My Heart Is Fried

Author's Notes: written for my Ficlets for Gaza charity drive! thank you, SFM!

Yukari felt that she was swimming through a sea covered in thick fog. Her limbs flailed uselessly as she tried her best to keep her head above the water only to be lost in the mist. Desperately, her mind tried to clear itself. A voice washed over her brain and seeped into the creases and crevices of her rattled mind. Despite her foggy confusion, warmth spread itself from her body and settled inside her core. Heat licked at her skin. She squirmed as the shower water washed across her body and an Agidyne burned inside of her.

She must have just been nervous.

That had to be it.

Minato, on the other hand, was clear as day. He watched as his teammate stepped out of the bathroom, still dripping wet despite the towel wrapped around her slim body, and stripped out of his clothes. This was wrong. So, so, so wrong on so many levels. Yet, he couldn’t help it. He couldn’t get his mind off the brunette since that night on the train. She had told him and Junpei not to look at her ass. He did. How couldn’t he? It was utterly divine. He jerked off to the memory of it as soon as he got back to the dorm. She was so prickly. There was no way she’d let him have a piece of her if he asked. This was simply what he had to do it.

Fuuka desperately called out to him in his mind but he paid her none of it. This was more important.

Their lips met together in a clumsy, heated mess. Yukari wrapped her arms around his neck as he nudged that fluffy towel out of the way. Citrus-scented soap wafted into his senses as his tongue slipped into her mouth. Their tongues swirled and ground against each other as his hips snapped forward. His cock throbbed as it brushed against her toned stomach. His hands trailed along her sides and gripped onto her bubbly ass. His fingers sank into the round, firm flesh as he massaged her rear. She felt just as good as he dreamed.

With spit connecting their kiss-swollen lips, Minato broke the kiss and led Yukari to the cheesy bed that spun at a lazy pace. She fell onto it in a flushed heap as she stared up at him with hazy, glowing pink eyes. He smiled. His lips were all over Yukari’s beautiful body. Not a spot was left untouched. His cock throbbed almost painfully as it ached for contact. Not yet, he told himself. He had to make this moment last. Though, he quickly grew bored and flipped her onto her stomach to take an eyeful of her full, round ass.

Once more, his hands found themselves on her ass. He palmed her cheeks as he slipped his cock between them and gave a few thrusts.

“M-Mina... Minato... Please...”

Chuckling, he lined his cock—god, he was going to fuck Yukari Takeba raw—with her dripping entrance and sheathed himself completely inside. Velvety warmth surrounded him and sent shudders up both of their spines.

“Fuck, Yukari,” he muttered. He pulled back and thrust forward. The power of his thrust was enough to send ripples across her perky flesh. A breathy gasp and moan escaped the girl as she was fucked into the mattress. Pleasure burned through their bodies as he rutted her. His hands continued to stroke and grope her butt. “You feel so fucking good.”

“Keep going. Keep going, Minato, fucking ruin me.”

It didn’t sound like Yukari. At least, it wasn’t what Minato thought the archer would ever say to him. He wasn’t about to complain though. He was too far gone to give a shit. His hips never stopped moving. The more he got of that delicious friction, the more he wanted, no, craved.

Voices whispered in his brain. He didn’t care if it was Fuuka or someone else anymore.

All that mattered was Yukari and her perfect body.

Pants filled the room as the two of them fucked on that stupid, spinning mattress. Soon, the world faded away from the both of them as those voices grew louder and louder until he couldn’t think anymore. All he could do was feel. He shuddered as he gave in to Yukari and his desires. Pleasure pumped through his veins as his balls kissed her clit with every deep thrust.

She cried out in sheer delight.

Her walls clamped around his cock as she grew wetter and wetter around him. Juices drooled from her lips and seeped into the sheets and coated his cock in a shiny gloss. She cried out once more. Her hands tangled themselves in the sheets as she came. Her walls squeezed and milked his cock and then it was over. He panted above her. His balls tightened. Cum splashed against her cervix, painting her walls a milky white, as he shuddered.

After a brief moment of reprieve, Minato began to thrust again, again, and again. He looked into the mirror and glowing pink eyes stared back at him.