The Blacker The Berry

Author's Notes: written for my ficlets for gaza charity drive! this was for teddy! thank you so much!

“There's this new game system that I want. Junpei keeps bragging about how he has it and I’m sick of having to play in his messy room,” Hamuko muttered before taking a long sip of her melon float. Her crimson eyes flickered towards Mitsuru Kirijo, a former student at Gekkoukan and funded SEES which she was also formerly a part of.

She also funded Hamuko's wild spending habits. At first, it was just her helping with weaponry and healing items for Tartarus. Then it became little things like rewards for doing well on her exams and helping pay for school supplies. It didn't take long for Hamuko to take advantage of her senpai–was she still your senpai if she graduated ten years ago?– and her naivety. She always sat a little too close to the heiress and batted her pretty eyelashes at her when she asked for “a little help this week”. After a month or so of doing this, she finally bit the bullet.

“Do you wanna just be my sugar mommy, Miss Kirijo? I'll make it worth it.”

The woman balked at the offer at first… but quickly gave in.

Mitsuru sighed. Her teacup clattered against the saucer as a smile crept across her lips. “I know what you're doing, Miss Arisato… Alright, I suppose I can pay for your games.”

The brunette grinned as her foot crept up one of Mitsuru's. “Thank you, Mommy .”

Mitsuru coughed.

Mitsuru’s moans bounced off the walls of the love hotel’s rooms. Of course, she splurged on the most expensive room in the establishment. Her body sank into the pillowy surface of the heart-shaped bed. Her hips rolled and bucked against Hamuko’s busy mouth. The girl’s tongue explored the older woman’s folds. Of course, she knew where all her sweet spots were, what frustrated her, and what sent her spiraling into the heavens, but it was more fun to tease her like this.

Hamuko’s nails raked along Mitsuru’s milky skin as she drank from her. Tangy arousal dripped from Mitsuru’s twitching cunt, staining Hamuko’s palate with her taste, and drove the younger girl crazy. Her own pussy throbbed with need. However, she was a good girl despite all her mischief. She could wait for Mitsuru to inevitably spoil her after she came.

Her tongue lapped against her clit. A sharp, shuddering gasp escaped her as her wild hips once again bucked against Hamuko's lips. The girl wrapped her arms around her toned thighs in an attempt to quell her movements, but it only did so much. She couldn't help but grin as she reduced the supposedly legendary ice queen into a melting puddle with just a few kisses and licks.

Noisily, she suckled on the tiny bud and forced a louder and somehow shakier moan from Mitsuru. Juices dribbled down her lips and chin as she did so. She felt Mitsuru's muscles clench around nothing as she continued to suck and lick her clit. Behind her, Mitsuru's toes curled as the muscles in her calves tensed and spammed. Her hands rested on Hamuko's head before tangling elegant fingers in her auburn hair. The pins and clips in her hair fell into disarray as Mitsuru more or less wailed in pleasure.

Hamuko’s eyes flickered towards the mirrored ceiling where she was just about able to see her Mommy’s face and body. Her full, heavy breasts wobbled with every thrashing movement. A deep pink blossomed across her heavy chest and crept up her cheek and face. It contrasted prettily against the stark paleness of Mitsuru’s flawless skin and shiny red hair. It reminded Hamuko of the treats she’d see around Valentine’s Day. She would devour the older woman just like said treats.

“H-Ham… Hamuko… I…”

The twitching and throbbing of Mitsuru’s pussy grew faster. Hamuko shifted so one of her hands was free. It meant that Mitsuru could move wilder but she didn't mind. Two fingers plunged inside of her cunt. She curled her digits in between deep but clumsy thrusts, searching desperately for that spot that drove Mitsuru absolutely crazy. Her juices turned milkier in colour as she grew closer and closer to her release.

Hamuko's tongue and lips grew bolder. She sucked hard on the stiff pearl before bouncing it on the tip of her tongue. The woman sobbed as pure sensation ripped through her body. She stiffened against Hamuko before she came. Sticky, creamy fluids gushed onto her still-thrusting fingers as her walls clenched and spasmed around them. More and more of that tangy cream dripped onto her fingers and chin until Mitsuru's scream quieted down to an exhausted whine.

Satisfied that she satisfied her superior, Hamuko pulled herself away from Mitsuru's creamy pussy and made a show of licking her lips and fingers. “You taste so yummy, Mommy~. My turn!”

Before Mitsuru could catch her breath, Hamuko had climbed on top of her and sat on her face.