A Side To You That I Never Knew


“Hey Chie-senpai, I was wondering if I could take Muku out for another walk today?”

Chie blinked then nodded with a smile. “Yeah, sure. He doesn’t get this much attention from us. I’m sure he loves all the attention he gets from you, Rise-chan!”

As the two shared a laugh, the Saint Bernard made his way to the door and let out a boisterous ‘woof’ as if he was expecting the former idol. Rise grinned as she squatted down in front of the dog. Her hands made their way to his face and scratched him behind his ears. “Hey, Muku!” she cooed as she leant in to press a kiss to his snout. Muku responded by giving her a long and slobbery lick across the face. Chie stepped forward to try to pull her dog away and apologize only for Rise to giggle and give him another kiss.

It was almost like Muku was her dog and not Chie’s with how close they were acting!

Rise learned quickly that it was best to avoid walking around town whenever she was with the dog. It didn’t matter how much time she spent in Inaba, she still caught people’s attention. So, she kept to the lonely parks with playground equipment that required a dozen tetanus shots after five minutes or the hiking trails that only saw patrons during festivals.

She sank to her knees to face the dog. Muku sat in front of her nicely. Her tongue swiped across her lips as her eyes laid upon his sheath that was on prominent display between his legs. A shaky hand reached between them and stroked the furry sheath. A deep ‘woof’ escaped the dog. His tail thumped against the worn dirt path. “Good boy,” she whispered as that oh-so-familiar red flesh began to poke out. Their ‘lips’ met together in a messy frenzy. Muku’s tongue lolled from his panting mouth and was captured between Rise’s lips. Her hand occasionally dipped lower to massage his heavy balls. Soon, she got her prize.

A thick and heavy dog cock that seemed to glow with how intense in shade it was, all for her.

It was so wrong.

She couldn’t even explain why she longed for this. She just did. It was wrong and disgusting but she couldn’t get enough.

Muku woofed once again and dove downward. His snout pressed against her clothed pussy, his hot and heavy breath seeping into the white denim and making her shiver. Even through her clothes, he could smell her arousal. Rise wondered if it was comparable to a bitch’s heat. Though, perhaps there wasn’t much of a difference. She was effectively Muku’s bitch, even if he wasn’t her pet, after all. His tongue uselessly swiped against her crotch. Even if she couldn’t feel it through the thick fabric of her capris, she couldn’t help but moan at the action.

Reluctantly, she pulled away from the dog to go sit on a rickety bench that creaked under her weight. Her curvy hips squirmed as she wriggled out of her pants and panties. The fabric dangled off one leg as she propped it onto the bench beside her.

On cue, Muku dove forward and lapped at her already wet pussy. Her teeth sank into her bottom lip to muffle her squeals of delight. She wasn’t even sure if it felt particularly good. Muku was completely unrestrained when it came to eating pussy and she adored it. It didn’t matter if a boy, a cute one her age or an experienced older one, had more skill. There was just something about Muku—or perhaps dogs in general, she didn’t really know, he was her first—that drove her crazy. His long tongue explored her puffy folds and flicked her clit before wriggling into her twitching hole. Muffled whines and moans, along with the sloppy tongue against her dripping cunt, filled the empty park. The occasional creak and groan of the bench under her broke up the sound. She was so close already! But she didn’t want to cum on his face, she wanted to cum around his cock.

“M-Muku, up!” she managed to pant out.

The dog obliged and her body practically screamed out in agony at the sudden loss of contact. But, it was short lived. He stood on his hind legs as his front paws rested on the bench. She slid down her seat to make his job easier for him while still being able to kiss him if she desired. Muku’s cock blindly pressed against her cunt. The tip searched for its target but slid and prodded just about everywhere but her entrance. She huffed. “Right here, silly,” she breathed.

Her hand wrapped around his fat cock. The heat of it seeped into her skin and into her bones. She shuddered at the thought of this monster being inside her once again. She gave it a few pumps and then lined it up the best that she could with her pussy... something that the dog made harder with his desperate humping. The scent and taste of Rise’s arousal was on his palate and it triggered a ‘rut’ for him. He simply couldn’t wait to breed the girl.

Finally, his cock slammed inside her needy pussy.

Her eyelids fluttered as a sleazy smile spread itself across her lips. He didn’t even wait for her to get used to his cock, he just went for it and she wouldn’t have had it any other way. Rise moaned as Muku’s hot shaft rammed into her twitching cunt. Her walls spasmed around his cock. Muku panted above her. Drool dripped from his tongue and onto her flushed face. Her hands gripped onto the splintering edges of the bench for dear life as he continued to rut her. Chestnut eyes rolled into the back of her skull as pleasure drove itself into her core. A gasp escaped her as she felt something hard and round nudge her entrance. It’s girth was enough to tease her stiff clit.

His knot had formed.

She nearly squealed in delight.

The knot nudged and prodded her willing but oh-so-tight cunt. She hadn’t managed to take it before. She was so wet right now. Maybe it was possible this time!

His thrusts grew wilder by the second. That fat knot teased her clit over and over again. Needy whines fell from her mouth.

“C-c’mon boy! Please!” Her shaky voice rang through the empty park. If someone were to walk by, there was no way that they wouldn’t be able to tell what was going on. Any chance of her returning to showbiz would be completely ruined. Her eyes squeezed themselves shut as a high pitched moan forced itself from her chest at the thought. Oh, she didn’t want to be caught doing this. She really didn’t but the thought of being ruined socially and physically by fat dog cock was an attractive one.

With a lewd ‘pop’, Muku’s knot finally pushed itself into her cunt.

Her mouth hung open as her body tried to parse what was going on. She was stretched to her absolute limit. Her entrance burned as he pushed himself deeper. It hurt. It hurt so good. She shuddered. Her toes curled inside her shoes as his knot threatened to pop out of her. She was so wet and so tight. Her cunt slowly pushed him out but he responded by slamming his hips harder. The delicious friction and knowledge that she had taken his knot finally dragged Rise down into a deep, guilty orgasm. Juices splattered from her abused cunt and onto his shaggy fur. Her walls spasmed around his cock and knot and started to force him out once again. He pushed back inside.

The fight to properly tie his bitch was a hard one, but Muku was determined.

Finally, his load shot against into her womb. Watery cum splattered against her walls and painted them a milky white. He barked noisily above her as his orgasm eventually ended. Rise groaned as he stepped off the bench and faced away from her. He gently pulled from her. She shivered. “W-wait! I-I’m not—!!!”

With how tight and wet she was, it didn’t take much for Muku’s knot to be yanked out of her. She cried out, suddenly and agonizingly empty and pleasurably sore, as another orgasm was squeezed out of her. Her walls clenched around nothing as his hot cum dripped from her now gaping cunt.

“You guys were gone for a long time! What did you get up to?” Chie asked as she unhooked Muku’s leash from his collar.

“Oh nothing special. We hung out at an old park by the hill and I took a pretty bad tumble while we were playing. He kept me company while I waited for the leg pain to go away. He’s such a gentleman,” Rise lied through her teeth. “I’m still feeling kinda tender but I’ll be able to make it home okay!”

“Aw man, I feel kinda bad for thinking about asking...”

“Ask about what, Chie-senpai?”

“Well. My folks want to visit our cousins in the city but they’re allergic to dogs. Muku isn’t allowed at the Amagi Inn so Yukiko can’t look after him. But, I was thinking since you’re spending so much time with him, you’d wanna take care of him? It’s suuuuper last minute but it’d just be for three days—”

Rise’s eyes lit up. “Of course I’ll look after him! We have a lot of fun together whenever we hang out... so an extra few days would be awesome!”