Play With Me

Author's Notes: WARNING FOR RAPE!!!!!

This couldn’t be real. There was simply no way. It had to be some weird, unauthorized porn parody.

These were all thoughts that crossed the teen’s mind as he watched the idol, or possibly a nearly identical porn star, Rise Kujikawa, dance on the screen.

The sounds of a deep bassline, thumping drum machine, and the fake idol’s giggling were all nearly drowned out by the heavy rainfall outside. Even if it wasn’t pouring tonight, it was possible that the pounding of his heart would have swallowed up any other noise at that very moment. Fog drifted in and out of the corners of the stage, just barely masking the sleazy club this program was being shot in. ‘Rise’ stood out in the sea of dusty red-violet crushed velvet and a neon pink floor that was so bright in shade that it seemed to pulsate in the buzzing neon lights. Her pale skin twinkled in the spotlight. The camera panned over her nubile body in a perverse way and it was like the cameramen couldn’t decide on what to focus on. Every other second, the view switched to a different angle or zoomed in on another part of her body in a borderline epileptic way. Still, there were plenty of shots of the young idol’s impersonator to ogle to your heart’s content.

The camera cut to ‘Rise’s’ face. A sly grin spread itself across her glossed lips before the camera panned down her body once again.

A flash of intense gold in the girl’s eyes might’ve caught the viewer’s eye but the potential sight of more skin tore their attention away. The camera zoomed in as close as it could and trailed downward as if it was following a bead of sweat that rolled down her surprisingly curvaceous form. There was no way that this was the real Risette. Her breasts in real life, or at least in regular interviews and magazine dreads, were far from unimpressive, but, this girl’s? It gave away her identity as a phony. The itty bitty bikini she wore was clinging desperately onto her body for dear life. It was as if the top’s strings were about to snap at any second thanks to the intensity of her dancing. Her hips rolled and bucked to the beat. ‘Rise’ spun on her foot and faced the pole. She arched her back, pushing her oversized chest forward and round, perky ass back into the camera. Between the constantly changing angles, the way that static and fog would drift in and out of the screen and obscure the goods, and the sheer possibility that the actress’ bikini would come undone was an agonizing cocktail of cockteasing.

The teen’s sex throbbed as ‘Rise’ pushed against the pole and captured it in her ample cleavage. She cooed as her arms reached up and pushed her breasts together before bobbing up and down the bowl in a trashy display of debauchery. At any other moment, it might’ve been enough for them to turn off the TV and do something else but there was just something about this program that kept their attention.

Questions faded in and out of his mind as swirls of bright colors danced across the screen. Were they this entranced because this actress just resembled the superstar that much? Was it the thrill of seeing something this sleazy on public access? Was it because they managed to actually catch something worthwhile on that stupid Midnight Channel thing?

It didn’t matter.

Staticky music continued to bleed through the old CRT’s speakers, steadily growing louder and louder until it was like they were in the club themself. The heavy bass playing inside their chest, the faint whispers of the vocalist against his sweat-slicked skin, and the pulse of the speakers rippling through the floor and up their chair. Fog crept out of the screen and spilled onto the floor of their room. The static slowly faded out, revealing more of those almost eye-searingly bright colors that danced in the corners of their vision. More and more color filled the room as the girl pulled away from the pole, turned around then planted her fat ass against the pole and grind against it. They blinked. ‘Rise’ was suddenly a chaotic collage of pink, yellow, cyan, and navy that snaked across her body, and her face was replaced with some strange satellite. They blinked again and it was back to the regular ‘Rise’.

“C’moooooooon, I’m getting booooored~” The actress whined as she ground her hips harder against the pole. A groan escaped them as they imagined what it could’ve felt like to feel Risette or even this doppelganger’s ass rut against them like that. “I can tell that watching isn’t enough for you…”

The girl sounded just like the real Rise Kujikawa with a hint of digital distortion. It would have startled him earlier but he was so entranced that he couldn’t care about the details anymore.

“So.... why don’t you come here? I’m soooooo lonely.~”

Something compelled the teen to get up and walk to the screen. Everything was hot, heavy, and swirling around them like they were wading through a warm wading pool.

“Oooooh baby~,” Rise moaned. The camera zoomed in on her face once again. The lights in the club dimmed and took on a blue hue, painting her in bright blue shadows that only highlighted the almost glowing shade of gold her eyes took on. “Touch me.”

The teen’s hands moved on their own as her voice soaked into every pore. Her words echoed in their mind, worming their way into every nook and cranny of their brain and melting away any lingering hints of free will. It was as if Rise and her voice was a strong magnet and they were made of iron and completely at her mercy. Instead of flesh, their hands met the glass of their CRT, the static of it forcing their arm hair to stand up on its own.

Still, their touch wandered across the screen; pads of their fingers ran along the shape of her exaggerated curves over and over again until the screen seemed to ripple around their fingers before giving away entirely. “Y’know, you’re not supposed to touch the dancers~. But I’ll let it slide if you make me feel good…~”

On the other side of the screen, the real Rise Kujikawa gaped in horror as that weird, perverted version of her paraded her body on stage. Well, it wore her face anyway. That wasn’t her body and it would never be her body without some major procedures she’d never dream of having. It was like some twisted parody of that particularly bad photoshop job for that one campaign last year; tiny waist, huge tits, and ass and everything. The memory would have made her laugh at any other time. It was completely different seeing that version of herself in the flesh. The sight caused her skin to crawl the first time she saw this funhouse reflection of herself. The uncanniness of it all shook her to the very core. She didn’t know what to do as the girl rained a barrage of accusations and insults every waking moment of the day

“I’m you, you’re me, just give in already!”
“Why are you soooo mad, I’m just obviously giving the fans what they want and you know it!”
“Who cares about the ‘real’ us, we’re just here to entertain the audience. No one cares until we bare it all.”

It all drove her mad.

The only breather Rise ever got was an hour, maybe more or maybe less, it was hard to tell in this place, every night since she was in here. She didn’t understand the point. Was it to mock her? Rub it in her face that the public saw her as this airheaded bimbo? The fact that many of her fans didn’t actually care about her beyond her appearance and the racy ads, costumes, and gravure videos she was pressured into by executives with a disgusting leer?

The sound of that other her’s giggling and cooing tore Rise from her spiraling thoughts. Though, she was unsure if she should be thankful or not. It was horrible enough seeing her dance around the pole.

This? This made her stomach churn.

A pair of hands appeared in front of her doppelganger and were touching her. She blinked and suddenly there were dozens more. It was difficult to make out if they were just the same pair of hands over and over again or if they were all just different pairs of hands belonging to various members of the audience. She grimaced.

How many people were watching this? How many people watched long enough to get to this part of the program? How many people saw her as some piece of meat that they wanted for themselves? How could she face anyone in Inaba if she ever got out of here?

The Other Rise shivered as her adoring fans gave in to their desires. The sight of large, work-worn hands, some with wedding rings and some without, with the occasional elegant feminine ones or even young and small all reaching out to her warmed her heart. It was only fair to give everyone a piece. It was an idol’s job to make her fans happy. She did nothing to stop their touches, even as they reached for her breasts, her thighs, her lips, her ass, and a particularly daring hand slipped between her legs.

Hands stroked her skin, greedily sinking their fingers into her soft flesh and teasing anything they reach. An exaggerated moan escaped her painted lips as that particularly daring hand ran its finger along her cunt. It dragged itself along her lips over her swimsuit. She was so wet that even the slightest of pressure could cause them to part. As if the owner sensed this, they pushed firmer against her, diving their fingers between her folds and searching for her clit. Her knees quaked as she was toyed with. The other audience members grew bolder with their respective touches. Fingers pinched and plucked at her nipples, some over and some under her top. Others groped at her tits and ass while another person pushed their fingers between her crack and teased her twitching asshole. A hand tugged the bottoms to the side and revealed her dripping cunt to the audience.

Suddenly, things got crazier. Hands gripped at her legs and yanked them far apart as a hand parted her lips as wide as they could go. The camera must have caught the sight of her pussy and zoomed in to make everyone want a good look at it.

‘Rise’ panted as she was held in place and the world, or at least the bits of it that were tuning in, stared at her twitching hole. Eventually, the audience got bored and got to playing with her again. A digit slid inside her as another started to play with her clit again. One finger inside became two and eventually three. Another hand started to play with her asshole again, whether or not it was the same person as earlier didn’t matter to her.

She was everyone’s idol, Risette, and she was happy to make everyone happy.

As her oversexualized counterpart was mewling and panting away, Rise got up from her seat. Its ‘shows’ had never gotten this far before. Anger built up inside her as the sounds of ecstasy grew louder and louder. How could anyone enjoy this? How could anyone do this? Memories of uncomfortable meetings with execs and interviewers without her agent around filled her mind. The disgusting leers and smirks as the men slid closer towards her, some even going as far to lay their hands on her thigh or her ass if they could, the way her skin would crawl as they whispered to hear about opportunities in exchange for ‘favors’, the way it made bile rise in her throat and how utterly sickening that a desperate attempt to make friends all led to those moments. They all flooded her mind. She couldn’t take it anymore. She had to get out.

Ever so gingerly, Rise made her way to the room’s exit. It was… difficult to tear her eyes away from the sight of her shadow’s vulgar display but she managed. As awful as she felt at that moment, thoughts trickled into her mind and eventually settled into the deepest recesses of her core. What would it feel like to give yourself away like that? Would it feel good? If it was those nice boys at the tofu shop the other day instead of gross old men would it be better? Hell, would it be better if it were those cops—

Her lips pressed into a hard line as blood rushed to her face.

There was no way she was thinking like that. She’d never have those thoughts like that on her own, that stupid slut’s endless barrage of unadulterated pervertedness was just starting to get to her. That had to be it. She had to get out of here.

Dashing to the exit now, Rise tried to ignore the sensation of heat pooling in her stomach and the slickness threatening to seep into her panties. Her feet carried her out of the room and down the maze of identical hallways. The idol’s heart pounded as she scrambled to just get away. Her mind spun as she tried to make sense of where she was going and avoid any of those weird monsters hanging around.

That “other her” would only be occupied for so long. Luckily, Rise had some way of sensing those other creatures. She couldn’t explain it, it was just… a feeling. Though it was hard to pick out that feeling when her heart and mind were a storm of emotions at the moment.

Her mind was so occupied that she almost didn’t notice that those monsters were now on the prowl for her. The heavy sound of footsteps and even heavier ‘thuds’ boomed down the hallway and sent shockwaves up her wobbly legs. Rise kept running.

She had to get out, she had to get out, she had to get out…

Those words ran through her head like a mantra as she bolted around a turn and rammed herself into a heavy curtain. Her arms flailed around her. Another shot of adrenaline pulsed itself through her veins as she tore at the curtain to get it away from her. Finally, she escaped the clutches of the curtain and was greeted by the sight of a staircase. Before relief at the thought of being just a tiny bit closer to escape could sink in, a large boulder with a yellow mask threw itself in front of the door and blocked her out.

Gunshots fired in the air, nearly shattering the girl’s eardrums as she dove to the ground in an attempt to dodge them. Any hope she had was sent crashing down as she lay on the ground. Exhaustion began to take over as those creatures dressed as fat detectives stumbled into the room and scooped her up.

Just as quickly as she left, Rise was back in the room. The heady scent of sex, or what Rise assumed was the smell, the pulsating neon colors swarming the stage, and the intense, repetitive dance music that sent waves of vibration up and down her limbs quickly overloaded her senses. The creatures threw her onto the stage in front of her counterpart, who looked less than pleased about her attempted escape.

“I can’t believe you’d just blow a show like that. You call yourself an idol?” The Other Her said with a huff. She sighed as she bent forward to grab Rise’s pigtails and yank her onto her knees. “Alllll these fans came here to see us and you just—”

“No, they’re not! You’re just some weirdo fake impersonating me and tricking these people into giving you attention—”

“Well, I’m you and you’re me, duuuuuh. So they’re here for the both of us.” The doppelganger sighed once more. “What do I have to do to get it through your thick skull. Just because people think we’re a dumb airheaded bimbo doesn’t mean we really are one! Ooooor… are we? You’re not doing too much to prove them wrong.”

“Shut up!”

“Hmmm… No! In fact, why don’t you do it instead?” She giggled before snapping her fingers. Once again, strange ‘holes’ started to form in the air and hands jutted forward. It was even more startling seeing it up close instead of from afar like earlier. “Now, let’s actually show our fans some love and appreciation!”

She sank to her knees behind the real Rise, pressing herself flush against her back. Rise gulped as she felt the fake her’s fat tits press against her. Immaculately manicured nails dug themselves into her shoulder as the shadow’s grip on her tightened to the point that Rise feared her bone would splinter under the pressure. It contrasted against the tender, gentle strokes the other hand gave her chin as if she were some scared animal that had to be comforted during a fireworks show. The swarm of hands moved towards her, some going for her hair and face while others attempted to move to her body. Rise groaned as she tried to wriggle away from a few handsy fans that tried to grope her modest bust but The Other Her kept her firmly in place. There wasn’t an inch of her head and upper torso that was left untouched.

‘It’s the real Risette!’
‘I can’t believe I’m touching her.’
‘Thank you, Miss Risette.’
‘This is the happiest day of my life.’

Various whispers filled the air and mingled with the thumping dance music. It was weird. It was something she was hardly unused to, it was just like being at a meet and greet but with a lot more touching. More touching than she was comfortable with.

Her shadow let go of her face and snapped her fingers again. Suddenly, most of the hands pulled away from her and disappeared into the void. However, half of the remaining hands shot towards her shoulders and arms and held on for dear life. The other half tore at her clothes, some bothering to at least try to properly take them off while the others treated them as nothing more than wrapping paper.

“S-stop it!” Rise yelped as her tofu shop uniform was ripped from her. Her smock disappeared and soon the turtleneck was left a mess of holes and tears. Sad scraps of it hung around her neck and shoulders, leaving her plain bra exposed to the audience before hungry hands dashed towards it and yanked it in various directions. She winced and pulled herself back. The white straps cut into her skin until the left strap snapped and the opposite side’s cup was pulled above her breast.

“C’mon guys, that’s good enough~,” The Other Rise said with a laugh. Her hands snaked down to Rise’s chest, her fingers rolling in the soft flesh before pulling forward in a ‘milking’ motion. “You got to see her goods… But this is kinda boring, isn’t it? Let’s make this too hot for TV!”

Rise would have rolled her eyes considering what had already transpired, but she was too worried about what her doppelganger had in store. Fear and a guilty something else swam inside her stomach. God, why was this happening!?

“Please… Don’t do this! Can we just cut it out—What do you even want from me?! I-I’ll do it—”

“I just want us to have some fun with our fans. Sheeesh, is that too much to ask for? I didn’t think we were sooooo snobby!”

Another snap of the fingers cracked in the heavy air. The grip on her arms tightened. Rise’s blood ran cold despite the rising fire inside of her growing and growing thanks to her counterpart’s touch. A long moment passed before the strange portals appeared in a strange new form. A series of bright red CRTs stacked upon each other in precarious-looking towers were now surrounding them.

Cocks of various sizes flickered on the screen. Dozens more were revealed as the screens changed as if someone were surfing through all the channels they could get out of boredom. It clicked.

“You can’t be serious! I-I’m not—Hhgllgk?!” Her words were scrambled as her lips were pulled back and her jaw shoved wide open thanks to her doppelganger hooking her fingers into her mouth.

“What was that?! You’re not what? A very good idol? If you’re not gonna use that mouth for singing then do something more useful than complaining, skank!”

Her shadow’s laughter rang through the air as a small, uncut cock—its owner perhaps too young to be staying up this late—flicked on in front of Rise. The idol was shoved forward so she could take it into her mouth. Thanks to her mouth being forced open, the cock couldn’t do much else than just grind against her tongue but it appeared to be more than enough. Distorted, high-pitched panting and moans crackled over the club’s speakers. Rise screwed her eyes shut as she tried to ignore the feeling of this stranger’s dick twitching and drooling pre onto her tongue. The taste of salt stained her palate as she was forced to bob her head along the tiny length. Another shuddering whine echoed over the speakers before a spurt of cum shot into her mouth before the channel flipped to a different cock.

Rise sputtered, globs of white cum spitting out of her mouth and onto the screen in front of her. Before she could force out a slurred ‘please stop’, her shadow shoved her head forward. The cock on-screen was big; its girth dwarfing her wrist and its length casting various shadows across the ground thanks to the constantly shifting ambient lighting in the club. Rise gaped at it. No, there was no way! This was just insane cruelty! The first cock she ‘serviced’ wasn’t even long enough to make her gag when her nose was flush against the owner’s smooth pelvis and its thickness was comparable to someone’s pinky being shoved into her mouth. Even if that wasn’t the first cock she had ever seen up close and in person, this stranger’s cock would have still been massive.

“Oooooh, this one looks so yummy… I gotta have a taste too,” her shadow cooed before letting go of her. Rise’s lips ached now that it was free of her grip. The shadow was now beside Rise, her oversized breasts still pressing against her body even in her new spot. One hand stayed on Rise’s shoulder while the other reached forward to grip the base, her fingers unable to wrap around it. “There’s no way a prude like you would be able to make all of it feel good all on your own. It’d be a waste!”

Rise winced as she watched that fat cock throb in front of her. What was she supposed to do? It’d be impossible to take that thing! What would she even have to do? Dislodge her jaw? No thanks. If her weird doppelganger wanted to have a ‘taste’ then she could have the whole damn thing herself!

As if the world around her read her mind, the hands’ grip on her shoulders tightened to a painful degree. More pressure was pushed upon her, like a mother forcing their child to sit down, and kept her firmly in place. She felt a pair of hands move to her head, one gripping onto one of her twin tails and the other pushing against the back of her skull. She was pushed towards the cock, its head bumping against her cheek, its pre spilling from its leaking slit and smearing against her face. ‘Ewww…

More hands slid onto Rise’s face, fingers once more hooking into her cheeks and pulling back so her mouth was forced open once more. Saliva pooled in her mouth, threatening to overflow and roll down her chin and neck in a steady stream any moment. The hands on her head pushed and pulled her towards the cock. Mercifully, they were about as slow and gentle as they could be. It was agonizing for the ex-idol to stretch her mouth across that cock. Watered down salt stained her palate as the person’s pre dribbled onto her tongue.

‘Lick it.’
'Please lick my cock, Kujikawa-san.’
'Like a cat, lap it up.’
‘Roll your tongue around.’
'Risette’s mouth feels so good.’
'I knew she was a slut, I bet she licked cock all the time as an idol.’
‘Lick it.’

A chorus of far-off voices rang in her head as they melded with the heavy beat of the club’s music. It was all just noise. Noise she couldn’t make out anymore but it all seeped into her spinning mind anyway. Unsure of what else to do, or what the other her or this world would do, she lapped her tongue against their cock. Her licks were slow and hesitant but still sloppy. With every lap, there was more and more pre. It was and wasn’t like when that first person came inside her mouth. There was a faint sweetness cutting through that salt and obvious heaviness to it all, here it was just salt and bitterness… but she didn’t hate it. It was human. There was no other way to describe it.

Her tongue rolled across the head in messy, jagged circles and threatened to dip into the foreskin.

‘She’s licking my foreskin!!!’
'Get in there!’
‘It’ll feel really good if you put your tongue in there, Risette.’
‘Use your mouth for something better than just singing, slut.’
‘Please, please, please Risette, keep going!!!’

She would have grimaced if her mouth wasn’t stretched to its very limits. Hesitantly, she pushed her tongue between the tight ring of flesh. It was… clean, she thought. It was just skin, saltier skin, with a hint of astringency that wasn’t like cum. What was that? Did she want to know? Regardless, she kept swirling her tongue around the head, the ridge of skin slowly pushing itself back with every movement.

Shadow Rise let out a moan, lilting forward to bring her mouth to the very base. Kisses were peppered across the thick length, leaving technicolor kiss marks of various colors with each kiss. Pink, yellow, navy, and powder blue soon covered the cock. She dragged her lips across the side. The gentle suction of her lips and her tongue between them as she made her way closer to the tip then back down again made it throb in her grip. The color of her lipstick smeared into a chaotic mess. Not that anyone cared. With a happy sigh, she pulled away and dove down to their balls which she imagined were heavy with that cum she hungered for. She lavished kisses across the soft flesh, once again leaving various kiss marks in her hungry wake. Eagerly, she parted her lips and slipped one of the testes into her mouth, and suckled with a purpose. Her tongue swirled and lapped at the flesh, if her lipstick weren’t making a mess of things, she left every inch her mouth fit inside it clean with spit. She pulled away with a huff only to capture the other ball into her mouth. Rinse and repeat.

While the ‘real her’ was hesitant and unsure of everything, she knew what she wanted and how to get it. It was a mystery as to how she did and she didn’t care. Instinct and the need to please fueled her. Nothing but the feeling of eyes on her and the joy she gave every one of her fans mattered. This fan in particular must have felt like they were flying amongst the stars thanks to their double attention! She hummed in content while the real Rise choked and slobbered around the tip.

Those hands pushed and pulled Rise further down as if the viewers were now tired of her earlier display. Her mouth was stuffed full of cock, unable to bite down if she wanted to and no longer needing those extra pairs of hands keeping her spread open. She huffed through her nose. Tears stung her eyes. The lack of air in her lungs left her feeling like she was thrown into a washing machine at the heaviest level. Ever so slowly, the ex-idol worked back and forth along the shaft until she was halfway down. That thick cock plundered her tiny mouth and gullet, forcing it to bulge obscenely in her throat, sloshing around the saliva-precum mixture and coating whatever she could fit with a thicker, shinier gloss. She didn’t even know if she was tasting anything. It was just about trying to survive this encounter with at least a handful of sanity left.

The cock twitched and throbbed in her mouth. Dread began to fill her with every movement; was the owner going to cum? Were they going to cum a lot? Would she be able to handle any sort of load from this person? Would she be disappointed if they didn’t completely paint her throat white?

A garbled whine escaped her as she felt the hands on her head pull away… Only for a pair of hands to shoot out from the TV and grip onto her pigtails. She had thought the seemingly dozens of her hands holding her head earlier were rough! They had nothing on this ‘fan’. Their grip was like an iron vice, their nails digging into her already sore scalp and fingers shoving themselves into her hair just below the tight elastics as if they really wanted to tear out those two bundles. They yanked her forward as their cock slammed towards her.

Rise’s eyes shot wide open as the fat head of that monster cock jammed into the back of her throat. A loud, heavy gag rang through the club, cutting through the bass and drum machine. Tears pooled in her puffy red eyes and flowed down her cheeks. Slam. Slam. Slam. Slam! Each thrust brought another inch of cock into the poor girl’s untrained mouth.

It felt like fluid was gushing out of nearly every orifice in her face as the sensation of her throat being utterly ruined overwhelmed her. Her eyes rolled back into her skull as she just gave in to being ravaged. The wet ‘clicks’ of her throat, the sloshes and slurps of saliva being churned around, and the mangled groans from her abused voice box faded away, as if they were all part of the club’s music. The pulsating technicolor lights started to fade in the corners of Rise’s fuzzy vision. Black stars crept and swirled in her eyes as she was slammed forward once again. Her head throbbed. Heat that felt so white-hot that it was cold pulsed through her veins. Her heart throbbed harder inside her tight chest. Her eyelids grew heavier and heavier, she couldn’t take it. She just couldn’t take it…

Suddenly, she was pulled back and air poured itself into her lungs.

Confused relief washed over her as she realized that her throat wasn’t clogged full of cock anymore. She coughed and sputtered, her limp body threatening to fold in on itself if it weren’t for the crowd of fans keeping her upright.

“Awwww, we can’t have you blacking out so soon!” Her shadow cackled. “You’re such a wuss!”

Muffled laughter played over the speakers.

Rise couldn’t do anything but try to gulp down as much oxygen as she could as humiliation burned through her. “Please, just, I can’t…” Her voice was hoarse as her throat felt utterly raw despite how wet her mouth and face were. She didn’t get it. She just wanted this to end.

“Oh, cut it out already!”

The grip on her pigtails tightened and kickstarted another rush of panic and guilty arousal. Rise fought back a sob as she was shoved forward again, expecting to be forced to take the whole thing to the very base… But thankfully, only the head was inside her mouth. Her shadow leaned against her as her hands reached up to stroke the remainder. It was a big remainder too.

Rise felt the tip grind against her tongue, along with a few spurts of pre that were also ground into her taste buds, while her doppelganger stroked them off. She squirmed in her spot. Her arms and legs throbbed with pain from being locked here for so long. She watched as the other girl’s hands glided along the shaft, spreading her spit along every inch.

“What a waste, you know. I thought I was doing you a favor by letting you suck on this instead of their balls but you couldn’t even take the whole thing!” Her shadow cackled once again. “I guess it’s a good thing that we were an actually talented idol. There’s no way that even the slimiest of sleazeball execs would give us anything after that piss poor performance!”

Rise shut her eyes. She didn’t know if she should have been comforted or not by that. Suddenly, the cock on her tongue twitched and throbbed.

“Ooooh! I think our biggest fan is gonna blow~!”

As if on cue, a shot of cum hit the back of her tongue. She felt the cock jump in her mouth with each spurt. Thick, heavy, gooey, and almost bitter compared to the first cock’s load she swallowed. More and more of it pooled into her mouth. She wasn’t sure if she should try to swallow it or just let it overflow from her sore mouth. Cum dribbled out through the gaps of her lips and down her throat. It clung to her insides and outsides and ran down each curve of her body in heavy rivulets. Finally, Rise struggled to swallow what she could as the spurts slowed down to a steady trickle and then nothing. Soon, the channel changed and the hands on her pigtails were gone as was the cock in her mouth.

Dazed, Rise let her shadow hold her. She stared into her yellow eyes for a long moment before her lips were claimed. Her shadow shoved her tongue into her mouth. Her movements were sloppy, clumsy but showed her eagerness for depravity. Their tongues clumsily knocked and swirled around each other, though, it seemed the shadow had other plans. Whatever cum still clung to the inside of Rise’s cheeks, under her tongue or her gums was scooped up. The salty taste still lingered, however.

Shadow Rise giggled as she pulled away. The cum mingled string of saliva connecting their lips snapped between them as the shadow made a show of showing what was in her mouth before swallowing it all down. “Another round, me?”

Rise gulped as another person flashed on the screen and the grip on her body tightened. Before she could even think of a protest—most likely something along the lines of ‘please stop’ and ‘no, I wanna go home’—she was pushed forward. This one was thankfully easier to take. Not as thick, not as long, but still something she may have balked at if it was her first time with someone. “Glk, glk, glk, glk…” Once more, the wet clicks and sloshes of her throat echoed in her ears as her mouth was used.


Her head spun as she felt another rush of cum flood her drooling mouth. The channel flicked to another person, giving her a second to swallow but not to react, and she was suddenly servicing a new cock. The shape, weight, and length were different. They lasted longer than the last one. Another flood of cum. Another channel, another cock. The only consistency was the thumping of the club beat running through her body. Rinse and repeat. There were so many. It was like at a fan meetup event. After what she thought might’ve been the twentieth fan, she would simply lose count. This time though, it was a lot more intimate. Each fan wasn’t forced to let go after a minute had passed. An actual proper ‘fan appreciation day’.

She didn’t notice that the hands were letting up on her shoulders in-between ‘channel changes’. Her fans’ hands roamed along her body; taking gropes of her exposed breast or toying with her nipple or even slipping under her skirt.

She gasped or tried to around the long but skinny cock jammed into her throat, as someone’s finger traced along her pussy through her regrettably wet panties. Her eyes twitched as she tried to suckle on that cock but the owner of that hand grew bolder. Firmer. Rougher. Enough for her lips to part underneath the sodden fabric and her stiff clit to brush against the wet cotton. She whined around the stranger’s cock. Her hips rolled against the hand, desperate for the stimulation she oh-so badly wanted to deny wanting. She didn’t want this. She couldn’t want this.

In the corners of her peripherals, the TVs flashed on and more cocks came out. She squeezed her eyes shut as she bobbed her head along the cock in front of her.

Just how many fans did she have?

She felt her hands being lifted upwards and placed onto the cocks beside her. Without thinking, she started to stroke. Her rhythm was off and out of sync. She simply wasn’t made for multi-tasking like this!

Crackled, distorted huffing and moans bled through the speakers. The occasional breathy ‘Risette’ and needy ‘Rise-chan’ mixing with the club song that continued to drone on and on. It urged her to continue. These were her fans, she had to do it for them.

Cum spurted down her throat, straight into her stomach, and the channel in front of her was changed. Her focus switched to the cocks beside her. The music thumped louder in her ears and seemed to speed up. The speed of her strokes picked up to match with the beat. Moans crackled through the speakers again and two heavy globs of cum shot onto her face and hair. The channels changed.

Three more cocks. Three more fans for Rise to thank.

“That’s more like it! Isn’t it better to just give everyone what they want?”

Rise hummed as she slipped a cock into her mouth, not really listening to the words her counterpart was saying. Still, her message seeped into her mind and carved itself into the back of her skull. Give everyone a show. It’s all that people really cared about. Give the fans as much love as they gave her.

Eagerly, she bobbed her head along this cock as she beat off the other ones. Her tongue traced and swirled around whatever she could stuff into her mouth. She gasped as she pulled away with a loud ‘pop’ that echoed in that staticky chamber of TVs and latched her mouth onto the cock to her left. She lapped and sucked whatever she could reach before doing the same to the one on her right. Rise felt each cock throb in her grip. Soon, they all shot their load onto her, painting her face white. Her shadow said something but it didn’t register, she was too busy licking up whatever cum dripped onto her lips. She huffed as the channels flickered again.

Though, this time it was different.

Even in her lustful frenzy, the sight in front of her gave her some pause. Instead of a cock pushing its way through the TV, a pair of slim legs followed by a pair of slim hips passed through the screen. Rise blinked before it clicked. Memories of a few disheveled girls that couldn’t meet her gaze at meetups flashed in her spinning mind. Ah.

She felt a pair of hands, whether it was her fans helping her out again or her shadow, she didn’t know, push her forward. Her lips met the stranger’s pussy in a messy, clumsy way. Unsure of what to do, she let instinct take over. Just because she had zero experience with this, didn’t mean Risette couldn’t show every single fan her love and appreciation. Her hands rested on the stranger’s hips, her once immaculately manicured nails digging into their flesh, as she dragged her tongue between their folds. Tangy salt seeped into her tongue as she lapped at the stranger. It was so different from what she was used to that night but so familiar at the same time. She was at least aware of what felt good here. The scent of her fan was also familiar. She shifted upward, latching her lips onto their clit and giving a heavy suck.

A moan bled through the stereo and once again urged Rise forward.

She swirled her tongue around the stiff clit in between hard sucks before diving downward to drag the flat of her tongue across them once more. The tip of her tongue threatened to slip inside and that seemed to make her fan gasp. She felt their hips squirm under her grasp, their thighs nearly clamping around her skull and thrusting her deeper ‘inside’. She swore she felt her fan twitch under her tongue as if they were begging for something to be inside them. She moved downward, understanding that need more than anyone else she serviced that night, and tried to push her tongue inside them.

Breathy, desperate pants echoed in the club and seeped into Rise’s pores.

Unsure of what else to do, she thrust her tongue in and out. She couldn’t get in there deep but god, did she try. She had to. She had to make her fan feel all the appreciation she could give.

More needy moans played, desperation dripping more and more with every thrust of Rise’s tongue. Soon, she felt their walls twitch and convulse around her tongue. Their hips bucked and squirmed in her hands as a long, drawn-out groan rang in her ears.

The channel switched. Another pair of legs, thicker and heavier, and another pussy met her lips. She lapped at it needily, noticing that the taste was heavier than the last fan she serviced. The feeling of their sex was different too. But it did little to deter the idol. She suckled and licked at them, intently listening to their moans over the speaker for any sort of feedback. They sighed and squirmed under her touch, a pair of hands once again grabbing onto her pigtails and pulling her up onto their clit. Immediately, she sucked and prodded at it. The moans grew needier and more desperate. She bounced the bud on her tongue. This time, thick thighs actually clamped themselves around her head as her pigtails were yanked on harder. Pain ripped through Rise’s scalp but she kept going. She sucked hard on their clit. A thick splash met her face, much thinner and somehow messier than the cumshots she got from her other fans that night.

Once more, the channel switched to another fan, this one having a cock once again. Rise dove forward and got to work.

Her jaw and tongue ached as she serviced countless amounts of fans, some having cocks and others not, she still gave them the same love and care she could manage.

It was all she, Everybody’s Idol, Risette, could do!

She didn’t care if she didn’t get any relief herself. It was all about them tonight, even if it took some massive encouragement from her other self and her fans. Cum clung to her skin and tongue as she worshipped everyone. Her hands were sticky with quim and pre as her shadow switched up the TVs; sometimes it was just the one fan, other times it was three cocks, sometimes it was two cocks and one cunt, other times it was an awkward mixture of the two as she tried to finger two people while her face was squished against someone’s pelvis.

It was all for them.

“Let’s give Risette some applause, everyone!”

Distorted cheers played over the speakers as she fell to the ground in a dazed huff. Saliva dripped from her gaping mouth as she desperately tried to gather her breath. She felt pride swell inside her chest as everyone thanked her for tonight.

Encore! Encore! Encore! Encore!

Rise shuddered as she forced herself up onto her knees as the cheers and demand for more boomed in the club. She smiled weakly.

Her counterpart wrapped her arms around her and pulled her in for another kiss. “Listen to them! I think you know what we gotta do… I know you’re tired, but just hold out, okaaay?~”

A small, exhausted groan slipped past Rise’s lips but she gave a nod. A snap of her shadow’s fingers and she was suddenly half-inside the TV. Or rather, half outside it. It took a second for her fuck drunk brain to sync up with her body before the panic settled in. Her hands jumped onto the candy red TV for dear life as her feet tried to find their footing on the other side.

She felt fingers hooking into her panties and sliding them down her legs. Soon, those surprisingly large hands planted themselves on her hips and hoisted them upward. The person on the other side was either really tall or the other side of the portal was at a strange angle. She felt something push against her wet pussy; something blunt and possibly overwhelmingly thick.

For what was the dozenth time that night, Rise’s eyes shot wide open as she realized what was going on. “Ah, w-wait, I—!!!” Her voice jumped an octave as her fan’s cock pushed its way inside her. She grit her teeth as her legs kicked and her hips squirmed. As wet as her virgin cunt was, her fan was so big!

She cried out as they sank deeper inside her. She felt so tight that she thought she might pop or split in two! This was not how she expected to lose her virginity. This fan had no idea that they popped their idol’s cherry!

A deep groan crackled over the speakers and was followed by a string of gruff curses.

Their thrusts were slow and shallow as if they were figuring it out rather than trying to hold back for her sake. The grip on her hips grew tighter as they bucked their hips, their cock slamming against her womb. A loud yelp escaped the girl and bounced off the club’s walls, drowning out the muttering of the person on the other side. Their thrusts grew faster. She felt something slap her ass in between each thrust, followed by a faint splash onto her ass and thighs. She bit down on her lip, her knuckles growing white as she gripped harder onto the TV frame. Ah, this was so weird! Her pussy twitched as she imagined what was going on on the other side.

She wondered if the sound of the club’s music drowned out the slick sounds of her pussy and the heavy slaps of their flesh against each other. She wondered what their face might have looked like as they fucked her pussy. She wondered how weird this might have been for them too.

She wondered if her other fans were disappointed that they weren’t the ones to take her virginity…

Guilt panged inside her chest at the thought… though, it was hard to dwell on it as the fan on the other side grew rougher. She moaned as their cock stroked her sensitive spots and hit even deeper ones. Her walls squeezed around her fan, twitching obscenely as she felt pressure begin to build inside her. She panted and threw her head back, her auburn locks sweeping across the pulsating floor.

Ah, shit.

Their thrusts grew wilder. The grip on her hips tightened even more, to the point where there’d definitely be hand-shaped bruises in what she assumed was the morning. With how slick she was, she didn’t notice how much pre was being shot into her cunt. She wailed as the fan slammed against her cervix again and sent a spike of painful pleasure driving itself into her core. Slam. Slam. Slam. Slam!

Rise cried out one last time. Her eyes cracked open as her cunt spasmed around that thick, heavy cock. A rush of juices splattered onto her fan’s lap on the other side as her pussy tried to coax out a load from them.

Another string of deep, grunted-out curses bled through the speakers as that cock bottomed out inside her. Cum spurted into her cunt, splashing against her womb and painting every inch of her pussy white.

“Woah, let’s hope that didn’t get you pregnant! That’d really affect our comeback tour!”

Rise whined as her fan pulled out. The screen flickered and then another pair of distinctly different hands wrapped around her waist…

Kanji lay on his living room couch, confused. He didn’t even remember passing out here. He must’ve been wiped out even before trying to watch the Midnight Channel to conk out like that.

He stared up at the slightly familiar ceiling with blurry eyes as his head throbbed to a song that was currently blasting in his bed. He blinked. Pink, yellow, navy, and cyan swirled in the corners of his vision. A hand raised itself to wipe the sleep from his eyes. He grimaced when he shifted his legs and felt…sticky.

The song was still playing in his head.

He didn’t listen to shit like that. Where the fuck did he even hear that to get stuck in his head?

He groaned as he sat up. The heel of his hand dug into his forehead as he tried to blink away those colors at least if the song wasn’t going to let up.

His eyes laid themselves onto the only TV in the house, a large CRT TV that he still managed to tower over, before noticing something near the base. He pushed himself onto his feet, his body swaying as he tried to collect himself. He staggered towards the device and felt his pupils shrink to pinpricks when he noticed what it was.

An unmistakable pair of plain, white panties.

He gulped as he scooped up the still-damp fabric and rushed to the bathroom, not caring if he was going to wake his Ma up with all the ruckus. His pulse quickened as his brain tried to piece together fragmented memories that were slipping through his fingers. He slipped off his boxers and felt ice water rush through his veins.

Pink, yellow, navy, and powder blue lip marks smeared all over his cock.