I Was Listening To The Zyuranger Theme While Writing This, Awkward

Author's Notes: crippling addiction to genderbending characters

The pencil in Kana's hands threatened to split in half thanks to the intense grip she had on it. A heavy blush stained her cheeks. If someone had walked into this corner of the library, they'd definitely know something was up even before they heard the heaviness of her breath or the whines that would occasionally slip out.

"S-senpai," she muttered. "Th-this..."

"Oh, am I going too fast for you, Kana-chan?" Yu asked. His voice was as sweet as sugar candy. No panting. Not even a single hitch of the breath. It irritated her. How could he act so calm when he was knuckles deep inside her under the desk?! "I'm not very good at explaining math, I'm sorry."

Kana huffed before hunching over the desk. Her hips squirmed on the cheap chair under her. It creaked with every movement and the faintest 'squeaks' of her now sweaty thighs that clung to the plastic. What a fucking day to wear the proper skirt with her uniform.

Yu-senpai had such a sweet face and personality. She had no idea that he was such a perv! An incredibly charming and daring one but a perv nonetheless.

His long finger went at a leisurely pace as his thumb gently circled around her stiff clit. She didn’t know if he was trying to tease and frustrate her or if he was simply trying to not be obvious. It was like torture. She was wet for him and it did feel kind of good in the “please, please, please do more” sort of way but it was still the worst. Then, a second finger slipped inside her. A shudder ran through her body and caused her walls to clench around him. It was then that his breath finally hitched. Peeking at him, she noticed the faint pink that dusted his cheeks and how his sweet smile had a heaviness to it she hadn’t seen before. Their gaze met each other. The corner of his lips twitched upwards and his fingers dove in deeper.

“Ssssseeeeennnnpai!” she keened through her teeth.

“Just… Relax, Kana-chan, it’ll be over soon…” He breathed. “Just a little more.”

His fingers thrust in and out of her slick cunt. The faint squelches of her juices seeping from her aching core and onto his nimble fingers were almost distressingly loud. Unable to control herself any longer, Kana’s hips bucked against his hand. Her clit ground against his thumb as she lost herself to the feeling. Her body burned hotter and hotter with each bump, grind, and stroke of his hand against her needy pussy.

Finally, she came.

Panting, the bleach blonde threw her head back against the chair as her senpai slid his hand from between her legs. She grimaced when she noticed the way his fingers shone with her quim under the fluorescent light. He flashed her another sweet smile before dragging his tongue across his sticky fingers.

“It’s getting pretty late,” he said as he collected his books. “Why don't we continue studying in my room? We can get… more in-depth.”

She swore that her senpai was going to kill her one day.