Cadillac, Lexus and Mercedes

Author's Notes: keisuke is so fucking hot and they're in love

Keisuke shuddered as Minato’s fingers slipped under the waistband of his underwear. Within seconds, it was yanked down, and out came his stiff cock. He swallowed. Nervously, his hand rose to push up his glasses which began to fog thanks to the sweat that dripped down his face. His cock twitched under Minato’s steely gaze while Keisuke’s eyes constantly flickered to the driver’s seat. His mouth grew dry as the other boy leaned down. The shuffling of the fabric of Minato’s pants against the leather seat was almost deafening. Though, it was a miracle he could hear it over the beating of his heart.

Minato let out a soft ‘hmph’ as his hand wrapped around the base of Keisuke’s cock. The sensation of his warm breath across his virgin cock made Keisuke shudder once again.

“Minato-kun...” he breathed. Hesitantly, his hand reached for Minato’s head before settling for gripping the neck rest beside him. A snort escaped Minato as his free hand gripped onto Keisuke’s sleeve and yanked his arm back down. Once it was off the backrest, he blindly reached for his hand and placed it on top of his head. His grip on Keisuke’s wrist was tight. He wasn’t going anywhere. Not until he got the message.

As he awkwardly forced Keisuke to force him forward, Minato stretched his lips around the fat tip of the other boy’s cock. Keisuke’s breath hitched as his head tilted back at the warm and wet sensation around his cock.

“Minato-kun!” His voice cracked as it jumped an octave. Realizing how loud he was, he snapped back up and stared at the front of the vehicle. He was loud enough to make the driver look up into the mirror. His eyes met the driver’s. Pure panic pulsed through his veins as blood buzzed in his ears. His face burned in arousal and embarrassment. Ice water trickled down his back as Minato sank his head further down.

With fluttering eyelids, Keisuke slumped against the back seat. His teeth sank into his bottom lip to muffle any more sounds. Not that there wasn’t a point anymore. The driver was fully aware of what the two were doing. Still, he continued to drive towards the Iwatodai Dorm without a word. Keisuke wasn’t sure if he preferred the silence or not. He was still mortified.

And yet, he weaved his fingers into Minato’s blue locks. His hips rose off the seat as he inadvertently shoved Minato further onto his cock. He huffed furiously as strangled moans struggled to slip past his abused lips. He knew he should stop. He should pull his underclassman’s face off his cock and put his clothes back on. And yet, he didn’t. He needed more. He had a taste of what sex was like and he wasn’t willing to let it go.

Minato groaned. His voice was strangled by his upperclassman’s fat cock stretching his throat. Tears pricked at his eyes. Inky black rivulets threatened to roll down his flushed cheeks as Keisuke kept him firmly in place. His throat spasmed around the thick shaft while his own cock throbbed. Reluctantly, he let go of Keisuke’s hand and started to stroke himself off as his mouth was used.

The brunet was clumsy yet passionate. His hips bucked and trembled against Minato’s face as his hands kept a tight grip on his messy blue locks. His rhythm was nonexistent. If he were actually fucking Minato right now, he wouldn’t be sure if it’d actually feel good or not. Still, he wanted to experience it. The both of them knew that they just wanted more and more.

“F-fuh... M-Minato-kun,” Keisuke moaned out. The throbbing of his cock grew wilder and wilder. As did his thrusts. “I-I’m so... I’m so close...!”

Minato’s faint eyeliner ran down his cheeks as he started to gag around his shaft. Pre spilled onto his fingers and onto the seat. Tiny puddles formed on the black leather as his strokes grew quicker and shorter.

Pleasure rang through both boys’ nerves. Keisuke’s breathing grew heavier and heavier while Minato struggled to breathe at all. The filthy wet sounds of saliva sloshing about and dripping onto Keisuke’s lap filled in the gaps between the boy’s desperate breathing. Finally, he came. His hips shot upwards as his hands impaled the other boy onto his cock. Twitching and throbbing obscenely, his shaft slammed into Minato’s throat as a hot load shot down it.

Minato followed soon after. Thick and sticky white splattered onto the black leather and contrasted against the fabric. For some reason, the image burned itself into Keisuke’s mind.

Finally, Keisuke let go of Minato who pulled away with a sharp gasp. Silently, the two got redressed and noticed they were in front of the dorms already. The driver coughed. Once again, Keisuke slumped into his seat as Minato left the vehicle.


“Huh? Oh, um, what is it, Minato-kun?”

“Give me a ride home tomorrow too.”