Now You've Done It

Author's Notes: prompt: Rin accidently lets out a flirtatious remark and expects the rude teacher to be nothing but hot air. He very quickly tosses her over his desk and shows how much he dislikes her generation.

“You damn brat,” Ushimaru managed to say in between grunts and huffs. His grip on that mouthy new delinquent’s hips was hard enough to paint her soft, young skin an angry red. She squealed on top of his desk with every hard thrust he gave her. A coarse hand weaved itself into that mop of a hairstyle and yanked it backward, forcing her to look towards the chalkboard with the lessons she blatantly ignored the last period. “Though, you’re no worse than the rest of your entitled generation. Teachers my age break their backs trying to give you the education that you need to get ahead in life… and you repay it with lip!”

He sincerely doubted that she was even listening to the lecture he was giving her. He also doubted that fucking her was the right way to go about this. Amamiya needed to be punished for her brazenness. This was just giving her what she wanted, Ushimaru knew that much. Still, it was hard to deny the rush that she gave him. Not a lot of students came onto him. Let alone in front of their whole class.

He didn’t hate it nor did he hate her. He just hated her shitty attitude and how she’d piss away her youth daydreaming about god knew what. Though, now that he was buried inside her snug cunt as she babbled on about how sorry she was and how good ‘old man dick’ was, he had a pretty good idea now.

His hand crashed down on her ass. Even through the fabric of her torn tights and panties that were tugged to the side, he watched her supple flesh jiggle from the impact. She did little but cry out for more, occasionally kick her legs against the floor, and tighten her cunt around him. He huffed once again.

“You can't even be bothered to help yourself feel better. Move your damn hips, Amamiya!” He shoved her forward once again. Her face pounded against the desk, her thick glasses clattering on the surface, as her hands struggled to find purchase. With a shuddering whine, she crashed her hips back against his. He grinned. He watched as her knuckles turned white from how tightly she gripped onto the desk and tried to take more of his thick cock. “That’s more like it. Keep that up and I might consider not calling your guardian about what happened today.”

“Please tell him!” She pleaded. “I love Sojiro’s big cock and want more of it–”

“HEY! Amamiya, pay attention!”

Like a bullet, Ushimaru’s chalk shot dead center of Rin’s forehead. A loud crack, whether it was from the chalk itself exploding on impact or her own skull splitting in two, rang in her ears. The girl’s mind spun as her teacher restarted the lesson once she was torn out of her naughty daydream. As her classmates giggled at her misfortune, Rin sank further into her seat, her face burning with embarrassment and lingering arousal.