I Feed You, I Drink You

Author's Notes: written for my ficlets for gaza charity drive! thank you, AT!

Mitsuru’s heart was still fluttering as she made her way back to her room. The sensation of Minato’s lips against her own still lingered. The image of his eyes shining with adoration under the Yakushima night sky played in her mind over and over again. It was so unbecoming of her to be acting like this. She was the heiress to the Kirijo Group and one of the senior members of SEES, what was she doing swooning over her underclassman? Still, she supposed that she was still a teenage girl. A teenage girl in love. A dreamy sigh escaped her as she closed the door behind her.

Suddenly, the lamp in her room flickered on. The sight of her father, Takeharu, sitting on her bed greeted and startled her. Her heart raced at the sight of him slowly getting up with a sigh.

“You were out late,” he said simply. “What were you up to?”

Words were caught inside her throat. “Ah, nothing. I was just at the beach with Arisato-kun.”

“I see.” Then, she was pinned to the back of her door. Her eyes widened as he shoved his knee between her thighs and one hand painfully pressed into her shoulder. “You are aware of your situation, yes? You are not to be wasting your time on frivolous affairs. It's bad enough that I have to marry you off.”

Mitsuru’s mouth went dry. Her eyes screwed themselves shut as her father’s strong hand made itself at home on her heavy breast. The flimsy material of her bikini did nothing to protect her from the sensation. His thumb ran over her nipple until it stiffened and made a prominent bump in the white material. “I... I’m sorry, Father. It won’t happen again.”

“Promise me. Promise me you’ll end this relationship.”

“...I promise.”

“Good girl.”

The redhead blinked back tears as her top was torn off her body. Her heavy tits bounced free. He released her shoulder and started to grope her breasts. Her eyes shut themselves again as he groped and squeezed her chest. The occasional guilty moan slipped past her lips each time he stroked her nipples or pinched them. This was wrong. It was something she was used to but it was incredibly wrong. She grit her teeth. Heat and regret pulsed through her body and soon melted her resolve. Why did she have to go through this? Why did it have to feel so good?

Reluctantly, she opened her eyes and looked up into her father’s eye. He gave her a slight smile, something she rarely saw, and crashed his lips against hers. He didn’t wait for her to open her mouth. His tongue pushed inside of her and lashed against hers. Her hips squirmed as she tried to ignore the growing arousal caused by her father. He captured her tongue between his lips and suckled on it, forcing a moan from the trembling girl, as one of his hands dropped down to her cunt.

She gasped. His strong, thick finger pushed through the fabric of her bikini bottoms. He stroked her slit through the thin, stretchy fabric. Reluctant moans escaped her as he prodded her clit. He circled the little bud before grinding hard against it. Pleasurable discomfort burned through her body at his roughness but she didn’t stop him. Her hips bucked against his hand. He pulled the bottoms to the side and plunged two fingers inside of her. Her eyes snapped open as she was suddenly stretched wide for him.

“I see you’re still tight. Good. He hasn’t gotten this far. I can still marry you off after all. You can still be my little girl for a little longer,” he whispered.

Mitsuru was going to faint. She hated this. She hated that she loved this. She hated her father so much. She hated that she loved him so much. She loved him so much that she didn’t dare to fight back even if she didn’t want this. Her body ached for him but she couldn’t do this. She couldn’t let him take her any more than he already had.

He thrust his fingers harder and faster. The rough pads of his fingers thumped against her g-spot and made her sob. His thumb continued to grind against her overly sensitive clit. She couldn’t last. She just couldn’t take it anymore. Her hips shook as she slumped against his chest, her hands gripping his designer suit so tightly that her knuckles turned bone white. Juices gushed onto his hands and rolled down his hand and wrist until it seeped into his wrist cuffs.

Wordlessly, he pulled himself free from her quivering cunt and shook his hand free of his daughter’s slick juices. He let her fall to the floor as he opened the door.

“Good night, Mitsuru.”

“...G-good night, father,” she whispered. Tears stung her eyes as the door closed behind her father with a heavy ‘click’.