Girl Talk

Author's Notes: AYASEEEEE

“You’re usually so eager, Haru-tan,” Yuka, the wife of one of her father’s associates, teased. Her manicured nails raked across Haru’s generous curves, making the young girl shiver, before resting both hands on her plush ass. The tips of her fingers traced along the lacy trim of her underwear, as if she was threatening to slip them under her panties. “What’s up?”

Laughing airily, Haru peeked over her shoulder with a sheepish smile. “Well, it’s... it’s just, well, it seems so... much bigger than usual.”

Yuka giggled. Her hips pushed forward. The fat tip of her strap-on, something that Haru was extremely familiar with, dove between the girl’s thick thighs. The silicone shaft brushed against her slit and forced a gasp out of her. It didn’t matter whether it was through her sodden panties or not. She reacted just the same. She was so wet. So wet that the faintest of pressure was enough to make her puffy lips part.

Though, this wasn’t the hole that Yuka was interested in tonight.

“I’ll be gentle. I always, like, treat my fave toys—especially my cutest girl—super gentle and stuff, don’t I?” The woman asked with a click of her tongue. A loud “whap!” echoed through the room and a red-hot sensation burned through Haru’s body soon after. Another one cracked through the air and the familiar burn ebbed through her other ass cheek. Her flesh wobbled from the impact as each spank sent ripples across the younger girl’s deliciously plump body. “Right, Haru-tan?”

“Y-yes! Right, I-I mean... I... I just... I never done it there before...” Haru stammered as her fingers twisted themselves into Yuka’s bed sheets. Then, there was another smack across her now bright pink ass.“Ah!”

With a sigh, Yuka gently stroked Haru’s sore bottom. “You didn’t play with yourself like I told you to?”

“N-no, I’m sorry... I-I just felt so... dirty touching myself there...”

A small laugh escaped her as Yuka leaned forward. The strap-on brushed against Haru’s crotch once again as she pressed a tender kiss against the girl’s shoulder.

“I promise you it’s not dirty. But, I promise I’ll be extra gentle then for you, my favorite girl’s first ass fucking,” she cooed. The sweetness of her voice was a stark contrast to the filth dripping from her lips. Finally, she pulled the soaked lace and cotton down Haru’s wide hips. The slick fabric peeled away from the girl's body and fell onto the mattress in a heap around her knees.

Then, she repositioned herself behind the girl. The purple dildo slid between her thigh thighs. The toy glided across her slick cunt. Each stroke between her puffy folds and stiff clit coated the silicone in a shinier, thicker gloss of arousal. After a few more, or perhaps a dozen more, Haru was too dazed to tell, Yuka pulled away much to her chagrin... Only to rest the toy between Haru’s fat cheeks.

Yuka’s hands parted her lover’s flesh to reveal the sight of her untouched virgin asshole. She grinned. Her hand wrapped around her fake cock and lined it up with Haru’s ass. Slowly, ever so slowly, it circled around the now twitching hole.

A whine escaped the girl as she tried to relax. The key word being tried. She couldn’t help but clench her cheeks but Yuka would not let her. Her other hand kept a firm grip on her cheek as she teased the tiny pucker. Haru’s fingers twisted themselves in Yuka’s bed sheets as she allegedly tried to ease her into things.

Then, it began to sink inside.

It was slow. Torturous even. Though, Haru didn’t know if that was how she’d truly describe the experience. Most of her was thankful that her lover was treating her like the most fragile piece of glass at the moment. It was as if she was one of those tacky porcelain horses in the foyer. And yet, the tiniest and somehow loudest part of Haru wanted Yuka to truly take the reins.

As she winced and whined, Haru couldn’t help but fantasize about Yuka gripping onto her fluffy girls, pinning her to the mattress, and using her former virgin asshole like a stress toy. More and more of the fat fake phallus sank into her hole. She wasn’t sure if it hurt or if she even liked it.

It was just so... tight. So foreign. So new!

She needed to feel and experience more... Just to be sure.

Confused moans fell from her mouth as Yuka ever so slightly picked up the pace. The strap popped in and out of Haru’s tight rim. They were shallow thrusts. Ones that didn’t even force half of the shaft inside. Still, it was more than enough to make the girl’s fat ass jiggle and clap with each slam of the hips.

She slipped her hand between Haru’s legs and slinked it around her front. The pad of her manicured finger teased and circled around her stiff clit.


Once again, Yuka grinned.

Her fingers were clumsy thanks to the now erratic, shallow pace her hips set but it was more than enough to make Haru melt. More of her moans filled the room as the slick sounds of her pussy and skin smacking against skin continued to play out.

Haru’s knees quaked before her arms gave out under her. Her hips pushed upwards as her fat tits squished against the bed. It was all so much! She couldn’t take it anymore! Three more thrusts later, Haru came.

Yuka pulled out and watched as the girl fell completely limp and panted for several minutes before coming back to earth. Chuckling, she took off the strap-on and snuggled up close to the younger girl. “And how was that?”

“Good... R-really... real good... Th-though...” Haru managed to get out in between pants as she nuzzled her lover. “Could... could you maybe bring the pink toy—th-the bigger one—for the next time you use my butt, Nanjo-san?”