Tweetfic 12 - Ryuji/Trans!Ren

Author's Notes: the other pride tweetfic! i decided to go with "rei" for my explicitly trans fem ren instead of "rin" who is cis fem ren, if that makes sense?

Ryuji squirmed in his spot as the clock grew closer to five. Sweat dripped down his brow. God, he hoped his voice wouldn't crack in that awful way while ordering something. Maybe this was a mistake. It was always weird dating your best friend, wasn't it?

"Hey, didja wait long?"

The blond jumped at the sound of his date's voice. His throat went completely dry at the sight of Rei dressed up just for him. Her hair, now styled in expertly done curls, cascaded down her shoulders and was pushed out of her onyx eyes. His own eyes wandered along her slim frame and drank in all the details of her outfit. It clung to her subtle curves in the best of ways and showed off her second-best feature, in his honest opinion, her long legs. He shook his head and grabbed her hand.

Hopefully, she wouldn't mind how sweaty his palms were...