the stash of condoms. Before he could, her hands shot out to grab onto his arm. “Huh?”

“…I… I was…” Kanji stared down at Ayane, watching his petite wife squirm on his lap. His heart throbbed. What was she planning? “I… I was thinking. We could skip using… a c-condom, is that okay?”

He shivered. Of course, doing it raw was okay! Sex with her was always incredible but the sensation of her bare cunt around him was so heavenly that he’d think he’d died for a moment. But. They didn’t do it too often. “Y-yeah, but, pullin’ out might be kinda h—"

“A-actually. Um. W-we… we are out of school… and married…”

“What’re you sayin’?”

He had an idea of where this was going. He just needed to hear it from her mouth. Straight from the source. Nice and clear.

“…I want to start a family with you, Kanji.”

That was all the former delinquent needed.

Suddenly, Ayane was flipped onto the futon.

She stared up at him with big wide eyes as her permanently rosy cheeks practically glowed in his shadow. He huffed. His large hands gripped onto her soft curvy hips, surprisingly wide and prime for birthing his future children, and held them up. The underside of his cock ground against her puffy mound and spread her slick quim along his shaft in shiny streaks with each thrust. Her short but soft and curvy legs tried their best to wrap around his slim waist. Their hearts throbbed as they looked into each other’s eyes. Stars shone in Ayane’s, making Kanji feel like he was going to drown in the night sky. He leaned down and kissed her. She returned it in earnest. Her hips ground against his in desperate circles.

“Please,” she gasped once she pulled away from the kiss. “Please… fuck me.”

With that, Kanji reached between them and properly lined his cock with her slit. “You ready?”

“S-stop teasing me and… and just breed me!”

If he wasn’t already turned on to the point of shooting pre, he was sure that would’ve made him do it. He slammed his cock inside her. Her sweet little voice tore through the hot air as her back tried to arch against the bed. Kanji shuddered as her cunt seemed to ripple around him. He panted. Fuck, he might cum right then. His eyes screwed themselves shut as he started to properly thrust. His heavy balls smacked against her plush ass. The clapping of flesh and sloshing of arousal quickly joined the lewd orchestra both of their voices made. Nonsense fell from her lips as he fucked her into the futon. He wasn’t paying attention to the specifics but her words turned him on to no end. Ayane clenched around him before a torrent of slick coated his cock, making things even easier for him to move. She whined as he fucked her through her orgasm as his own was catching up fast. With a final slam, he buried himself to the absolute hilt and pumped her to the brim. Semen flooded her fertile womb and painted her walls a thick white. They panted. Her legs dropped onto the futon as he wobbled, trying to keep himself from collapsing onto her. Despite her exhaustion, Ayane reached for his face with her hands and gave him a deep kiss.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”