Lie Back and Think Of...

Author's Notes: god i love kamoshida!!!!

Rin hated this but what could she do?

They had an arrangement, after all.

Her body in exchange for her and the others ‘freedom’, if one could even call it that.

Her jaw ached from how hard she grit her teeth. Hot, fat tears welled up in her eyes and fogged up her already filthy glasses as she sucked in a shaky breath. Her muscles strained to keep herself completely still. She had to lock herself up entirely. There was no way she’d make this easier for him.

Kamoshida might punish her later for being uncooperative but there was no way she was going to act like a good, submissive little doll for him. Ironically, that’s what she was. If she did nothing but lay there on his desk, completely still and stiff as a board, then what was she exactly?

The thought made her hiccup.

“Are you crying, Amamiya-chan?” Kamoshida asked. His voice, deep and dark as the coffee Sojiro brewed her this morning, sounded sickly sweet. A white-hot something, it wasn’t bile but she wished it was just so she could spit it all over him, rose in her throat as he feigned concern for her. “Typical, really. Girls like you come in guns-a-blazing...”

His hands roamed across her body. His stupid big hands felt rough and reminded her of home. Warm but unloving. Just like dad. Just like mom. But even worse. So, so, so much worse. She hated it. She hated this.

“But freeze up once the game starts properly,” he said with a chuckle. Roughly, he more or less tore her uniform and bra up her chest. The tight fabric and underwire dug into her skin and painted angry red lines and indents. Greedily, he groped her fat tits. His thumbs, his stupid strong thumbs, circled around her puffy areolas. “Cute. Suzui’s were about as big as yours... but her nipples were tiny and flat. It made playing with them difficult.”

Another hiccup.

“...Please don’t...” She managed to get out. “D-don’t bring her up...”

“What? You jealous? I’m sorry, that was inconsiderate of me, wasn’t it?” His laughter boomed throughout the room. “I normally don’t bring up other girls when I’m with someone. She’s just so fresh in my mind. You remind me of her a little. She was just as stiff.”

He punctuated this statement with a pinch to both of her still-hidden nipples. Humming to himself, he dove towards her chest. His tongue, big and stupid like the rest of him, dragged across her nipple. It swirled and prodded the tiny slit. The very tip managed to get in to tease the slowly stiffening nub. He kept this up until it pulled a sharp gasp from deep inside her throat. She swore she could feel him smile around her tit.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck why did she do that?!

Emboldened, Kamoshida pulled away but continued to grope and massage her heavy tits. “You all act like you hate it but wind up begging for it in the end. I don’t care what you wind up doing but I always prefer fucking a tight and wet cunt. Suzui could barely take it—Ah, sorry, I went and did it again.”

Unable to stay still any longer, Rin sat up and tried to push herself off the desk. One hand rose to wipe at her blurry eyes as the other blindly tried to punch him in the solar plexus... Only for the girl to get slammed back onto the desk. The heel of his hand dug hard into her shoulder as she kicked and writhed on top of his papers that loudly crinkled and shuffled under her.

“Haha, I don’t think so, slut,” he muttered before shoving her upwards. Her head slammed into the wall hard enough to make her glasses bounce. Pain shattered through her skull as colors exploded in the corners of her vision. “Make this any more difficult for me and I won’t think twice about bringing you and those two brats up at the next staff meeting. I might even bring up Takamaki too.”

“No! I-I’ll be good! I’ll be good! Leave them alone!”

“That’s more like it. Now stay the fuck still.” Shuddering breaths fell from her lips as she squeezed her eyes shut and spread her legs for the abusive prick. That got a laugh out of him. “Good girl.”

Shameful arousal burned through Rin’s supple body. Why, why, why did she like that?! Why did those words have to come from his lips? Why, why, why, why?!

Then, something pressed against her regrettably wet cunt through her now damp tights. She wished that it was sweat that they were damp with but she knew better than that. She fantasized enough during classes to know what being wet felt like. She just wished that it wasn’t for him. It moved up to her clit. The soaked cotton of her boy shorts felt almost coarse against her stiff clit in the best-worst way. It was embarrassing how it forced another sound from her.

He pulled away... Only for her to feel both his hands on her thighs and his fingers—that was what was against her earlier, at least it wasn’t his dick that would probably be big and stupid like the rest of him—hook into the nylon tights and...


A large hole in the middle of her crotch formed along with a few smaller ones further down her thighs. The warm air felt ice cold on her semi-obscured pussy and wet thighs. Once more, his hands were on her pussy. She imagined his lips curled into a sneer as he toyed with her plump and puffy lips. He groped them, ran his finger along her slit, disturbed her moist pubic hair and even threatened to push her panties inside of her all the while ignoring her clit. It felt perverse. More perverse than this situation had any right to be.

What was his deal? Why was he like this?

Why did it feel good?

Once more, Rin gritted her teeth and tried to ignore it. Her eyes squeezed even tighter as she tried to think of anything. Absolutely anything. Anything but the molestation she was going through right now. Nothing came. All she was aware of was the sensation of him teasing and touching her. Both hands were on her cunt.

Then, it ended.

Rin didn’t know whether to cry with relief or from the lack of contact.

She let go of that breath she didn’t know she was holding only to hold it once again. He pushed her panties to the side. She braced herself for what she imagined his cock might feel like, only for it to never come. Instead, two of his large fingers—something that felt just as big as a cock or what she imagined one would feel like—slid inside her without any effort.

“Wow,” he said with a low whistle. “I didn’t know I had touched you that much, Amamiya-chan... Or are you just that excited to be with me, hm?”

Her teeth sank into her bottom lip. No, she wouldn’t let him make her moan. Not again. Not again. Not again—


God, she wanted to die.

Pleasure tore through her body as Kamoshida fingered her. The pads of his fingers ran along her upper wall. It felt so different than when she would masturbate. When she masturbated, it felt good, but she was so distracted by the feeling of her own pussy that it didn’t feel as amazing as it should have. Now, it was all she could think about. She could only focus on the way her walls twitched and throbbed around his long and thick fingers. Her body betrayed her as he picked up the pace. His palm smacked the inside of her thighs as he made her take him to the last knuckle. He curled his fingers each time he pulled out just enough to try to search for her g-spot, or what she thought was her g-spot anyway. All she could focus on was the weird sponginess of her walls whenever she’d try to look. Now, he just kept attacking it. Her walls convulsed around him as he continued to play with her. Arousal seeped from her twitching cunt and coated his digits in a thick, shiny gloss with each thrust. It spilled onto his hands and onto the desk. She felt wet on and under her ass as her juices ran along her crack and into the fabric of her skirt and onto the hard surface under her.




Stop asking.” His voice made her shudder. “We stop when I’m damn well ready to stop and we aren’t close to that. I’m going to make you cum and cum again until you’re begging me to fuck you into that desk. You’re going to take my cock until you break and never think of crossing me again. Then, if you ask nice enough in the future? I might think about doing it all over again.”

Rin sobbed as tears finally rolled down her face. She knocked her glasses off and sent them clattering to the floor as she tried to wipe away any evidence of emotion. He couldn’t squeeze anything else out of her. She couldn’t, no, wouldn’t let him.

His thrusts grew faster. Wilder but still concentrated and restrained. She imagined they were a blur between her quaking thighs. Her thighs twitched as they slowly rose off the desk a centimeter or two. Her ass clenched as she tried to fight her body’s natural urges. It only got worse once his thumb rested against her clit.


She cried out as her back arched against the desk. He chuckled. His thumb circled around her clit in rough half-circles as his fingers continued to curl and scissor inside her needy pussy. White-hot and shameful arousal burned through her body as her nerves lit themselves on fire. Pleasure crackled through her veins and drove straight into her core.

Why did he have to be good at this? Why couldn’t he just be some selfish asshole who took what he wanted and didn’t give a shit about her pleasure? Realistically, he didn’t right now. It was just about grinding what little self-worth and confidence she had into fine dust. His trying to make her orgasm was just him celebrating her defeat.

A victory lap while she wailed on the sidelines with no one to comfort her.

Pressure built inside of her. A familiar one. She didn’t go to the bathroom before coming to his office. She had been too nervous about making him wait when she got that text message. Pure unadulterated panic pulsed through her veins as she shot back up, only to be shoved backward once again.

“Trying to run again? Stay the fuck down, Amamiya.”

“N-no! You—I-I can’t! Please Kamoshida-sensei! I-I ha-have to go! I have to go!”

“Stay down! I’ll beat this pretty chest black and blue if I have to, and I really really really don’t want to do that.”

A sob tore itself from her and forced her body to quake and shake as she tried to keep still. Her body screamed at her to get up and run to the bathroom. But it was too late. Her legs kicked and thrashed in the air before trying to clench her thighs tightly together. A tiny squirt of hot piss splattered onto his palm.

It was a tiny squirt. Then another one. And another one.

“Fuck!” he cursed as he pulled his fingers out of her cunt.

She wished she could have made a ‘graceful’ arc into the air and piss all over the front of his shirt. It would have gotten her punished but it would have made her pride feel better. Instead, it was a pathetic trickle onto his desk. It seeped through her tights, panties, and skirt and puddled under all the layers. The strong scent filled the already warm air as the puddle grew bigger and bigger and bigger. Then it ran off the desk in hot, salty golden rivulets.

After what felt like an eternity, Rin finished pissing herself and sobbed.

“Fuck sakes. Clean this up and go home,” he spat at her before rubbing his wet hands on the front of her skirt. “You’re lucky you have a hot body, Amamiya. Otherwise, I’d call the parole board myself. If you’re good, we can pick this up tomorrow. Shit, you’re a fucking embarrassment.”

With that, he left the room with a slam of the door, leaving Rin to cry as she tried to clean up her mess.