Tweetfic 19 - Makoto Weight Gain

Author's Notes: i like fat anime girls but i rather them already be chubby to begin with (or have an au where she's big if its smth like persona where everyone is a stick lol). so, being asked to write weight gain was interesting. it'd prolly work better for an actual full length fic though. i didn't mind writing this.

"I-I'm sorry, I don't think I understand, Kaneshiro-san--"

"What isn't there to get? You have no curves and I'm not dumping money into making you get 'em," Kaneshiro spat out before taking a long drag from his cigarette. "My usual clientele is the lowest common denominator. And they tend to like fat tits and ass. Shit you ain't got. Now, what are you going to do, Nijiima-chan?"

Makoto squirmed in her spot. Her hands ran over her toned stomach and hips. "S-surely there must be someone that likes my body type--"

"Looks like we'll need to recruit your sis after all, huh?"

"N-no! I... I'll gain weight. Just give me time."

Slowly but surely, Makoto's body began to soften and plump up. Frustratingly, the weight settled into her thighs and stomach. She was already considered "bottom heavy" as is. Luckily for her, her now even fatter ass made up for the lack of tits... and her sister was safe from Kaneshiro's clutches. At least for a little while longer.