Yu Narukami Drinks Folgers for 7 Minutes Uninterrupted

Author's Notes: thank u to my wife for titling this commission for me

It was impossible to ignore the weight of her brother’s gaze as Nanako’s bedtime grew closer and closer. A lump appeared in Yuka’s throat as his fingers grazed themselves along her shoulder and eventually her side. Blood buzzed in her ears as her blush steadily grew more intense with each stroke he gave her. Her heart throbbed as Yu pulled her close. So close that his breath ghosted over her flushed skin for a long moment. With each breath that washed over her, a wave of goosebumps raised under her skin and caused her to tingle.

Her eyes flickered towards Nanako who was none-the-wiser. She continued to lay on her stomach in front of the TV, her feet gently swinging back and forth, as her eyes stayed glued to the Featherman R reruns. Yuka looked towards the door and then the clock that floated in the corner of the TV screen. Uncle Ryotaro hadn’t called about being late. Then again, when did he ever?

Regardless, it was dangerous for her twin brother to be so affectionate here in the open.

Before she could give him a hushed ‘cut it out’, Featherman R had ended.

“Big Sis, Big Bro, I’m gonna go to bed now,” Nanako said with a yawn.

“Did you get your homework done?” Yu asked. His voice was sweet and steady as if he wasn’t three seconds away from making out with her just a moment ago.


“Alright, have a good sleep, Nanako-chan. I think Yuka and I are gonna head to sleep too.”

Without a word, Yu got up from the couch and held out a hand for her to take. Yuka swallowed. Shakily, she took his hand and followed him up to their room just down the hall from Nanako’s. She couldn’t hear her own thoughts over the beating of her heart. Before the door could even properly close, Yu was on her.

His hands firmly placed themselves onto her hips as he stole a kiss. His lips felt softer than hers. It was something that bothered her. Still, she melted into her twin’s embrace. Her hands rested on his shoulders while his slipped onto her ass. She gasped as his long fingers sank into the curve of her ass through her jeans.

“Big Brother,” she breathed before returning the kiss in earnest.

Her hips gently ground against his as he yanked her closer. Their hips stapled themselves together. Friction. They craved fiction. That ache, that need, that desperation for it. It all wasn’t enough to make them pull away. His hands dipped further down and gripped onto her slim thighs before pulling her up. A startled, muffled squeal escaped her as Yu picked her up and carried her onto that tiny couch despite them leaving the futon out. He was gentle as he laid her down but she felt like that tenderness was not going to last much longer.

“I’ve been wanting you all day, Yuka,” he murmured.

“You always ‘want’ me though, Big Brother.”

His lips quirked into a smirk. His fingers hooked themselves into her jeans and yanked them off her body. A yelp escaped her as he lifted her shirt and useless bra over her flat chest. Hungrily, his mouth dove forward to attack. One hand rested on her breast as he lavished attention on the other. The pads of his fingers squeezed what precious little flesh was there. His thumb swiped across her nipple before giving it a small pinch. “Fuck, Yu—!!!”

He chuckled to himself before suckling on her tit. His lips formed a tight seal around her nipple—he apparently thought they were cute but she didn’t get it—which sent sparks of pleasure to her core. Her eyes squeezed themselves shut and her teeth sank into her bottom lip. Muffled cries and shuddering moans managed to escape her as Yu worshipped her small breasts. She didn’t get it. She didn’t get it at all. It wasn’t as if she had big tits, the mass of both of them wouldn’t even be enough to be half a handful in her eyes, and yet her brother loved them all the same. Saliva and hickeys soon decorated her pale skin.

Panting, Yuka mustered the will to push her brother’s face away from her chest. “I-I... Please?”

A sweet smile spread itself across his lips. Without a word, he pulled away just enough to undo and kick off his pants. Her panties—slick and sticky with her arousal, ugh, why did he work her up this fast—were pushed to the side. His hands rested on the back of her knees and pushed them towards her shoulders as his knees rested beside her hips. Then, he leaned in to give her another kiss. “You’re so cute,” he murmured.

The seconds it took for Yu to line his cock up with her almost dripping pussy had felt like an eternity. The fat head slid and prodded against her slit. Occasionally, it’d miss entirely and slide upwards and grind against her clit. As delicious as that sweet fiction was, it served as a reminder that he neglected to put on a condom. And her cycle was bound to start soon. “Ah, wait—Yu, you’re not—!!!

A loud whine tore itself from her throat as Yu slammed his hips down against her. He shuddered above has as he bottomed out in his sister’s pussy. Every inch of his raw cock was buried inside of her. She swore she could feel his balls thumping against her. “S-sorry, I-I... I-I’m too... You were so cute, I-I couldn’t wait—fuck, I can’t...” he panted. Between each word, he lifted up his hips only to slam them back down again.

Each hard, deep thrust sent a jolt to each nerve that felt like a Ziodyne. Her toes curled above him as her eyes rolled back. She wasn’t sure she had ever taken him this deep before! It felt so different than when she rode him, despite their hips being just as close as then. Her cunt twitched around his bare cock. This was so bad and yet it felt too good to stop. It was too late to stop.

“Yu, I—” Yuka whimpered.

“M-me too,” he whispered back before stealing another kiss from her.

The two of them last a couple more thrusts before pure sensation overtook them. Yu buried himself to the hilt as Yuka pulsed around him. A groan escaped them both as his cum flooded her womb. A shudder ran through his body before he shakily pulled himself out.

“S-sorry, I-I... I just love you so much, Yuka.”

Yuka huffed before giving him a lop-sided smile. “I love you too, Big Brother.”