Special Sauce Joke

Author's Notes:Haru/Ren. Titfuck, exhibitionism. “Haru in the big bang uniform giving Ren a titjob because he won the big bang challenge”
aw fuck i fucked up the god damn prompt

“You’re so amazing, Ren-kun!” Haru practically sang out as her boyfriend stuffed his face. “You’re so dedicated!”

“Thanks,” Ren choked out in between bites. His stomach was full to bursting and he was only halfway through the mountain of beef, lettuce, bread, and tomatoes. The only thing keeping him going was the promise of a reward from Haru. She didn’t say what it was... but the way she greeted him at the door in an all too small Big Bang Burger uniform gave him a pretty good idea. His eyes flickered to her heavy chest. The yellow fabric was stretched to its absolute limits. It didn’t help she clearly wasn’t wearing a bra. When she clapped and cheered for him, her barely contained tits wobbled like crazy. The tiny and steadily growing gaps between the buttons of her top showed zero hints of any bra underneath. Not to mention that her puffy nipples made prominent bumps in the fabric also gave it away. He coughed. “I mean it.”

She simply smiled. “Make me proud~.”

Minutes passed. Food was eaten. Fellow customers stared in complete awe. It was all for nothing, however.

Ren collapsed onto the table in a defeated heap. His head was spinning. His stomach ached. It felt like food was still trapped in his esophagus because there simply wasn’t any room left! Worst of all? He wouldn’t get his prize from Haru. His pride was what hurt the most.

“Aw, that’s too bad,” Haru said as she got up from her seat. The noise of her chair scraping against the linoleum made Ren sit up. “It’s alright though. You tried so hard. I think a consolation prize is in order, don’t you think, Ren-kun?”

The bespectacled boy simply stared at her. “Uh. I mean. J-just give me a few minutes and we can—”

Any comprehensible thought was thrown out the window when Haru tore open her top. Buttons flew across the eatery and clattered across the dirty tile Soft, heavy flesh spilled from the now open shirt. Her puffy areolae were on full display. The cool air that blasted from the A/C caressed her sweaty chest. As a shiver ran up her spine, her nipples slowly emerged from the tight slits in the puffy flesh.

“H-Haru?!” Ren stammered as his fellow customers gasped and gaped at the sight of the heiress. “Y-you’re...!!!”

The girl pulled the table out of the way and dropped to her knees in front of him. Immediately, she undid his belt and zipper and revealed his now stiff cock to the restaurant. “I hope this will make up for the lack of a badge tonight, Ren. Let senpai take care of you.”

Her tits enveloped his thick cock. The sheer heat radiating from her cleavage and his cock made her heat up all the more. Warmth seeped into Ren’s flesh as pre dribbled from his tip. A gasp escaped him as reality started to catch up with him. He was getting a titfuck in the middle of a busy fast-food joint. His mouth went dry. Panic pulsed through his system as Haru simply giggled in front of him.

“Hah, fuck, Haru—”

“Shhhhh, just enjoy your prize.”

His head tilted back and rested against the backrest of the bench. Huffs of pleasure escaped him once his girlfriend got to work. Uneasiness still coursed through his veins but he really, really, really didn’t want to put a stop to things. Not when it felt this good already. He had first-hand experience with how much of a freak his girlfriend could be but... actually doing stuff like this in public? He wouldn’t have dreamt about it.

Haru’s fat tits bounced in his lap. She lifted and dropped her chest before squeezing around him as tightly as she could manage. Heaven. This is what heaven felt like, the delinquent swore to himself. The customers and employees muttered amongst themselves. He swore he could feel their stares. Swallowing, Ren tried to ignore everyone and just focused on how good Haru felt.

“How is it, Ren? Is the service at Big Bang Burger satisfactory?” she asked in between laboured breaths.


“Thank you for your kind review, sir~. Please feel free to finish at your own pace. There’s no rush.”

“R-right...” His cock throbbed between her breasts. Precum bubbled at the tip and rolled down his shaft in sticky rivulets. Everything felt so warm and slick. He didn’t want this sensation to end! His balls tightened. “Fuck...” His hips bucked against his girlfriend’s torso. Instinct took over as he grew closer and closer to his orgasm. Suddenly, he stood up. He hunched over Haru and gripped her shoulders. Suddenly, his hips snapped back and forth. His cock ground against her heaving tits.

“Keep ‘em nice ‘n’ tight for me. Fuck... the customer service here is great,” he huffed.

Each thrust sent ripples across Haru’s jiggling tits. His balls smacked against the heavenly flesh. Sweat dripped down his brow and fogged his glasses. Droplets of saliva rolled down his chin and onto his girlfriend’s hair as he fucked her breasts. “Gonna cum.”

True to his word, cum shot out and splattered across Haru’s rosy skin. Milky white contrasted against the pretty shade of pink that dusted itself across her chest, neck, and cheeks. The first spurt managed to hit just below Haru’s eye. Then her neck. Cum dribbled down her neck and into her sweaty cleavage. Shuddering, Ren dropped back into his seat as his cock softened between her tits. “Definitely... trying again tomorrow.”

Haru giggled. “I’m looking forward to you getting the Captain Badge~.”