Sunrise and Summertime, Finally Have Some Fun Tonight


As the both of them played games in his room, Junpei couldn’t help but steal glances at Hamuko. The way she was splayed out next to him. She was flat on her stomach, her curves flattening somewhat and spreading across the floor like cookie dough, as she gently swung her shapely legs in the air back and forth.

The fact that she showed up in his room, complained about the totally existent heat—Mitsuru-senpai had the dorm’s A/C blasting to near winter levels in every room thanks to the actual heat outside— and stripped down to the skimpiest bikini she had ever seen may have also had something to do with it. The way the thin spaghetti straps dug into her soft flesh from how tightly she tied them. Her ass also gobbled up the tiny bottoms. Her areola also peeked out from the tiny triangles she called a top as her nipples poked through the thin pink fabric. Yeah, he was sure that she was hot. She was but not in the way that she claimed. His cock strained against his jeans as he tried to not think about how her tits would feel squished against his chest rather than his floor.

“Hey, let’s make this interesting, Junjun,” Hamuko practically sang out. Ugh, she never called him that unless she was trying to butter him up. Not that she ever had to, he was usually game for whatever she had in mind.

“Yeah? What’d you have in mind, Hamucchi?”

“Loser of the next round has to do whatever the winner says...” She said before rolling onto her back. Her tits wobbled for a good couple of seconds before calming down. The smug look in her now glittering eyes managed to pull his eyes away from her body. The last thing he noticed before looking her in the eye was how tightly her bottoms clung to her plump pussy. “And I do mean whatever.”

Junpei swallowed as the heat rose to his cheeks. A hand rose to rub the back of his neck before diving in to take a greedy handful of her beautiful tits. “Y’know, you could just... ask to fool around like a normal chick. It’s not like anyone else is here to hear ya beg for my dick~.”

“Yeah but aside from you making me all needy... what’s the fun in just that?” she asked as she grabbed his wrist and pulled it even closer to her chest. Her tits squished against his palm as his fingers sank into her soft flesh. He huffed once she pushed it away. “So, are you game?”

“Yeah. Alright, let’s do this.”

It was a hell of a struggle. Junpei swore he was about to win until Hamuko pulled some last-minute nonsense combo. He wasn’t sure if her fingers were just that fast or if she was button-mashing. Regardless, she won the first round.

“Okay, Loserrr~. Time for your punishment game... Strip!” she sang once again.

“That’s it? Really?”

“Look, just do it.”

A chuckle escaped him as he stood up and stripped. He was tempted to make a show out of it, like those totally real male strippers in American porn did, but embarrassment quickly took over as he slowly peeled his t-shirt off. His pants and belt fell to the ground with little fanfare—aside from Hamuko jokingly wolf-whistling him. He stepped out of his socks, nearly falling flat on his ass in the process, before going to go for his boxer briefs. “These too, Hamucchi?”


So, those were the next to go.

His cock bobbed once released from its cotton prison. He tried his best to not smirk when Hamuko’s eyes lit up and she practically started to drool over it. He liked his dick. He didn’t think it was particularly amazing—though, a few showers with his fellow classmates showed that he was bigger than the norm—but with how she worshipped his dick whenever they got together... You’d think he had one of those cocks you’d only see in hentai anime.

“A-anything else, Queen Winner Who Is Better At Video Games Than I?” he asked cheekily.

A long, silent moment passed before she whipped her head back and forth. How her bobby pins or ponytail didn’t come undone was a mystery to him. “No, let’s have round two.”

Somehow, Junpei got the feeling that Hamuko wasn’t playing as well as she should have been. The feeling of her gaze on him in between hits and rounds was sharp and deep. A real role reversal from earlier. His lips cracked into a smirk as he leaned back and straightened his posture, letting his still stiff prick show itself off. A soft groan escaped her as he landed the finishing blow.

“Alrighty then, Hammuchi!” His voice bounced off his walls as he leaned over to give her perky ass a hard ‘whap!’ A yelp escaped the poor girl at the sudden impact. Snickering, he gently rubbed the now ruby red spot as he tried to match the same sing-song tone she had earlier. “Suck my dick. Literally. I want you to suck my cock.”

“...Mmmm... Alright~,” she purred before sitting up. Once again, her curves bounced as she moved and what little support the tiny bikini gave her seemed to only enhance the movement. “Sit on the bed.”

“I thought I was the one telling you what to do?” Honestly, it was a rhetorical question. He got up and sat on the edge of his bed and spread his legs as far as they could comfortably go for her to settle between.

“I don’t wanna lay on the floor anymore. Did you not hear my skin peeling off of it? I’m, like, the sticky sort of sweaty from that,” she said with an annoyed sigh before kneeling in front of him. “How do you want it?”

“Same treatment as usual. Please and thanks, Hamucchi~.”

Snorting, Hamuko wrapped both hands around his shaft. His cock jumped in her grasp as his warmth seemed to seep into her very bones. The faint scent of his sweat and musk, one that’d be washed away tonight, wafted into the air and made her pupils dilate. He bit his lip as she gazed at his cock. He didn’t get the appeal too much... but, again, the way she seemed to worship his dick... He swallowed. Finally, she leaned in. A flurry of kisses was unleashed along his throbbing shaft. Each kiss made him twitch in her hands. It was so light and such a tease, even if she didn’t mean to, that it shouldn’t have felt good but he couldn’t help but moan. At that sound, her kisses grew more feverish. Sloppy, unrestrained kisses dragged across his flesh. His skin was painted faint pink thanks to her lipgloss that was now smeared across her lips and chin and, of course, his cock. She captured the side of his dick between her lips and gently sucked.

“Mmmf...” He groaned.

Her head moved along his shaft, starting from the middle and moving to just below his now leaking tip and then down to the base. He shuddered as she unintentionally teased him with the idea of sucking on his balls. His stomach tightened and his butt clenched as she pulled away and immediately latched onto one of his balls. Her lips wrapped tightly around one of them as she sucked feverishly around him. He wasn’t sure if it felt good but her enthusiasm always caught him off guard. Every time he thought he was prepared for her services, she always pulled a fast one.

Loud, drawn-out moans fell from his now gaping mouth in between deep, desperate pants. “F-fuck! Hamucchi!”

Emboldened or perhaps just entranced by his moans, Hamuko pulled away from him while still keeping him in her mouth. Then, with a loud ‘pop’ that seemed to echo, his balls more or less smacked back into place. He shuddered. The same treatment was repeated on the other side of his sac. His hands clenched tightly onto his half-on sheets and twisted themselves in them as he tried to keep himself still. Hamuko’s blowjobs always felt the best when she was left to her own devices. As good and satisfying as it felt to just grab her by the back of her head and use her pretty little mouth like a cheap fleshlight, he really did love being serviced as lavishly as she always did. Though, whenever he did so, she’d always seem to stare up at him with hearts flashing in her eyes. Which, of course, in turn, made him go all the rougher whenever he did so.

“Feel good?” she asked.

“So fucking good, babe, keep going.”

So, she did.

Her tongue dragged across his shaft, starting from the very base and then to the very tip. Her tongue circled around it before delving into his foreskin. He huffed. His hips bucked into her lips, smudging her already messed up lip gloss. Finally, she opened her mouth and slipped him inside. Her tongue once again flicked and circled around the fat head the best she could. More moans were drawn out of him as he had the head of his cock teased. Then, she dove forward. Her cheeks hollowed as she ‘effortlessly’ got to the base. Still, she couldn’t help but gag around him as he hit the back of her throat. Tears pricked at her eyes and her mascara threatened to run down her flushed cheeks. ‘Glk glk glk’. The thick, sloppy sounds of saliva sloshing in her mouth in between noisy sucks and smacks of her lips filled the air. His cock ground against her tongue that was flush against the underside as she more or less fucked her mouth on his dick.

“Shit, I-I’m not... fuck, I’m not gonna last—I’m gonna fucking c—” With that, Hamuko pulled away with a loud pop. Her hands dropped from his shaft for good measure. Electricity pulsed through Junpei’s veins as he flew into the air and then crashed into the ground. He panted as his cock throbbed almost painfully. It felt like being hit by one of Akihiko-senpai’s ziodynes. Flopping onto his back, he tried to piece together what had just happened. He didn’t cum. “What the fuck?!” he panted out.

She laughed. “You said ‘suck your dick’ not ‘make you cum with my mouth’~.”

“Fucking tease!” he more or less growled as he stood up suddenly. She blinked before her eyes widened and her lips pressed into a hard line. Still, he saw those little hearts flash in her eyes as he picked her up and threw her onto his bed. “I thought that would’ve been obvious.”

She squirmed as he pushed her legs back as far as they could go. She was practically folded in half with how far he pushed her knees. He watched her gulp from this angle. Her gaze intensified as he rested his dick, fat and angry, on top of her puffy mound.

“Shit, you have a lot of nerve acting like a cocktease when you’re this wet,” he said with a laugh. He smacked her cunt through her soaked swimsuit bottoms with the underside of his cock. The faint ‘squelch’ of her wet lips never sounded louder to him than now. “I dunno why you gotta make this so hard every time, Hamucchi. You’re always so fuckin’ desperate for me, man.”

“B-because it’s fun...~”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever,” he scoffed. His cock poked and prodded and pounded against her sex through the stretchy spandex nylon. She moaned and squirmed as he started to sink into her core through the fabric, only to pull away at the last second. Eventually, he got bored. His thumb pulled the tight, tiny fabric to the side and exposed her dripping cunt to the open air.

Slick arousal coated the inside of her thighs, the crooks of her hips, and of course the messy lips. The scent of her sex made him huff. His sensitive cock throbbed as his instincts seemed to scream ‘breed, breed, breed’. Somehow, Junpei managed to keep his composure. Once more, he rested his cock atop her cunt. With how wet and turned on she was, the weight of his fat prick was enough to make her lips part and ‘sandwich’ it between them. He shivered at the heavenly sensation of her wet pussy against him. However, it seemed to be agonizing to Hamuko below him who cried and whined. Her hips bucked and squirmed against him the best she could in this position.

He grinned as he gripped her hips tight, trying to quell their wild movements. “What do we say?” he asked before grinding his shaft against her stiff clit

“Junpei—Junjun, come on! I-I want your dick, just fuck me!” she screamed out. “Fuck! Fine! Please, please, please, please fuck me, Junpei! I want Junpei Iori’s big fat cock in me! I-I need to get fucked by him! I-I want your dick so please, please, please fuck me!”

The urge to fuck her into the mattress after that, even if it was her being a brat, was intense. If he wasn’t so incredibly pent up from the edging he was given earlier, he would have done it. He would have wrecked her within seconds. Pettiness still pulsed through his veins at the moment...

“Alright then...” was all he said before pulling away and letting her body hit the mattress. “If you want it so bad... then show me,” he teased as he laid down beside her and held his cock.

Within seconds, Hamuko was on him. She slammed her hips down onto his cock, barely giving him time to react to her pinning him to his mattress, before bouncing up and down. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! S-so good!”

Junpei gripped onto her hips as she fucked herself on his completely raw cock. He panted and groaned below her. He couldn’t help but slam his hips upward each time she crashed her hips down onto him. The tip of his cock kissed her cervix each time they bottomed out. He fought to keep himself from screwing his eyes shut to enjoy the sight of Hamuko riding him like a feral beast. Her hands dug into his shoulders as she thrashed atop him. Her tits, barely contained in that tiny top, bounced as her ass clapped against his pelvis. The impact of their thrusts was enough to make his balls smack against her semi-clothed ass.

He could feel her body growing hotter. His cock throbbed against her twitching walls that couldn’t stop milking him. Precum splattered against her walls as she ground against him. Shit, she felt so much better than usual today. She felt so hot around him and under his hands that he nearly forgot that he was freezing earlier due to his senpai’s need for near winter air at all times.

Then, she came. Her needy pussy clamped around him and tried to wring him dry. Loud, almost painfully loud, cries tore themselves from her throat as she threw her head back. Her tits bounced once again as her back arched so far that he was scared she was going to fall backwards. Her hips bucked on top of his as a surplus of juices coated his lap and threatened to roll down onto his sheets and mattress. He huffed. This was more than enoguh to finally get him to cum.

Junpei’s own orgasm tore through him as his cum flooded her womb. Fleshy pink was painted thick and milky white each time she clenched around him. His balls tightened under her as he trembled. Then, it was over...Only for it to start all over again.

The game sat there, sadly ignored, with it’s nineties techno soundtrack blasting for the next few hours... Until Mitsuru opened the door to complain about the noise, anyway