Charmed Status

Author's Notes: hehe

It was a mistake.

The Shadow separated everyone into three pairs; Junpei and Mitsuru, Akihiko and Yukari... and Hamuko with her twin brother, Minato. Whispers drifted all across the hotel. It didn't matter what room on what floor you were on, all you could hear was the sound of your heartbeat and the voice just telling you to give in.

"Ah! Senpai! Senpai! Sl-slow down!" Yukari cried out as she hugged the pillow her face was buried into. It was hard to believe that a guy like Akihiko Sanada was a virgin until only moments ago. He was constantly surrounded by girls. Surely he had to have done something with them before, right? Her doubts about his chastity only grew once he got his cock inside of her snug cunt. His hands gripped her hips hard enough to leave angry red imprints. His balls smacked against her taught thighs. "I-I'm...! Pleeeaase~!" the girl squealed as her upperclassman fucked her into the mattress.

In another room, Mitsuru let out soft if awkward moans. She writhed on top of the heart-shaped bed as Junpei's tongue dragged across her milky thighs. The taste of her arousal still managed to linger on her freshly washed skin. It only grew stronger the closer and closer he got to her sex. Mitsuru whined as he stared at her slit. "Iori..." she whispered. "Please, stop teasing! I need you." With that, Junpei dove between her legs. Her taste washed over his palate. So heady, so strong, so unlike anything he had ever had before. Mitsuru-senpai was delicious and he was going to take his fill of her!

On another floor, Minato couldn't do anything but try to pry his twin off his cock. Her mouth had felt so good but this was wrong on so many levels. The voice grew louder and deeper. Yet he still battled the voice as it started to scream at him to just let go, give in and drown in the pleasure that his sister gave him. Her tongue writhed against his dick. Soft, garbled moans escaped his twin as she tried to take him even deeper. Her fingers were a blur between her legs. The pad of her finger ground against her stiff clit as her arousal dripped onto the tacky carpet below. Minato swallowed as he looked down at his sister and took in the sight of her choking on his cock. Her normally scarlet eyes glowed an unworldly pink... one that his own eyes began to take...