Hey, Hey, Let's Go

Author's Notes: junpei iori is the fictional love of my life. this is not a bashing fic. i just have a weird kink and he fits it so well.

prompt: (P4AU) Junpei loses against Margaret and gets femdommed

Warning: cock and ball torture, ballbusting aka margaret stomps his dick a bunch

“Oh, come o—“ Junpei couldn’t even finish his complaint before Yoshitsune slashed at him. The impact sent him flying across the Junes eatery.

Even in his rattled state, the sound of Margaret’s heels clacking against the pavement sounded loud and clear. They might as well have been gunshots going off with how loud it felt.

She dashed forward and somehow caught up to him. Her arms wrapped around his slim waist. They were in the air. Then, complete and utter impact with the ground. Pain shot through his neck and shoulders. Shockwaves wracked his body as stars clouded his already spinning vision.

He folded over on himself as the woman let go of him and eventually rolled onto his back. The sound of a bell ringing and the shattering and disappearance of the ring soon followed.

He felt like he was going to throw up. How did she have more than one persona at a time? Was she like his former leader? Ugh. It didn’t matter. As pain ebbed through his body, he couldn’t help but ask; did all of her Personas have to be that strong?

He lay on the ground, muscles throbbing and burning in ways he didn’t care for, and his mind spun as if he had just stepped off the worst roller coaster in his life. Margaret strolled towards him with intent. From this angle, he got a pretty good look at how long and elegant her legs were… and her bust looked pretty good from down here. But. He couldn’t properly appreciate it. Not with the piercing stare she gave him.

A laugh spilled from her painted lips as she crossed her arms in front of her chest, her foot tapping against his leg. “My sister didn’t tell me a lot about her guest’s friends, but, you really are quite a character in this fairy tale. You fight in quite a chaotic but deliberate manner. Although, I feel you were holding back. Why was that?”

Junpei sputtered then shrugged. “I don’t feel right hitting a pretty girl,” he said, squeezing out all the suave he could muster from his words.

The ball of her foot slammed itself into his crotch. Pain split itself through his body. Nerves that were already raw and screaming from the abuse she dealt him lit up like the sky during the summer festivals. He coughed. That earlier nausea washed over him. Bile rose in his throat. He rushed to roll onto his side and spew out whatever was left in his stomach from before he got onto the train. He heaved but nothing mercifully came. Her foot pushed him back onto his back before grinding against his cock as if it were a cigarette. He shook as he tried to pull himself away.

“T-take it easy! I-it was a joke, I’m sorry—“

“I don’t take kindly to opponents who don’t give it their all during a battle. It’s an insult. When I fight, I expect my opponent to rise to the challenge and show me their full potential. If they hold back because of such ridiculous notions of chivalry,” she continued before mercifully lifting her foot off of him. A sound that could only be described as both a gasp and a sigh of utter relief tore itself from his throat. Then, she slammed her foot down against him again. Colors exploded in his vision as it began to fade to white. “I believe that that’s an appropriate amount of punishment. Forgive me for possibly overreacting but perhaps now you’ve learned not to restrain yourself for anyone.”

Junpei could only muster a cough in response even as she sank beside him. Her hands stroked along his thigh. He flinched away from her out of pure instinct as his groin throbbed in pain. Laughter bubbled in her throat as she pulled him towards her.

“You’re conscious even after all that,” she purred. Or maybe he was just reading too deeply into things.

“I-I… I’m, uh, fuck, tougher than I look…” He knew that there was no way he’d come out sounding cool and confident even if she hadn’t made work of his dick just a few moments ago. Still, he wanted to muster at least a drop of composure. It all fell apart once her elegant hands popped open his belt and slid into his uniform pants. “H-hey wait, what’re you doing–”

“You’ve caught me in a particular mood.”

Before he could have a chance to respond, whether it was another flustered question or a lame attempt at being suave was a mystery, Margaret’s hand pulled out his cock. He winced as her grip was too tight for his tender flesh. His eyes squeezed themselves shut before he could notice her smile twitching into an icy smile. “Consider this a reward for taking your punishment as well as you have.”

“You’re… kinda bein’ rough still…”

“If my sister’s observations about your… collection are correct, I would have assumed that this was something you were interested in.”

Ice water and utter confusion pulsed through his veins as she lazily jerked him off. Her grip was still tight. Her palms were soft. Silky even. It should have been pleasant. The friction on his bruising cock however was not. He hissed through his teeth as she kept up the strokes. Whether it was because it was someone other than him touching his cock, the fact that it was someone as hot as her doing it, him being a weird masochist, or perhaps an unholy mix of all four options, Junpei’s cock stiffened in her grasp. It didn’t take long for beads of pre to form at his tip. The clear sticky fluid welled up in his foreskin and threatened to dribble out if Margaret didn’t smear it across his shaft. The faint slickness felt almost mercifully soothing on his cock.

“It appears that you’re feeling better. Would you like to move on?”


She chuckled before snapping her fingers. The black pantyhose under her dress coat began to fade away and now the bare skin of her gorgeous legs was revealed to him. It was then that Junpei realized how unworldly Margaret looked. Her and her siblings. They were gorgeous, don’t get him wrong. But he had never seen anyone so beautiful outside of manga and video games. With skin that pale, shouldn’t he see veins?

He was immediately torn out of his thoughts. Margaret lifted her dress and revealed herself to him. A bush that was the same shade as her hair surrounded a thick cock and fat pair of balls. He swallowed. She was thicker than he was. His cock throbbed at the sight of her nonetheless.

She squatted down and hooked her hands into his uniform pants and tore them off. Her hands then hooked in the back of his knees and folded him in half. Junpei huffed. His still sore cock throbbed as the blonde positioned herself above him. Her ass hovered atop his cock as her own seemed to twitch in anticipation.

“Wait, hold on, shouldn’t… Ya get lubed up or something?”

“Don’t worry about it. I assure you that everything will be fine,” she whispered. Her voice washed over his bruised body and instantly relaxed. He didn’t know how to explain what was happening. All he could do was just experience it. “Brace yourself.”

Another huff escaped him as he watched the tip of his cock—or the best that he could from this angle—sink into her shapely ass. The tightness was almost unbearable. Yet, she was incredibly slick. What was going on? It felt amazing, nonetheless. A groan escaped him as she sank further down. She was the tightest around her entrance but it felt divine. His cock was surrounded by a slick warmth that he hadn’t experienced before. Then, she began to move. He imagined that her cock and plump balls bounced with each ‘thrust’ in a way that was hypnotizing. The same with her breasts that were still hidden behind her dress. Another groan slipped past his swollen lips.

Sweat dripped down his brow despite him not doing much in this position. Uncomfortable—only because his balls would smack against her ass and get squished under her weight—pleasure built inside of him. His tender balls tightened. His breathing grew heavier. Moans slipped from his gaping mouth in between each labored breath.

“Not yet.”


“You will not reach your peak. Not until I’m satisfied.”

He gritted his teeth as his mind desperately scrambled to think about anything but his cock. After all, Junpei knew how she could get when frustrated. None of it worked. She just felt so good!

Margaret’s nails sank into his legs as she started to pick up the pace. Her plush ass slapped against Junpei’s nuts. Pre dripped from her twitching cock and onto his folded stomach. He shivered. Her moans began to drip from her painted lips. The sound was so beautiful. His cock throbbed inside of her as her moaning grew louder and louder.

Then, he came.

Pleasure crackled through his body. Then… nothing. No relief came. His cock felt tight. Too tight. As did his balls. He squirmed under the bouncing woman as the pleasure continued to build and build and build.

“H-hey, wh-whats going on—!!!

“I, ah, I told you. You will not orgasm until I’m satisfied.”

He gulped.

Five more ‘orgasms’ tore through Junpei’s poor body by the time Margaret came herself. Every stroke felt like a building orgasm. One that’d never come. Desperate pants fell from his lips as his cock throbbed painfully inside Margaret’s devilishly perfect ass. Her head fell back as her back arched. One of the buttons in her coat popped from the sudden movement. Her grip on his legs grew tighter as her own orgasm ripped through her. Cum splattered across Junpei’s stomach, chest, and even his face. He huffed as the milky substance rolled down his jaw and neck in a way that tickled him. Everything was setting him off. He felt so good. Too good. It was unbearable!

Then, sweet relief finally came.

Cum, more cum than he ever let out in his life, rushed from his cock and flooded Margaret’s insides. It splattered against her walls and into her depths. His balls thumped against her cheeks as he desperately tried to keep himself on earth. Colors spun in his vision as another rush of cum spurted inside of her. Then another. And another. And another.

He couldn’t breathe. He couldn’t move. He couldn’t think.

Pure panic pulsed through his veins as his orgasm drew itself out.

Finally, relief came.

As Margaret pulled herself off his cock, cum rushed out of her twitching, gaping hole and onto the ground. It would have been an arousing sight if Junpei wasn’t half-dead at the moment.

“Not bad. I do wonder how your friends will compare in the future. Thank you for your time. I hope you’ve learned to not hold back and underestimate your opponents now.”

“R...right,” was all Junpei could murmur before blacking out.