Your Special Little One

Author's Notes: is this orientation play? idk.

"Go on. Don't tell me that you were all talk, Yuka," Adachi said as he leaned back on Dojima's couch. His eyes sparkled mischievously as he took in the sight of his superior's charge with The Rise Kujikawa in front of him. "I'll give ya what you want. Just do this for me, okay?" he said, this time in a sweeter tone. Yuka softened before giving him a nod.

Shakily, the girl reached for her girlfriend--it was so wrong of her to have such an intense crush on someone when she was dating someone else--and pulled her into a kiss. Rise stiffened. The intensity of Adachi's gaze was distracting, to say the least. Still, her senpai's lips felt nice, so, she kissed her back. Adachi hummed in contentment. "Touch her." Yuka's hands reached for Rise's breasts. They were hardly big but she looked positively stacked next to Yuka. Long, elegant fingers sank into the soft flesh as she deepened the kiss. Rise's nipples stiffened under her touch. As uncomfortable as she felt with a grown man watching them, Yuka still managed to turn her on plenty. Needily, Rise pushed her chest into her palms as her hips bucked forward.

"Getting kind of bored... why don't you two start fucking now?" Gulping, Yuka pulled away just to push Rise flat against the tatami.

"I-I'm sorry, Rise," she whispered. "I just..."

"It's okay." Swallowing, Yuka slipped herself between Rise's legs. Her own long legs knocked against Rise's shapelier ones as they wiggled closer together. Their slick cunts brushed against each other. Yuka shuddered as Rise cried out in delight. She was always so sensitive. Stupidly sensitive. Adachi chuckled at the sight as he palmed his erection. Yuka bit her lip. Rise squeezed her eyes shut and desperately tried to ignore the man as the two began to buck and grind against each other. Arousal dripped onto the tatami below them as the craving for that delicious friction grew stronger. Rise ground her hips wildly against Yuka who was now the submissive one who could only lay there and take it. The fact that Adachi was watching her was so much. Too much. Loud, much louder than the sounds that she normally let out around Rise, cries filled the household as her orgasm threatened to tear through her. She couldn't last. Yuka was the first one to cum. Shuddering, the girl whimpered and cried as her girlfriend continued to rut her into the ground, chasing desperately after her own orgasm. She tried to ignore the sting in her heart as she hit her peak. Panting, the two girls lay on the floor in a sweaty, sticky heap with their legs still tangled with each other's. Satisfied, Adachi pulled himself from his slacks.

"You don't mind if Rise goes first, do you, Yuka?" Rise closed her eyes as Yuka reluctantly gave the older man a nod.